Jun. 16th, 2016

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[Someone caught the end of that announcement and had to take a minute to stare. He had a vague idea of who that was and of course he caught "general mobilization has begun". He all but knows what that means. Something drops in his stomach. That was an unusual amount of dread for him to come from having a nice visit back home.]

[What the fuck. What the fuck did he miss?]


[He curses and makes a run for his current place of residence, but he'll be running through town if anyone wants to stop him. It's not like he's easy to miss with his loud entourage of pokemon at his heels.]

[To the people taking up residence with Waver, he practically breaks the door down trying to get in, oops.]


[Warpband Post| Video]

[A little later on, Hayato will actually make a post to the network. He's still clearly worried about Things but he's going to put on a smile for the crowd.]

I think I'm going to stop taking vacations, because every time I do something earth-shattering happens. What the hell, Union? Anyway, I'm back. I hope everyone made it home okay. If anyone needs help with anything don't hesitate to ask.

[There's not a lot of the usual joking and humor here today. He sighs a little.]

My original plan when I got back was to make a post about Day of Fire. I guess that's still on the table. Caldera was so impressed with you tree-hugging hooligans that there was a lot of talk about inviting you guys back this year. Might be fun in the face of all this. If anyone's never heard of it, feel free to ask me questions!

[A pause.]

Oi, if I know you, message me to tell me you made it back, yeah?

[And then he shuts the feed off.]
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Who: Yukiko Amagi and Fuuka Yamagishi
What: Yukiko and Fuuka go to Glacier
When: After the operation
Where: Glacier
Warnings: None

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