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The morning after the meteor shower, things start as they always do. Union’s gearing up for another day: people going to work, shops opening, kids heading to school, and foremen getting their crews to work on the last of the damage left by Kyurem’s rampage through the city. It’s just an ordinary day, with only a passing thought given to yesterday’s odd occurrences by anyone outside the scientific and psychic communities. There’s some very real theories floating around there, but there’s little real chance at anything solid coming from the discourse. At least, until reports start coming up Route 1 from the single port started by one Union entrepreneur two years ago. It’d grown quickly with Gigan help, seaborne trade flowing up the lone road, and now it was completely overrun.

Panicked sailors and land crew come streaming up the way, nursing hundreds and hundreds of Bug-type induced injuries. Beedrill stings, Spinarak bites, and photographs of several enormous members of a new species that’d yet to be recorded quickly circulate and prompt Council response. Whatever these things are, they’re clearly hostile and the risk of damage to the city itself seems likely given how quickly the port had been overwhelmed.

With the city still shaken by Kyurem’s attack, the Council wasted no time. The call to arms was put out and trainers hastily sent out to deal with the sudden intrusion. Anyone willing and able to fight was asked to head down the road as quickly as possible, with the intent of sorting this out and either diverting the tide or stopping the invasion cold. The road itself is deserted, abandoned wagons left in a hurry, and not a single wild Pokemon can be heard for miles. It’s almost like they were aware something big was coming, and even the more aggressive types clearly opted to clear out.

When it comes into view, the port itself seems to be in particularly bad shape. Smoke rises up into the horizon, and hundreds and hundreds of Bug types swarm all over the structures, chewing away at the wood and stone. But perhaps the most troublesome sight is the beings that are overseeing the attack. Several members of the new species, fifteen feet tall at minimum, twenty at the peak, direct the swarm in its efforts. And further out to sea, a singularly massive specimen, some forty feet tall, watches it all, hunched forward, dark eyes gleaming with interest as its minions go to work…
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Who: The Union Divine Theater, volunteers, and YOU(r money)!
What: Date Auction/Raffle for fundraising
When: September 3
Where: Union Divine Theater
Warnings: Excessive fabulousness.

Almost there! It had taken them the better part of a year, but the Union Divine Theater had nearly been restored in the aftermath of Kyurem’s attack. As a historic monument, they had to be careful to only use period-appropriate building materials, and employed only the finest craftsmen. But now they’re nearly ready for business again.

So of course, they’re holding a fundraiser. And, of course, it’s a date auction.

Not just any date auction, though! The courtyard has been taken up with several small tables, behind which each thespian being raffled off is seated. Interested bidders are welcome to chat with the “prizes” or to check out the long line of tables across from the auction decorated with several super-classy glass jars. Each jar has a person’s name on it, and a small watercolor picture of the person in question next to it. These individuals have volunteered (or been volunteered) to serve as extra dates - just buy a ticket from the Slowking and the Wooper at the end of the tables and you can enter to win!

Small placards scattered throughout the event specify that all “prizes” must be 18 years or over, and that all dates must be family-friendly. All “prizes” also have the option, if they desire, of specifying which gender of date they prefer. Additionally, while the humans mingle, their Pokémon are encouraged to chat with the Nidoking who’s waiting just inside the theater. He’s giving tours of the stage area complete with the option of putting on a production! Be sure to tell your Trainers to buy tickets to the Theater’s next show!

The event will run all day, with bidding starting at $25 (Union currency). Are you ready to make a new friend??

[[ OOC: The date raffle and auction is live! Please follow the instructions beneath each top-level below. Each character being auctioned will have their own auction thread, where all bids go for that character - threadjacking is encouraged, and a mingle thread where people can talk to that character. Each character being raffled has their own section for people to note they’ve put in a ticket, but these can all be replies to the top-level. Each character being raffled also has their own spot for mingling. OOCly, results for the auctions and raffles will be announced in about a week.

Pokémon interested in performing on stage can leave top-level comments in the section at the bottom of the post. Their scene partner tags in with a result from the RP Scenario Generator: this is the scene the two Pokémon are encouraged to act out. An assortment of costume pieces, sets, and props are available. Break a leg! ]]
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A: Video

[And it's Rose. She's grinning brightly, leaning down and looking at the monitor. Behind her, her Blaziken has his arms crossed and is watching. While Rose beams at the camera.]

