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All across Union, its citizens prepared to ring in the Salvation holiday with cheer. Dedicated to their beloved Savior, many of the houses were decorated with garlands, ornaments and other fineries in preparation for this truly special holiday, and while it had been uncharacteristically cold the last few days, not a single flake of snow had fallen till now. Children eager to start the festivities the following day did their best to stay up in the hopes of possibly catching a glimpse of one of the Delibirds they saw the previous night. However, try as they might, the late night would get the better of them, and soon the city was asleep, nestled warm in their beds, dreaming of parties and presents, candies and cakes.

And when they wake, they’ll all find a surprise waiting for them at the foot of their beds. An open window, or an open door, with a strange yet familiar pokemon sitting there looking up expectantly at them. The pokemon all have a little bow fastened to them, and surge forward to affectionately hug/nuzzle/scratch at whatever human has caught their interest. Almost like they’ve already bonded with them and they won’t take no for an answer.

The day is filled with festive cheer, fresh snow and ice coating the streets that have finally truly recovered from the disastrous events of the past year. Feasts crop up, Pokemon and People roam the streets freely, and there are concerts all throughout the day and into the evening. Glacier metal, Gigan electronica, Calderan samba, Union’s classical, and the warchats of Citadel all echo throughout the city, making Union feel vibrant and alive once more

Go eat, drink and be merry on this day, and marvel at the strange new intruders that seem to have latched on so tightly! Surely you want to show your new friend around their new home, after all!

[[ Happy Salvation! Players are encouraged to mingle however they wish in this post. Go out and deliver your own gifts to friends and family. Explore the winter wonderland with your new Pokémon friend! And wish the upcoming new year hello. ]]
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What: Soulfast
When: During Soul Fast
Where: All over Union, but particularly Ninetales' Vale, people's homes, etc.
Summary: The Celebrations of Soulfast Begin!

Grim grinning ghost-types )
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The morning after the meteor shower, things start as they always do. Union’s gearing up for another day: people going to work, shops opening, kids heading to school, and foremen getting their crews to work on the last of the damage left by Kyurem’s rampage through the city. It’s just an ordinary day, with only a passing thought given to yesterday’s odd occurrences by anyone outside the scientific and psychic communities. There’s some very real theories floating around there, but there’s little real chance at anything solid coming from the discourse. At least, until reports start coming up Route 1 from the single port started by one Union entrepreneur two years ago. It’d grown quickly with Gigan help, seaborne trade flowing up the lone road, and now it was completely overrun.

Panicked sailors and land crew come streaming up the way, nursing hundreds and hundreds of Bug-type induced injuries. Beedrill stings, Spinarak bites, and photographs of several enormous members of a new species that’d yet to be recorded quickly circulate and prompt Council response. Whatever these things are, they’re clearly hostile and the risk of damage to the city itself seems likely given how quickly the port had been overwhelmed.

With the city still shaken by Kyurem’s attack, the Council wasted no time. The call to arms was put out and trainers hastily sent out to deal with the sudden intrusion. Anyone willing and able to fight was asked to head down the road as quickly as possible, with the intent of sorting this out and either diverting the tide or stopping the invasion cold. The road itself is deserted, abandoned wagons left in a hurry, and not a single wild Pokemon can be heard for miles. It’s almost like they were aware something big was coming, and even the more aggressive types clearly opted to clear out.

When it comes into view, the port itself seems to be in particularly bad shape. Smoke rises up into the horizon, and hundreds and hundreds of Bug types swarm all over the structures, chewing away at the wood and stone. But perhaps the most troublesome sight is the beings that are overseeing the attack. Several members of the new species, fifteen feet tall at minimum, twenty at the peak, direct the swarm in its efforts. And further out to sea, a singularly massive specimen, some forty feet tall, watches it all, hunched forward, dark eyes gleaming with interest as its minions go to work…
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In the predawn hours, there’s not likely to be that many awake in Union, but those that are out and about will bear witness to a lightshow of unprecedented proportions. Dozens of fiery streaks rain down from the sky, tearing across the heavens towards the sea and presumably petering out over the archipelago. News outlets do report the occurrence, speculation abounding that it was a rare meteor shower but astronomers all throughout Union, Gigas, Caldera, and Citadel report otherwise. It was too early in the year for the normal fall shower, but given the trajectory it’s unlikely any evidence about the truth of the matter can be gleaned.

