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Time passed cheerfully over the holiday season. Lights twinkled in every window, and everyone from Gigas to Citadel joined with Union to celebrate the year’s Salvation festivities with a sense of community and hope for what the future may hold. Although the winds of change blew across the lands, it was not a time of strife. Human and Pokemon alike joined hands, new traditions and bonds were formed as the various cultures met and intermingled, and people looked forward to what tomorrow would hold.

The citizens of Union and the friends that they had made across the continent were confident that they would resolve any problems that lingered just beyond the horizon. With the strength of their will and their trust in the Gods that had supported Union since the shining city opened it’s gates, everyone knew deep in their hearts that one day, some day, the world would be safe for everyone to live and thrive.

Although the world wasn’t perfect, it was still good. The sun and moon still traversed the sky on their daily trek across this brave new world.
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All across Union, its citizens prepared to ring in the Salvation holiday with cheer. Dedicated to their beloved Savior, many of the houses were decorated with garlands, ornaments and other fineries in preparation for this truly special holiday, and while it had been uncharacteristically cold the last few days, not a single flake of snow had fallen till now. Children eager to start the festivities the following day did their best to stay up in the hopes of possibly catching a glimpse of one of the Delibirds they saw the previous night. However, try as they might, the late night would get the better of them, and soon the city was asleep, nestled warm in their beds, dreaming of parties and presents, candies and cakes.

And when they wake, they’ll all find a surprise waiting for them at the foot of their beds. An open window, or an open door, with a strange yet familiar pokemon sitting there looking up expectantly at them. The pokemon all have a little bow fastened to them, and surge forward to affectionately hug/nuzzle/scratch at whatever human has caught their interest. Almost like they’ve already bonded with them and they won’t take no for an answer.

The day is filled with festive cheer, fresh snow and ice coating the streets that have finally truly recovered from the disastrous events of the past year. Feasts crop up, Pokemon and People roam the streets freely, and there are concerts all throughout the day and into the evening. Glacier metal, Gigan electronica, Calderan samba, Union’s classical, and the warchats of Citadel all echo throughout the city, making Union feel vibrant and alive once more

Go eat, drink and be merry on this day, and marvel at the strange new intruders that seem to have latched on so tightly! Surely you want to show your new friend around their new home, after all!

[[ Happy Salvation! Players are encouraged to mingle however they wish in this post. Go out and deliver your own gifts to friends and family. Explore the winter wonderland with your new Pokémon friend! And wish the upcoming new year hello. ]]
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Who: Rei Hino-Mizuno and Ami Hino-Mizuno and YOU
Where: Michiru's manor House
What: Rei and Ami's wedding reception!
When: All day

The balance of fire and water, passion and patience. )
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What: Soulfast
When: During Soul Fast
Where: All over Union, but particularly Ninetales' Vale, people's homes, etc.
Summary: The Celebrations of Soulfast Begin!

Grim grinning ghost-types )
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Video - Union

[Well, what a nasty couple of weeks, huh? Perhaps the face of someone from the Divine Theater might be helpful to lift your spirits today. Especially since he's smiling big himself with a clear sky as his background.]

Hey, everyone! I know everyone's been going thru a lot the past few months, so I thought I'd show everyone something fun for once! Like me finally getting to fly!

[He moves the Warp Band around to show that he's standing on the edge of one of the higher bridges in Union, and then back at himself. His full-sized wings flutter in anticipation.]

I haven't been able to try it before, what with everything else going on. So, in the spirit of Soulfasting, I'm gonna give everyone a treat by streaming my first flight! I hope everyone cheers me on!

[...he's suspiciously devoid of his Pokemon as well. Unusual, for those who know him. Something to be concerned about?]