I tell you, I take one business trip to Caldera and... uh... another god shows up! This got pretty intense, huh? Is everyone all right?

I'm a little worried about you guys!

B: Action

[True to promises made, the Spearowfeathers have set up a shop. There is a storefront with a brightly painted sign of a Spearow on it, and the word "SPEAROWFEATHERS" written underneath it. Rose is standing outside the storefront. They're not open yet; instead, her people are moving things into it, carrying wooden crates and everything else.]

[Rose has her arms crossed. But she looks proud.]

[They're moving up in the world! But it's also quite a sight; it's not every day that a new storefront opens up after all. (Thank Lenna for the loan.)]
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Who: Yuuna, Raine, Adell, Gwendolyn, and Saber
What: Exploring!!!
When: Early August
Where: The Great Crater
Warnings: None!

[There were a great many things that Yuuna could say right now, but she chose to keep them to herself for the most part. This was her first exploratory expedition in a long time, since returning to active duty and then some, and it had a great deal of personal meaning to it. It was the first time she'd been on one without Merrill, and that was just fine, sure. She knew why her partner was staying in Union, but that didn't take away some of the apprehension. Add to that the presence of people she didn't really know, and the Ranger Captain was a little on edge, and trying to hide it. They didn't need her distracted, they needed her on point.

Landing a few hundred meters from the lakeshore, she hopped off of Susume's back and waited for her group, eyes scanning the landscape.]

((Yuuna has Dragonite, Spiritomb, Hitmonchan, Roserade, and Marshtomp))


Jul. 26th, 2016 09:45 pm
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[ Video ]

[ The inside of a room in the Medical center can be found. Garviel is frowning down at his camera, and says ]

Well, I'm stuck in here, and rather bored. I've finished my copy of the Chronicles of Caldera, and I'm looking for suggestions for books. History, mythology, a book of Philosophy, even a manual of mathematical instruction would be better than simply waiting around to heal.

[ Near the Council Hall ]

[ A large man in a white chiton, bandages showing from under his simple white clothing, is sitting and chewing on a sandwich as he is attended by an Oddish and Honedge that waddle and float nearby. He occasionally rumbles observations about the architecture to them, and looks like a combination of grumpy recovering invalid and wide-eyed tourist. []

[ Teeter's: ]

[ Loken is here, drinking wine by the glass, and quietly watching the rest of the crowd. He sticks out a bit, a burly Calderan amongst the Unionites, but the scars of battle and his own still-healing wounds suggest that if nothing else he's willing to fight beside them, and so he's generally left to his own devices to drink and think. He doesn't seem unapproachable though, if someone were to be adventurous enough to approach him ]
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The opposing armies meet just outside the forest, the more idiosyncratic forces of Union and its allies up against fully-organized Gigan might. Wheeled transports carry many of the enemy troops while strange metal cylinders with rotating blades keeping them aloft swoop around overhead in a near parody of Flying-type Pokémon. And marching among the soldiers and their transports, unmistakable by their bulk, each wearing a metal band around their middles, are the mighty yet enslaved Gods themselves.

The clifflike bulk of Regirock.

The glacial progression of Regice.

The alien presence of Registeel.

And, dead in the center of the formation, towering over them all, the sheer presence of Regigigas, crown jewel of the Emperor’s ill-gotten forces.

There is no attempt to negotiate. No overtures first, no white flags of truce to try working this out. The Gigan army has come to fight, armed with technology. The Union army has come to defend, armed with the bonds between themselves and their Pokémon. This spirit has earned them an additional boon: blessings from the gods who favor Union, who support the humans they believe in with the hopes their comrades can still be rescued.

Thus the battle is joined.

[[ OOC: As noted, all participants in this event get to pick one stat-boosting “blessing” from the gods, just like when they defended from Sveta’s attack. Please note which blessing your character received in their first tag. Also note that Mod tags will come once every 24 hours, unless all characters in the log have replied, then they will come more frequently.]]
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[Someone caught the end of that announcement and had to take a minute to stare. He had a vague idea of who that was and of course he caught "general mobilization has begun". He all but knows what that means. Something drops in his stomach. That was an unusual amount of dread for him to come from having a nice visit back home.]

[What the fuck. What the fuck did he miss?]


[He curses and makes a run for his current place of residence, but he'll be running through town if anyone wants to stop him. It's not like he's easy to miss with his loud entourage of pokemon at his heels.]

