Mar. 29th, 2016

vulcanblazer: (Falcon Kick!)
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[There's a lot of shrill squawking in the background, one obviously from a bird... but one that has way too good a set of lungs to be a Torchic anymore. Adell appears in the feed a second after activating his band.]

...Hey, everyone. So, did anyone else get out to Citadel for the sports events? They were pretty fun, and there was a ton of great competition. I...

[Yep, there's still plenty of squawking going on, and Adell's eyebrow twitches.]

Andy! Knock it off!

[Suffice it to say, that didn't do much, with his Combusken companion still throwing a fit.]

...Never mind. I'm going to take Andy out for a spar. [He sighs.] ...Did anyone else's Pokemon get a major attitude problem when they evolved?


[In an open field right by Union, there are loud cries from a Pokemon and grunts of effort from a human. A Combusken leapt into the air and delivered a flurry of kicks at the human, who deftly blocked many of its attacks. The Pokemon followed up with a burst of flame from its mouth, but the human behind it looked largely unfazed by it.]

That all you got, Andy?! You can do better than that! I know you're stronger than that! Don't hold back this time!

[The Combusken screeched again, and repeated the same barrage, though with more ferocity. This time, though, the barrage of kicks managed to knock Adell off balance and forced him to stumble back a bit before being blasted with another Ember attack.

Still, through all of it, Adell didn't even look much hurt by it. No, in fact, he smiled.]

Good! Man, you really have improved. But are you happy now that you got some exercise? [The Combusken replied with a shorter chirp, quieter this time than the hellish shrieking it had been using during the fight.] I'm glad. You keep this up. It's good to have a partner like you.

[Wrapping up the training, Adell sat down in the field and sighed, looking up to the late afternoon sky. He looks approachable now, though perhaps a little tired.]

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