There’s some rumblings among various scientific communities for the remainder of the following day but by and large the incident just seems to have been a strange one. Easy to chalk up to Pokemon causing trouble, or perhaps a freak accident involving an old pre-Cataclysm satellite. But other groups, psychics in particular, have a sense that something is coming. That this isn’t just a coincidence. And it’s coming from the sea…
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[The change in seasons, from summer to autumn, was subtle to most people who lived and thrived on the lands across the continent. The heat of the season still lingered, but with each passing day it seemed that the winds grew brisker and dusk came just a little quicker. But, in the winding streets of Sanctuary, both Magi and Earthkin alike expressed their deepest, most heartfelt emotions in a rare show of unity between the two populations-- for charms and solemn ceremonies of Tenebris, conducted to honor the fallen from the ancient cataclysm that rent the world asunder, didn’t discriminate between those born in the gleaming towers and those born on the streets. The week long remembrance and the celebration that followed was the only time of the year when everyone could set aside their frustrations and treat everyone as equals.

Even the city itself seemed changed. Shopkeepers and housewives scoured and scrubbed every surface on their homes and the lands surrounding them, and even the students at the Academy took time in between their studies to sweep out their rooms and dust off their bookshelves. Tenebris was more than a memorial, but a celebration of new beginnings as well.

Then, at midnight on the last night, the somber silence that had befallen the city suddenly broke with an explosion of lights and colors-- for Lumens had come, and the celebration of Sanctuary’s founding and it’s promise to preserve and share the light of knowledge with the world had begun. Colorful lanterns gleamed at every street corner, and few could be recognized behind the brilliant masks they had donned for the second week of celebration.

And, on the eve of the equinox that fell on the last day, the whole of the city gathers together as one body and releases a flurry of lanterns to dance among the stars in the night as a renewal of that ancient promise the Seer had made to the world: The towers would exist so long as there was knowledge to preserve, and the curious were welcome to come and seek it. The heart of the city would beat proudly for them, and anyone in time could come to understand it.]
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[It’s been a long year in this brave new world, in which the known span of human civilization has expanded more than ever before - but also come together. Between the attacks on Glacier and Union and the war with Gigas, an event like the World’s Fair feels especially poignant.

Union is making the best of it, too. Hosting the Fair for the second year in a row, the organizers have decided to use this attention to show off their newly rebuilt city, encouraging visitors to tour their refurbished industrial district and enjoy local culture at a theater or on the radio. Once more, said Entertainment District has decided to play host, and any number of booths and stalls can be seen lining the streets, with special discounts available to fairgoers at local businesses.

Excitement is running high - but so is tension. Gigas has been formally invited this year, and accepted with gusto; so has Glacier. Gigan tourists are easily identified by the propensity they have for taking pictures of everything (using much smaller cameras than anyone in Union has ever seen!) and for conversing in very loud voices about how quaint and old-fashioned and charming everything is. Will the goodwill the two cities forged after the Emperor’s fall manage to withstand the might of Gigas’s nationalism? Only time will tell.

Time, and the goodheartedness of the Union people. It’s time for the second World’s Fair!]
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They came in a horde. Ferried by enormous water types and a huge flock of flying types, each fully evolved with strange markings across its body. They were angry. They were in pain. And they were here.

Moving across the land like a tidal wave, the horde of strange Pokemon swept across the land, making their way inexorably toward Union, and leaving devastation in their wake. At their head, a Psychic Pokemon of immense, immeasurable power. Covered in armor that did little to mask the scent of rotting flesh that accompanied it, the Pokemon’s mind seemed unburdened by the state of its body as it swept trees from their root with but a contemptuous gesture.

As the Union forces scrambled to meet the army of Pokemon, Ori, the mysterious young person who had visited before appeared in a flash.

Begone, Origin! This no longer concerns you!