[To the people taking up residence with Waver, he practically breaks the door down trying to get in, oops.]


[Warpband Post| Video]

[A little later on, Hayato will actually make a post to the network. He's still clearly worried about Things but he's going to put on a smile for the crowd.]

I think I'm going to stop taking vacations, because every time I do something earth-shattering happens. What the hell, Union? Anyway, I'm back. I hope everyone made it home okay. If anyone needs help with anything don't hesitate to ask.

[There's not a lot of the usual joking and humor here today. He sighs a little.]

My original plan when I got back was to make a post about Day of Fire. I guess that's still on the table. Caldera was so impressed with you tree-hugging hooligans that there was a lot of talk about inviting you guys back this year. Might be fun in the face of all this. If anyone's never heard of it, feel free to ask me questions!

[A pause.]

Oi, if I know you, message me to tell me you made it back, yeah?

[And then he shuts the feed off.]
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[Adell sat on a stone bench in one of Union's parks, flipping on the video function of his Warp Band.]

Hey guys. How's everyone been the past few days? I certainly had an experience. I got lost in the Scorched Forest a couple of days ago while looking into rumors of trouble out that way, and now find myself with two new partners. Say hi, to everyone, you two.

[And into the frame come two faces, one belongs to a Houndour, a rather young one, but one with a sharp look in its eyes, and the other, the face of a quite large Beedrill. The Houndour barked into the screen, while the Beedrill just flitted its wings in mild irritation, and followed it with a rumbling buzz.

This, however, made the Houndour turn to face the Beedrill and growl. Anyone who can understand them could pick up very quickly that the Beedrill said something not very nice about the Houndour.

Meanwhile in the background, Andy, a now fully grown Blaziken, merely shrugged and shook his head, before taking a more meditative stance.]

The Houndour's Beowulf, the Beedrill is Tabitha. They get along like oil and water. Can't blame them, considering Tabitha's swarm nearly stung Beowulf to death. So I helped Beowulf out of that jam... and Tabitha insisted on coming along too. As you can imagine, these two have some issues to work...

[And there goes a small burst of flame from the Houndour's mouth toward the Beedrill, to which she immediately retaliated by trying to jam one of her spiked forearms at the other mon.]

...Out. Wonderful. Gimmie a minute to sort this out, I'll be right back.

[The feed cuts, but he'll be back to talk afterward. If you're in Union and catch him after the call, he will be overseeing the battle between his two new partners. Might as well turn this squabble into some useful training, after all.]

012 [Video]

May. 8th, 2016 01:22 pm
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[Pamela's looking considerably more composed since her last accidental broadcast. She's got her Lilligant, Dahlia, with her as she speaks.]

Hello everyone. A general question for all of you: what are you the most proud of?
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[Maka's focus when the video opens is on her Meowstic, Stella, who seems very alert as if searching for something. The Pokemon's ears raise up slightly (but don't unfold) and her gaze shifts restlessly all around.]

This is the fourth week she's brought me out here. I have no idea what she's looking for, it's not like we're training, she's just looking for something.

[A pause while Maka turns the band onto herself, looking perplexed.]

It's kind of dumb that she can "see" things I can't despite both of us being Psychic types. What kind of Psychic type can't foresee anything, right? [Maka you're also a Fairy type and even so, you don't actually want to foresee at all.] I wish she'd tell me what we're looking for instead of just dragging me off without a single word.

[Cats, even when they're imbued with abomination powers they never change. The message ends there and Maka goes back to trying to find whatever they're after.]


Apr. 28th, 2016 09:31 pm
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So I don't know about everybody else, but this trip to Gigas has gotten me thinking. And I don't mean about the rock-skeletons in their closet.

They're knees and shoulders above where we are in basically every single way, and to get a born-and-bred Calderan to admit that takes a lot. I get it, we've got Enlightened here on our side, but we need to get with the times. How many engineers or tech-savvy types got a glimpse of the kinds of toys they have there? That's where we need to start. If they do end up coming back against us—or worse, if that Elite Four girl decides to come back with even more friends—then we're in trouble.

I've put my suggestion out there, but I wanna hear what other people think. Come on, Union, you've gotta step up your game, or you're gonna fall behind~
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[There's a lot of shrill squawking in the background, one obviously from a bird... but one that has way too good a set of lungs to be a Torchic anymore. Adell appears in the feed a second after activating his band.]