((OOC: Something I've been meaning to do for a while. Either pester him in person, or over the Warp Band.))
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The morning after the meteor shower, things start as they always do. Union’s gearing up for another day: people going to work, shops opening, kids heading to school, and foremen getting their crews to work on the last of the damage left by Kyurem’s rampage through the city. It’s just an ordinary day, with only a passing thought given to yesterday’s odd occurrences by anyone outside the scientific and psychic communities. There’s some very real theories floating around there, but there’s little real chance at anything solid coming from the discourse. At least, until reports start coming up Route 1 from the single port started by one Union entrepreneur two years ago. It’d grown quickly with Gigan help, seaborne trade flowing up the lone road, and now it was completely overrun.

Panicked sailors and land crew come streaming up the way, nursing hundreds and hundreds of Bug-type induced injuries. Beedrill stings, Spinarak bites, and photographs of several enormous members of a new species that’d yet to be recorded quickly circulate and prompt Council response. Whatever these things are, they’re clearly hostile and the risk of damage to the city itself seems likely given how quickly the port had been overwhelmed.

With the city still shaken by Kyurem’s attack, the Council wasted no time. The call to arms was put out and trainers hastily sent out to deal with the sudden intrusion. Anyone willing and able to fight was asked to head down the road as quickly as possible, with the intent of sorting this out and either diverting the tide or stopping the invasion cold. The road itself is deserted, abandoned wagons left in a hurry, and not a single wild Pokemon can be heard for miles. It’s almost like they were aware something big was coming, and even the more aggressive types clearly opted to clear out.

When it comes into view, the port itself seems to be in particularly bad shape. Smoke rises up into the horizon, and hundreds and hundreds of Bug types swarm all over the structures, chewing away at the wood and stone. But perhaps the most troublesome sight is the beings that are overseeing the attack. Several members of the new species, fifteen feet tall at minimum, twenty at the peak, direct the swarm in its efforts. And further out to sea, a singularly massive specimen, some forty feet tall, watches it all, hunched forward, dark eyes gleaming with interest as its minions go to work…
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In the predawn hours, there’s not likely to be that many awake in Union, but those that are out and about will bear witness to a lightshow of unprecedented proportions. Dozens of fiery streaks rain down from the sky, tearing across the heavens towards the sea and presumably petering out over the archipelago. News outlets do report the occurrence, speculation abounding that it was a rare meteor shower but astronomers all throughout Union, Gigas, Caldera, and Citadel report otherwise. It was too early in the year for the normal fall shower, but given the trajectory it’s unlikely any evidence about the truth of the matter can be gleaned.

There’s some rumblings among various scientific communities for the remainder of the following day but by and large the incident just seems to have been a strange one. Easy to chalk up to Pokemon causing trouble, or perhaps a freak accident involving an old pre-Cataclysm satellite. But other groups, psychics in particular, have a sense that something is coming. That this isn’t just a coincidence. And it’s coming from the sea…
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Who: Ami Mizuno and Michiru Kaioh
Where: Wedding dress stores
When: A few days after the festival
Summary: Ami won Michiru at the date auction and is asking for her advice on wedding dresses

Always fear the quiet ones )

Date #1

Oct. 2nd, 2016 11:13 pm
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Who: Michiru and Minako
What: Date
When: Sometime after the auctions
Where: Union...?

Girl's night out? )
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[The change in seasons, from summer to autumn, was subtle to most people who lived and thrived on the lands across the continent. The heat of the season still lingered, but with each passing day it seemed that the winds grew brisker and dusk came just a little quicker. But, in the winding streets of Sanctuary, both Magi and Earthkin alike expressed their deepest, most heartfelt emotions in a rare show of unity between the two populations-- for charms and solemn ceremonies of Tenebris, conducted to honor the fallen from the ancient cataclysm that rent the world asunder, didn’t discriminate between those born in the gleaming towers and those born on the streets. The week long remembrance and the celebration that followed was the only time of the year when everyone could set aside their frustrations and treat everyone as equals.

Even the city itself seemed changed. Shopkeepers and housewives scoured and scrubbed every surface on their homes and the lands surrounding them, and even the students at the Academy took time in between their studies to sweep out their rooms and dust off their bookshelves. Tenebris was more than a memorial, but a celebration of new beginnings as well.

