Mar. 11th, 2016

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Greetings, Union!

[ It's Gwendolyn! With a burbling Firesong the Fletchling on her left shoulder, and a shivering pile of Cherrim leaves poking over the right. She's smiling, trying her best to look as much the diplomat as possible, but it's clear that she's excited in spite of herself.

Dressed as formally as ever for the Valkyrie, there is one key difference in her appearance today - three feathers are attached to the left side of her hairband, a bright contrast to her silver hair: two yellow feathers flanking a longer blue one.

Some of you may have noticed some excitement amongst the Valkyrie and others from Citadel in the past few days. Well, that is because this coming week marks the start of the Citadel Games! These are an annual tradition throughout the months of Spring, where athletes show off their athletic prowess in a number of activities, and the preliminaries will be held at the Great Tree all next week!

You have everything from relay racing to Caldera rules rugby to wrestling to gymnastics, as well as an exhibition match of the Dragonite Races! Both humans and pokémon have their own events, in addition to traditional doubles and partnership matches, along with sports from both Caldera and Union being on display. And this year will also feature the debut of Griftorb as an official pokémon-only sport!

[her hands clap together before her, eyes shining with excitement] Rumour also has it that the annual endurance race, which is always held prior to the start of Summer, will be ending in Caldera proper this year. And the victor will be crowned on the Day of Fire! So that should prove exciting, if true.

Anyway, number of us are planning to travel there tomorrow to attend for the week. Should anyone else wish to go, you and your bond mates are welcome to travel with us!

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