The voice thundered in the minds of all present, the rage of the attacking Pokemon palpable as its horde roared in agreement.

Ori gave the Pokemon a sad smile as their body began to glow with an aura of pink light. In an instant, the human was gone, and another, much smaller Pokemon remained.

This is unnecessary. We… they can help you.

I trusted my fate to humanity once. Never again will I make such a foolish mistake.

You will see. They will show you the way.

The two mysterious stones taken from the Gigas installation appeared besides Ori, but their sheen seemed almost nonexistent. Closing their eyes, the Pokemon engulfed the battlefield in an aura of shimmering pink light. The wails and screams of the Pokemon assembled before them grew palpable. Screams of pain, screams of want, screams of beings slowly dying, grasping for a final hope that their master might cast down the accursed humans and find a cure for their malady, a way to allow them to live as whole beings.

But comprehension is not understanding. Heedless of the aura, the Pokemon advanced, a wave of destructive fury hurled to the teeth of the Union column.

[Mew’s Blessing: During this log all characters will be able to communicate with each other and all Pokemon telepathically, and can resonate with them without having to use their Warp Band. They can bond with any Pokemon on the field without the aid of their warp band, so long as they can present a good reason for the enemy to do so.

Children of the Verdant Forest will be especially affected, and during this log they will have a sharp increase in their empathic feelings. They will feel the pain of the cloned Pokemon before them, the pain of being “lesser” beings, incomplete, and the pain of the knowledge that their lives will soon end, the process that created them being unable to sustain their lives.

Kindred Souls will have some empathic ability, but to a lesser degree than Children of the Verdant Forest as outlined above]
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The people of Union have had an odd week. While it was nice to cap things off with the knowledge that Gigas is not going to try and invade them again (for now), the population has had to deal with a different sort of intruder. Namely, Abra. Abra teleporting anywhere and everywhere. Abra teleporting places to try and hide.

Absolutely terrified Abra. To say nothing of the dreams the city's Psychic-types have discussed.

And now, as a new week dawns...the nightmares spread to everyone. Without exception. Perhaps you're fortunate and things that go bump in the night don't frighten you, but sleeping brings a sense of dread, and a hazy vision of a world in ruins. Night after night after night. The first one is horrifying for shock value. The next few are horrifying because they won't stop.

How will you deal? Where will you go, in the middle of the night, if you're the sort who tries to clear their heads? Will you share what you've been experiencing or keep it to yourself?

No matter what you do, the nightmares continue. And the Abra continue to shiver.

[[ This is a catch-all post/mingle for people wanting to react to their weird nightmares! As mentioned here, they have now spread to the entire population. Players are welcome to continue making their own posts addressing the nightmares if they prefer. ]]
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The opposing armies meet just outside the forest, the more idiosyncratic forces of Union and its allies up against fully-organized Gigan might. Wheeled transports carry many of the enemy troops while strange metal cylinders with rotating blades keeping them aloft swoop around overhead in a near parody of Flying-type Pokémon. And marching among the soldiers and their transports, unmistakable by their bulk, each wearing a metal band around their middles, are the mighty yet enslaved Gods themselves.

The clifflike bulk of Regirock.

The glacial progression of Regice.

The alien presence of Registeel.

And, dead in the center of the formation, towering over them all, the sheer presence of Regigigas, crown jewel of the Emperor’s ill-gotten forces.

There is no attempt to negotiate. No overtures first, no white flags of truce to try working this out. The Gigan army has come to fight, armed with technology. The Union army has come to defend, armed with the bonds between themselves and their Pokémon. This spirit has earned them an additional boon: blessings from the gods who favor Union, who support the humans they believe in with the hopes their comrades can still be rescued.

Thus the battle is joined.