...Hey, everyone. So, did anyone else get out to Citadel for the sports events? They were pretty fun, and there was a ton of great competition. I...

[Yep, there's still plenty of squawking going on, and Adell's eyebrow twitches.]

Andy! Knock it off!

[Suffice it to say, that didn't do much, with his Combusken companion still throwing a fit.]

...Never mind. I'm going to take Andy out for a spar. [He sighs.] ...Did anyone else's Pokemon get a major attitude problem when they evolved?


[In an open field right by Union, there are loud cries from a Pokemon and grunts of effort from a human. A Combusken leapt into the air and delivered a flurry of kicks at the human, who deftly blocked many of its attacks. The Pokemon followed up with a burst of flame from its mouth, but the human behind it looked largely unfazed by it.]

That all you got, Andy?! You can do better than that! I know you're stronger than that! Don't hold back this time!

[The Combusken screeched again, and repeated the same barrage, though with more ferocity. This time, though, the barrage of kicks managed to knock Adell off balance and forced him to stumble back a bit before being blasted with another Ember attack.

Still, through all of it, Adell didn't even look much hurt by it. No, in fact, he smiled.]

Good! Man, you really have improved. But are you happy now that you got some exercise? [The Combusken replied with a shorter chirp, quieter this time than the hellish shrieking it had been using during the fight.] I'm glad. You keep this up. It's good to have a partner like you.

[Wrapping up the training, Adell sat down in the field and sighed, looking up to the late afternoon sky. He looks approachable now, though perhaps a little tired.]
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Greetings, Union!

[ It's Gwendolyn! With a burbling Firesong the Fletchling on her left shoulder, and a shivering pile of Cherrim leaves poking over the right. She's smiling, trying her best to look as much the diplomat as possible, but it's clear that she's excited in spite of herself.

Dressed as formally as ever for the Valkyrie, there is one key difference in her appearance today - three feathers are attached to the left side of her hairband, a bright contrast to her silver hair: two yellow feathers flanking a longer blue one.

Some of you may have noticed some excitement amongst the Valkyrie and others from Citadel in the past few days. Well, that is because this coming week marks the start of the Citadel Games! These are an annual tradition throughout the months of Spring, where athletes show off their athletic prowess in a number of activities, and the preliminaries will be held at the Great Tree all next week!

You have everything from relay racing to Caldera rules rugby to wrestling to gymnastics, as well as an exhibition match of the Dragonite Races! Both humans and pokémon have their own events, in addition to traditional doubles and partnership matches, along with sports from both Caldera and Union being on display. And this year will also feature the debut of Griftorb as an official pokémon-only sport!

[her hands clap together before her, eyes shining with excitement] Rumour also has it that the annual endurance race, which is always held prior to the start of Summer, will be ending in Caldera proper this year. And the victor will be crowned on the Day of Fire! So that should prove exciting, if true.

Anyway, number of us are planning to travel there tomorrow to attend for the week. Should anyone else wish to go, you and your bond mates are welcome to travel with us!
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[Arriving in Union a few days ago was a rough experience. There was still a lot of devastation to clean up and rebuild, so much to do. The damage was beyond what he had imagined, but he supposed that if a god rampaged through this city, he should've expected more to begin with. Still, he wasted no time getting to work, moving from site to site to help dig through rubble and haul whatever was needed from place to place. No job was too mundane for him, and he hauled all matter of thing around without complaint.

With him, a small Torchic followed him about, chirping encouragement at him whenever he was lifting something especially heavy. After straining to move an especially large piece of rubble out of the way, he threw a series of blows into it, cracking it, and then crumbling it into smaller pieces.

He shook out his hand afterward, though. That smarted more than he thought it would.]

That should make things easier. What's next?

[Still, looked like the new guy in town might have some potential.]


[The broadcasting feed flips on, and Adell initially looked at it quizzically to make sure it was working as he was told it would. While still a little confused with the new tech, the young man looked confident when he addressed the screen.]

Hey to everyone out there who hears this. My name's Adell, and I'm a fresh arrival from Caldera. I came out this way to help out with the clean-up and reconstruction, so if anyone out there needs an extra set of hands right away, give me a shout.

Even if not, I'm curious about the people around here, so if you just want to chat, I've got a bit of time for that before I get back to work. It'd be nice to meet some of the locals.

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