Then, at midnight on the last night, the somber silence that had befallen the city suddenly broke with an explosion of lights and colors-- for Lumens had come, and the celebration of Sanctuary’s founding and it’s promise to preserve and share the light of knowledge with the world had begun. Colorful lanterns gleamed at every street corner, and few could be recognized behind the brilliant masks they had donned for the second week of celebration.

And, on the eve of the equinox that fell on the last day, the whole of the city gathers together as one body and releases a flurry of lanterns to dance among the stars in the night as a renewal of that ancient promise the Seer had made to the world: The towers would exist so long as there was knowledge to preserve, and the curious were welcome to come and seek it. The heart of the city would beat proudly for them, and anyone in time could come to understand it.]
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Who: Haruka, Raine
What: A "Date"
When: September sometime between holidays
Where: Various locations, probably
Warnings: None!

A professional outing? )
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[It’s been a long year in this brave new world, in which the known span of human civilization has expanded more than ever before - but also come together. Between the attacks on Glacier and Union and the war with Gigas, an event like the World’s Fair feels especially poignant.

Union is making the best of it, too. Hosting the Fair for the second year in a row, the organizers have decided to use this attention to show off their newly rebuilt city, encouraging visitors to tour their refurbished industrial district and enjoy local culture at a theater or on the radio. Once more, said Entertainment District has decided to play host, and any number of booths and stalls can be seen lining the streets, with special discounts available to fairgoers at local businesses.

Excitement is running high - but so is tension. Gigas has been formally invited this year, and accepted with gusto; so has Glacier. Gigan tourists are easily identified by the propensity they have for taking pictures of everything (using much smaller cameras than anyone in Union has ever seen!) and for conversing in very loud voices about how quaint and old-fashioned and charming everything is. Will the goodwill the two cities forged after the Emperor’s fall manage to withstand the might of Gigas’s nationalism? Only time will tell.

Time, and the goodheartedness of the Union people. It’s time for the second World’s Fair!]
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[ action 1: around union ]

What's the situation?

[ You're in the middle of some sort of kerfuffle! Whatever could it be?

Regardless of your trouble, however, your fears can be assuaged. The Swords of the Savior are here to break up the party. One of them is, anyway. On rotation despite being the boss since her branch is understaffed.

You'd better hope you aren't the perpetrator, because this lady does not look like somebody you want to cross. She wants an explanation, and she wants it now.

So. What's all this, then? ]

[ action 2: library ]


[ Hey, you. Yeah, you, the person looking at that ARCANE SPELLS FOR DARING SOULES book, heavy on the magical jargon and the portents of doom, that some mage with a lousy sense of humor donated to Union's library. You have a bat flapping in your face.

Excuse her. She came here for that. Hand it over.

....her Trainer is a few stacks over, flipping through a different book, should a ruckus be raised. ]

[ action 3: closed to mei ]

Are you all right?

[ Veronica hadn't expected, upon winning a "date" with the climatologist she'd met at the theater, to be asked to go...mountain climbing. Still, she was able to get the time off work, so here she is, standing on the side of a mountain in her clothes from home and looking like she goes for strolls in subzero temperatures every day.

Then again, she used to.

(Nemesis did not, however. So she is wearing a little Cubchoo hood.) ]
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Who: The Union Divine Theater, volunteers, and YOU(r money)!
What: Date Auction/Raffle for fundraising
When: September 3
Where: Union Divine Theater
Warnings: Excessive fabulousness.

Almost there! It had taken them the better part of a year, but the Union Divine Theater had nearly been restored in the aftermath of Kyurem’s attack. As a historic monument, they had to be careful to only use period-appropriate building materials, and employed only the finest craftsmen. But now they’re nearly ready for business again.

So of course, they’re holding a fundraiser. And, of course, it’s a date auction.