[[ OOC: As noted, all participants in this event get to pick one stat-boosting “blessing” from the gods, just like when they defended from Sveta’s attack. Please note which blessing your character received in their first tag. Also note that Mod tags will come once every 24 hours, unless all characters in the log have replied, then they will come more frequently.]]
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After weeks of waiting uneasily in the aftermath of the chaotic infiltration of Gigas to right a terrible wrong, the Council finally decided that it’s time to make a move. It's wasn't a decision that they made lightly, but the events in the distant city has proven a point that they had all seen coming:

The time where they could stay in the safety of Union's walls was no more, not when the Gods themselves were far from the infallible beings that they had believed for generations. It was time for Humans to once again take their stand. Joined by their allies from Caldera, Sanctuary, and the other surrounding cities, the people of Union Alliance gathered their supplies and set out west-- toward Gigas. The distant city had not remained silent either, rumors spreading of mobilization, and the fires of war loom as large as the four imprisoned titans over all the land.

The Gods had saved humanity countless times before. It was time that humanity returned the favor.

[OOC: Event Sign Ups are now open! We encourage all players to participate in this pivotal event. You can pick your teams of five yourselves, or you can request to be placed in a randomized pool that will be determined at the end of the sign up period, on 7/15.

An OOC post will be made explaining the next stage in more detail. Please use this post as a catch-all for your IC needs.]
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The battered Union column returned to the city under the cover of nightfall. The mood was somber, serious. Never before had the forces of Union failed to accomplish their aim. And yet, there was cause for relief, if nothing else. Though some grave injuries were inflicted, none among the Union forces had perished. That, if nothing else, was a victory.

And it wasn’t a complete failure. The Union forces had drawn the Emperor into battle, and had seen the extent of his power and had made contact with the gods. They had also revealed another truth - the Seekers, those claiming to be seeking the gods, were in fact lead from the shadows by the gods themselves. Rumors swirled around the city, as did awe that the gods had chosen them for a sacred task, as it were.

That wasn’t the only surprise to be had, however. The Gigan general Valeria arrived not two days later, under the cover of night. She spoke with the counsel, before making a general announcement. Her face and tone are as stern and sharp as ever.

“Greetings, people of Union. You’ve created quite the stir in my city, I must say. This “emperor” was… not especially well received you might say. We are an old nation, one that survived the cataclysm. We consider ourselves democratic, enlightened. That some old relic has emerged and claimed leadership hasn’t gone over the best, although the fool puppets in the senate are trying to get people to fall in line. Protests are all over Gigas, but in spite of that general mobilization has begun. It seems like you made an interesting impression, however, some citizens have come forward testifying that your people saved their lives. And in this age of social media, nobody can really quell those voices, lest of all the government.”

She clears her throat, and actually looks a bit amused.

“Things have gotten interesting. I guess I owe you some degree of thanks. You saved my people, and I joined the army to serve the people of Gigas, not a dying man in a tin can. I’ve brought something. A token, if you will. With that, consider my debt repaid. I expect when next we meet, it will be on the field of battle, and I expect it will come soon. Don’t disappoint me, Union. I hope we have a good battle.”

[Valeria has gifted Sceptilite, Blazikenite, and Swampertite to Union. All characters, regardless of Event involvement, may select one Mega Stone for themselves. Additionally, characters, as well as all Pokemon that took part in any Event log, will have their level raised to 70. IC conversations are open in this post]
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True to their word the Seekers lead the teams discretely through the winding streets of Gigas and into service entrances, gaining them admittance into the heart of Gigas’s political compound. Bringing them stealthily along the catwalks, the Union infiltrators were brought to the inner sanctum, close to the captive Gigases and their mission.

Sharp-looking soldiers in fatigues holding machine guns patrolled diligently, although their demeanor was not especially tense. It seemed no immediate operations were taking place at this time as no engineers were present. And in their enormous cages, the Gigases slept. Waiting.
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[OOC Notes: This upcoming event will not go live until June 5th, depending on the result of the votes. No matter what decision is made here, either will have a dramatic impact on the game and especially that of how the game will ultimately end. This is the first of several much larger events as we begin to wrap up major plot points that have been established since very early in the game, and expect the stakes to start getting higher as these events progress]

The feed flickers on to reveal a rather more serious looking Celito and Maeve. They exchange glances and nods, before Celito launches in.

“Hey everyone, Celito here. The Seekers have convened and have issued a directive. If at all possible, it is our duty to free the gods imprisoned by Gigas and return them to their natural state. Unfortunately, with the resources of the Seekers being dedicated to research, this is essentially impossible for us to achieve on our own. So, we’ve come to Union with a proposal. Right now, we have a fairly good idea of the defenses of Gigas, but as we understand we cannot rely on them to remain unchanged for very long, Gigan military is highly professional and they change patterns and routines regularly. I expect it’d be especially true with the Gigases. Right now may be the only opportunity we have to break in and free the Gigases. We don’t come to ask this lightly. We are asking the Union Alliance to join us in liberating the Gigases. We have brought this proposal to your Council and they have authorized us to proceed - if the will of the people will support it. We’re asking for your help, we need to free the Gigases and we can’t wait for another chance. Please, will you help us?”

Giving her brother a nod, Maeve directs her attention to the feed again.

“This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance, but it isn’t gonna be easy. There’s a lot that could go wrong here.” Averting her eyes from the camera, Maeve purses her lips into a frown. “We can’t do this by ourselves. We need your help going forward, but we understand if something like this seems too dangerous. Union’s done its best to stay impartial for the most part, but that might not be the case if you help us. Think about that before saying yes.”

[OOC: Voting is live as of now. The question: will the Union Alliance proceed with the attack on Gigas and attempt to liberate the Gigases? This could very well cause an international incident with Gigas, but as stated, another chance will likely not come again. It’s now or never. OOC discussion and IC discussion threads are open, only 1 vote per player please. As before, votes will generally be weighted with the assumption that PCs are in the streets advocating their position. As a reminder, the vote you cast should be your OOC opinion: do you want to go forward with attacking Gigas and freeing the Gigases, or do you want to leave Gigas alone and allow the Gigases to remain trapped, perhaps for good.]
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As discussions branch and mount in Union about how to handle Gigas's diplomatic overtures, news of a more pleasant variety reaches the city from Glacier. Although still rebuilding from their own city's far more disastrous dragon attack, the people have banded together to host "The Thawing", their annual celebration of the coming of spring. In appreciation of all Union has done for them, all citizens of that city are invited - encouraged, even - to attend. Glacier has its own pride, after all. It would like to show its new allies what it looks like at its best.

Just...don't expect to go without a sweater or a jacket. The city may be "thawing", but that doesn't mean it's warm.
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While Union was happy to agree to a ceasefire with Gigas and treat with them in earnest, it seems the Seekers have held some suspicions of the great Empire for awhile now. And thus, enlisting in the help of a few hand-picked Union agents, they stole into the deepest vaults of Gigas, hoping to recover items of great power and learn the truth about the city’s purported guardian gods.
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The City of Gigas is unlike anything the people of Union have ever seen before. The city is immense, a sprawling metropolis that covers the land as far as the eye can see. Built up primarily around enormous centralized towers, unlike Union these towers are dark concrete buildings, covered in glass windows. The buildings seem to serve any number of functions, and have a startling variety in construction, style, and even size, creating a unique skyline that is breathtaking to behold. The city is connected with roads of asphalt, upon which whiz smoke-belching steel carriages at frightful speeds, the engines (and piercing, constant horns) creating an ever-present din that engulfs the city in loud, chaotic sound.

“Downtown,” as the Gigans know it, is a huge collection of stores, apartments, and businesses. Apparently, the larger homes are built in Calderan-style but tend to be further from the main commotion of the downtown areas, of which Gigas citizens assure Union citizens that there are several, each with their own district name and culture. The technology is quite advanced as well, full color televisions are standard in every home and built in devices so slim and with such sharp images that they seem decades ahead of Union’s own technology. Pokemon are still quite present in Gigas, many people riding flying types and the buildings having huge perches to accommodate them. As with the vehicles below, however, Gigas seems to regulate air traffic to individual lanes and the birds seem well-trained as they convey their trainers to and fro.

Humans are just that, here, Human. No unusual shapes and sizes like the Enlightened and Earthkin of the Union Alliance, and those displaying unusual traits receive odd looks. Like many civilizations to the east, Battling is a common sport though in this place it’s more like the combat arenas of old. Several stadiums dot the cityscape, the sounds of Pokemon Battles and cheering crowds echoing for blocks all around, and it’s a stadium where humans are not welcome. Unless, of course, they want to make a show and spar against a Pokemon, of course.