Not just any date auction, though! The courtyard has been taken up with several small tables, behind which each thespian being raffled off is seated. Interested bidders are welcome to chat with the “prizes” or to check out the long line of tables across from the auction decorated with several super-classy glass jars. Each jar has a person’s name on it, and a small watercolor picture of the person in question next to it. These individuals have volunteered (or been volunteered) to serve as extra dates - just buy a ticket from the Slowking and the Wooper at the end of the tables and you can enter to win!

Small placards scattered throughout the event specify that all “prizes” must be 18 years or over, and that all dates must be family-friendly. All “prizes” also have the option, if they desire, of specifying which gender of date they prefer. Additionally, while the humans mingle, their Pokémon are encouraged to chat with the Nidoking who’s waiting just inside the theater. He’s giving tours of the stage area complete with the option of putting on a production! Be sure to tell your Trainers to buy tickets to the Theater’s next show!

The event will run all day, with bidding starting at $25 (Union currency). Are you ready to make a new friend??

[[ OOC: The date raffle and auction is live! Please follow the instructions beneath each top-level below. Each character being auctioned will have their own auction thread, where all bids go for that character - threadjacking is encouraged, and a mingle thread where people can talk to that character. Each character being raffled has their own section for people to note they’ve put in a ticket, but these can all be replies to the top-level. Each character being raffled also has their own spot for mingling. OOCly, results for the auctions and raffles will be announced in about a week.

Pokémon interested in performing on stage can leave top-level comments in the section at the bottom of the post. Their scene partner tags in with a result from the RP Scenario Generator: this is the scene the two Pokémon are encouraged to act out. An assortment of costume pieces, sets, and props are available. Break a leg! ]]
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If I may impose on the city for just a moment, I am having a... I suppose conundrum, as I refuse to be so overdramatic as to label it as a crises.

My fiancé, Rei, and my wedding is in November and while I have much planned and coordinated, the location for our wedding and reception just went bankrupt and closed. I am left trying to find a new location that will accommodate massive pokemon of Lapras, Dragonite, and Charizard sizes and even a bit bigger.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

[Ami hates hitches in her plans. But at least she has over two months to try and fix this. She already had her high-strung moment of panic before a swim and calming down.]
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[ A: action -- library; Rangers offices ]

[ What Raine would give for a proper night's sleep. But her way of managing through the lack of it is keeping busy, which means taking on an early shift at the library, mostly making sure books are in their proper places (and that certain people aren't building forts with them, not on her watch), and taking mid afternoon trips over to the Ranger offices to deliver research notes and finally begin the task of looking into her tiny corner office and... acknowledging the fact that she has one of those.

And that this room needs to be cleaned and... refurnished and all that fun stuff. B a f f l i n g.

This was the true purpose of having coffee at the ready throughout the day. Her newly-evolved Espeon has been staying nearby, though ducking away when sounds became too loud. Has Raine even eaten, yet? Probably not. ]

[ B: action -- lake shrine ]

[ She doesn't really want to be out here, but someone high up insisted that she take a break, and it so happened that she's had a moody pokemon on hand that seemed to need a change of scenery anyway.

... And, by the size of the pokemon in question, a rather large purple lapras, shrouded in its own mist, the Lake Shrine seemed a suitable enough location to visit. It was peaceful and the shores didn't have as many waves as the ocean.

For her part, she was allowing the Lapras to explore on her own, and some of her other pokemon to wander around. A bulbasaur, happiny and togepi play nearby, watched over by a Petilil. It's a peaceful group. Almost too peaceful. And yet, from where she's situated herself, on a blanket, far enough from the lake and the shrine itself so as not to disturb it, Raine's got her books and paperwork with her even though she's probably supposed to be relaxing, or something. ]
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[Once the dust settles, Sinbad's leading his newly bonded gengar, Furfur the growlithe around on a tour of the city, he could be found all over: Teeter's, The habitat, the marketplace, the libraries. He has a backpack with a small amount of groceries on his back]

You're free to go anywhere you please - people don't mind at all.

You humans like to build high.

Yeah, pretty dizzying isn't it? I hope you don't mind heights.

I float. Of course I don't mind heights, idiot.