This is Gigas, the City of Reclamation. Union civilians have free rein to explore this grand city as councillors are invited into the massive capitol building to negotiate with the Gigan leaders. Gigas civilians, for their part, are polite, friendly even. While many of them are caught in the bustle of their daily lives they regard Union citizens with interest and curiosity, willing to talk about their city, extolling its virtues while complaining about the noise, the crowds, the lines, and the expense all the while. One thing is clear though, the people of Gigas are proud of their city and their accomplishments. This is their home, and they are eager to show it off to the world.
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The Seeker’s Plea

With the signing of the truce, Gigas prepared to open its doors to Union citizens. But before Union visited the great city, Celito and Maeve, the Seeker twins began circulating some information, accompanied by the strange pink-haired one known only as “Ori”. These meetings are held somewhat in confidence, the twins appear to be going about this somewhat sneakily, for lack of a better term.

Hey everyone, a few things for you before you head out to Gigas. There are a lot of legends of the great Gigases that supposedly stood among the gods during the fall. However, our records also show they were conspicuously absent from the war - Gigan legends appear to state that they fought and protected Gigas. We have reason to believe the Gigases may still dwell within Gigas, and we’d like to find out for certain. Furthermore, Ori here has a located information on some stones of power. We have reason to believe that these stones are extremely dangerous - especially in the hands of Gigas. We need help, ah, liberating them from Gigas. Now, I know your city doesn’t really want an international incident which is why we’re talking to you guys directly, you HAVE to avoid detection but we need to verify the status of the Gigases and we definitely need to get these stones back, er, get them out. Caldera is supporting this expedition. Will you help us out?

[OOC: If your character is the type to run straight to the council, please do not respond to either of the NPCs, your character would not have been approached for this. Otherwise, this is the preliminary planning for the event logs that will go up on 4/10, there are currently 6 planned logs but we can flex the log number up if need be. The logs will generally rely on stealth and investigation, as well as diplomacy and possibly combat if things go particularly sour. Sign-ups are below, we are again randomizing groups but you may sign up with one other character if you wish. As always, there are no limits to the number of characters you may sign up, but depending on the numbers we may ask you to pick one or two if we have too many members to fill our current log quota but not enough to justify adding additional logs.]
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After weeks of repairs, tightened sanctions on incoming immigrants and the general feeling of unease that hangs heavy around the city of Union, the Council finally comes to a decision. It is not unanimous by any accounts, and there are many that wonder if this is the right approach. Union has existed for generations behind its great walls, and there were those who felt that it was that way of life that they should return to—one of solitude and skepticism. However, in light of recent events, the desire for security has own over the need for seclusion.

An announcement comes over the Warp Band, still hazy from the attacks on the Signal Tower. But it is not the face of a Councilmen that the citizens and visitors of Union are met with, but, rather, the youthful face of one of the leaders of the Seekers.

“Citizens and friends of Union—is that seriously what they wrote? Man, it feels weird talking like that, can I just say ‘hey you guys?’ Whatever. Everyone. We’ve got some big news, so listen up.” Maeve groans at the feed, tossing aside some paper, likely an official statement penned by some Council member. “So, the Council has decided that they want to take a more proactive approach after the attack by Sveta, Alina and their friends, and it comes to me to give you the juicy details.”

Okay, actually maybe she did need that paper. Leaning over in her chair, she ducks off the stream to reclaim the statement. “The Council has asked for volunteers to come together and investigate three possible leads for both our ‘friends’ with the Elite Four, Gigas, as well as some interesting goings-on in and around Refuge: a settlement to the west with supposed ties to Gigas; the inner caves of Refuge; and to the east of Glacier, in the direction which the great dragon fled.

“Now don’t all come flooding in all at once, I know how you Unionites get excited about stuff like this. Groups will disembark immediately, so get any supplies you can and meet up at the Seeker’s HQ before heading out. You’ll be given briefs upon your assignment into a group. If you have any questions, you can ask me or Captain Pirate Krabbypants, Ceilto. Maeve, out.”

Once they arrive, each person will be assigned a group, and after a quick briefing, begin moving to their destination within the day. Most take no more than a few days to arrive at their destination, and will immediately be put to work.

[All event logs are now live! As usual, mod tags will come every 24 hours. Feel free to post all IC questions to the Maeve top level and all OOC questions in the standard mod top level. During this log, several NPCs from prior events may appear. The event is scheduled to last a week and will end at midnight on the morning of March 5th.]
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The dust hardly settled on the destruction wrought in the streets of Union before the emergency signal hummed to life, a familiar voice beginning to cut through the static.

“ hear me? This is General Ironborn. We detected an interference with the warp band’s signal. We’re sending a team there to investigate.”

Then another, her voice commanding over the noise.

“Matriarch Frea. Our scouts noticed a disturbance during one of their routine missions in your area. I’m sending a group of Valkyries to investigate.”

Quickly, more voices began flooding the signal, each one nearly running off into each other.

“This is Clement, from Sanctuary. Our oracles noticed a disturbing aura around your city. We’re sending anyone and everyone we can to help.”

“Captain Ingrid from Glacier, reporting. We noticed unusual activity in your direction and are on our way to grant aid. We have a debt to repay the people of Union, after all.”

Soon, voices from all over began to cascade over one another, giving orders, requesting further assistance to the city, inquiring about Union’s safety and sending words of goodwill. It became nearly impossible to discern one voice over the other, and their words ran into one another. But one thing was certain: In their time of need, Union had help on the way.

Frea’s Valkyries were the first to make it into the city, followed quickly thereafter by Ingrid’s troops. The Steel Battalion, led by Ironborn himself, strode through the gates by midday, and by evening aid from those individuals and settlements impacted by Union’s steadfast goodwill flooded the gates. Food, medical supplies, and, most importantly, a much-needed morale boost. Many stayed outside of the city’s gates, both out of necessity, as well as an added assurance that the city would not see another attack; they would watch the back of the city that had done the same for them.

Over the next few weeks, Union will see a surge of aid coming from all directions of the known world, as the city does its best to rebuild. Faces old and new will come together to help ensure that the people of Union will be well taken care of, their homes rebuilt and their lives hopefully put back on track. This was their way, after all, and Union always was the city to lead by example.

[[OOC: This post acts as the final post for the event. Players are encouraged to thread out parts of the rebuilding process, as well as interact with a few familiar faces that they might find within their city.]]
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The warriors of Union fought hard, and in the end, victory was their reward. Seeing the battle lost, the fanatics of the Elite Four fled into the night, those that were not killed or captured of course. Sveta was nowhere to be seen, nor was her mysterious companion, and as its rage was reaching its peak, the mighty Dragon simply vanished in a blaze of energy, recalled by its trainer but not before slamming the mysterious red dragon into another tower for good measure.

As quickly as they had come, the gods of Union vanished, leaving behind the ruined, devastated city. What was once panic has subsided to a quiet shock and horror as the dead and wounded are gathered and people try to find out what was damaged and if their family and friends are still among the living.

While the damage is great, the defenders of Union can take heart in the fact that it could have been much, much worse. The habitat suffered a major blow with a great hole blasted into it, but it is otherwise undamaged and salvageable. The forge likewise had one smithy station destroyed from a divine claw smite, but is otherwise unscathed. The signal tower took moderate damage from the initial attack, but it is reparable, given time. The biggest toll, however, is on that of the people. The Residential District, as well as parts of the Entertainment district lie in tatters. Several towers are gutted, and a few even fell completely, many of the citizens inside them trapped and unable to escape. In all, the death toll numbers around 700, with at least 1,000 wounded, and is expected to rise as rescuers desperately comb the wreckage in search of survivors. Never before has Union lost so many of its citizens, never before has such suffering and violence come to Union. People are afraid, they are angry, but, in the true spirit of Union, they are banding together. The City of Union has survived. But it will never be the same.

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