[Sinbad stops, giving an annoyed, long-suffering sigh]

Are you ever going to stop calling me that?


Oh! Ja'far! Be careful not to phase through anyone!

Not my fault they're not paying attention.

[The two proceed to bicker, not too seriously though, the gengar hoving lazily, not watching for people, and Sinbad gesturing vividly as he speaks, while Furfur looks between the two, and the three are kind of in the way, so now what?]


Aug. 26th, 2016 03:17 pm
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So this is how it works...?

[One big eye blinks a few times before the girl it belongs to leans back, seemingly satisfied in knowing that yes, she's figured out how the communicator works on her band.]

Ah ha ha! Well...I don't know how many people I've met here or not. My name is Orihime Inoue. Pleased to meet you if I haven't already! do I put this...

[Her bright smiles turns sheepish as she scratches her cheek.]

I'm going to be homeless and study abroad!

[What. Don't look at her like that, she thinks it's funny to sum it up like that.]

After last week, and everything that keeps happening, I don't know. I guess it feels weird to just stay here and pretend like everything is normal. And pretend that I'm normal.

[She smiles down at her lap for a moment.]

There's so much of the world that's changed outside of these city walls. So I want to get strong enough to explore that world, and meet the Pokemon and people who have been living out there all this time. There are probably a lot who have never heard of Union, so...I want to go see everything for myself instead of just reading about it.

[Then she suddenly hoists up a cute blouse.]

Which is why I'm selling custom handmade clothing!

[A Dustox pops up over her shoulder with a gleeful chirp.]

Pyih makes the best string, perfect for stitching thread or even fishing line, so we're going to use our sales to keep ourselves fed when we're out on the road together. I'll still be close by, I know it takes a lot of strength and experience to explore a lot further out. It'd be great if we traveled together sometimes!

And...I guess...that's it then, isn't it? Wish me luck!

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The mysterious power of the Mega Stones and Diancie’s blessing had made whole Mewtwo, the artificially created god. And though it remained… sullen, there was gratitude. While Mewtwo itself stood with something resembling dignity, this was marred a bit by another small yet no less powerful Pokemon flitting in and out of the strange cord on the back of its head. Mewtwo was doing its best not to acknowledge this.

I am leaving my children with you. It is clear that I am not of the right state to care for them… or to save them. You, however. I believe you humans may truly hold the key. My children need, and in ways that I cannot satisfy. I will trust you. For now. I have to.

Growing a bit bored, Mew floated lazily up, turning over and staring directly at Mewtwo. Veins of irritation could be seen forming on Mewtwo’s head, but it continued with a telepathic “harrumph”.

But, know this. Should they be left to die, should the people of Union turn their backs on them… know that I will return. And I will show no mercy as I burn this city to the ground.

With that dread note of finality, it rises into the air. It looks like it is about to say something for awhile, but instead hovers awkwardly, fidgeting a bit before finally, just two words are heard.

Thank you.

Surrounding itself in energy, it hurls itself into the air with perhaps improper haste, and is gone. The smaller pink Pokemon seemed to giggle a bit and wave, before it too surrounded itself in psychic energy and flew into the sky.
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A: Video

[And it's Rose. She's grinning brightly, leaning down and looking at the monitor. Behind her, her Blaziken has his arms crossed and is watching. While Rose beams at the camera.]

I tell you, I take one business trip to Caldera and... uh... another god shows up! This got pretty intense, huh? Is everyone all right?

I'm a little worried about you guys!

B: Action

[True to promises made, the Spearowfeathers have set up a shop. There is a storefront with a brightly painted sign of a Spearow on it, and the word "SPEAROWFEATHERS" written underneath it. Rose is standing outside the storefront. They're not open yet; instead, her people are moving things into it, carrying wooden crates and everything else.]

[Rose has her arms crossed. But she looks proud.]

[They're moving up in the world! But it's also quite a sight; it's not every day that a new storefront opens up after all. (Thank Lenna for the loan.)]

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