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Apr. 22nd, 2014 11:17 pm
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[The camera pans over Rise's room at the theater, a wall of which is now more or less half-covered in the blank white eggs produced by a Chansey.]

I may have not really been keeping track of what Toyo's been doing with her eggs lately.

[She pauses. Off-camera, she chews her lip. Let's be honest, she'd never do that on camera.]

Does anybody around the Entertainment District want an omelet? Or just, you know, take these off my hands? I guess there's nothing wrong with cooking these particular eggs, but it's still not something I'm going to make my whole diet out of. Grandma would yell at me, for one thing...

[As Rise fiddles with the camera to turn it off, Toyo waddles onto the screen to wave and deposit another egg. Rise sighs as the feed ends.]
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[These past few weeks, Eve has been training, and training hard. And it's finally paid off. When she appears on the video feed, she looks several years older than she did before, not to mention looking more confident. She may still not have a complete grasp on emotions, but that took a seat behind her newfound strength.]

This...is this evolution? I feel stronger. Much stronger.

[She pauses for a moment, thinking of what she should say next.]

I need to test my strength. I require a partner with enough power to rival my own.

[She'd be very pleased if there aren't any, but if there are, they would make an excellent test to prove her strength to herself. To see if this is truly the height of what she can achieve.]
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[ The first sound that comes over the Warp Band is a crackly sigh, letting out an almost tangible sense of exasperation. After a short pause, a low voice comes onto the network, speaking quickly in a monotone, as if he's reading out lines from a script. ]

I was wondering if anyone has bonded with any interesting pokémon lately in the areas recently discovered. Specifically pokémon that have odd evolutionary traits.

I'd be interested in knowing more about these pokémon. So respond if this is applicable to you.

[ Is that all? That should be all. He almost ends the post, then suddenly remembers to add- ] This is Green Oak. [ He barely uses this stupid thing, after all. And there's not a lot of people likely to know him from his voice alone. ]
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I. I don't understand!

[A voice shouts over through the Warp Band and a picture shows up. It's of three Magnemites, attracted together through their respective magnetic fields. The background is of a Union laboratory, completely messy with machine parts scattered around the floor and desks. There's also a spilled cup of coffee to the right. The Magnemites all share the same expression of weariness. They have wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, all manners of tools gripped by their magnets.]

It's been like this ever since we went down to the Old City. Two other Magnemites swooped in and clung on to poor Polaris. Would any of you possibly know a remedy to this?

I wouldn't mind making use of three Magnemites, but it'd be totally inefficient if they insist on being locked in this magnetic group hug. Maybe someone strong enough could lend a hand, because I'm clearly out of options!


[While the feed is still on, Eggman will just be pulling at Polaris, having tried everything at his disposal to pull them apart. Of course, "everything at his disposal" involves some amount of metal... all of which the new Polaris pulled away from the doctor's grip "unintentionally".]


Mar. 29th, 2014 10:17 pm
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Hey.  I don't suppose anybody out there's got a Honedge they'd be willing to breed for me.  I heard they evolve into this cool double sword thing, so I've been thinking about trying to bond one.  Rarest thing I've got is a Girafarig, but I don't mind putting him out to stud for a while and swapping eggs or whatever.  Let me know if you're interested, I guess.
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[ And here in video land we have displayed... Melaka! And also here whole collection . So we have Tiny the Aron, Sneak the Phantump, Slugger the Donphan, Lurks the Croagunk, Brownie the Mankey, Shiram the Charmander, Queenie the Machop, Trooper the Silcoon (who looks mildly annoyed to have been moved), and Shimmer the Finneon, who is in a movable water tank, given they are in what appears to be the Pokemon Habitat designed for ground types. The two babies (Shiram and Queenie) are being watched over by Lurks. Trooper is sitting next to Shimmer's tank, who is just watching the proceedings. Brownie appears to be trying to pick a fight with Tiny, but it's not working. And Sneak and Slugger are both flanking Melaka on both sides. The video pans around to show all of them, but finally settles on Slugger. Who trumpets a triumphant elephant trumpet!! ]

Who'd have thought I'd have nine of 'em?

[ Seriously, ten weeks ago she didn't even have one partner... But she exhales at that, before patting Slugger on the head as a little thanks. Carefully using the hand not with the Warp Band on its wrist so the video shows that. She's getting better about it! ]

Slugger here was the first to evolve. Just did it yesterday, so it was a big shock. [ And the video now shifts to focus on Sneak, who is frowning a little ] ... Don't worry, Sneak, I'm sure you'll be second. [ The Phantump sighs at that, but nods all the same. Neither of them are aware how or even if Phantump evolve.

Either way, Melaka settles into a sitting position now, and shifts the video to her face. She grins at the feed, and- ]

So I've got one of two long treks I was going to go on, and I'm looking for a group willing to go with me. One of 'em's to go down deeper into those Iron Mines we found a while back to find a bigger snacks for the chubby one [ she means her Aron, and jerks her thumb off-camera in its direction] and the others to look more into why the Scorched Forest never seems to stop being hot. Apparently, the council wants to find "conductive" elements [ or something like that. Some technical crap ] at both of those sites, so win-win. Thing is, 'cus I'm going deeper there, I'd like some backup and maybe some experts to help with the Council's call. Anyone up for it?

[ And if anyone wants to ignore that to comment on the pokemon, they can. Or if anyone wants to run into them in an action bit, they can too ]
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[Eve turns on the video to show a Scyther that appears to have been through a barrage of electrical attacks. Although beaten, it still somehow appears full of pride. Maybe that has to do with the fact Eve has a fair number of scratches and scrapes.]

My search for a strong Pokémon has been successful. This is Palla, the newest addition to my allies.

[She reaches up to wipe at a scratch on her face, only seeming to actually smear blood across her cheek. Eve winces a bit, but it doesn't seem like a big deal to her.]

I also appear to be leaking, and I believe this is pain I am feeling. How do I make it stop?
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Huh. Here goes. Hey, everyone.

[It's hardly like Kanji's never seen a warp band in his life, but he's not the sort to go shouting out to everyone on the thing. But here he is, now, with a faint bleating at his side suggesting that his Mareep wants to take a closer look itself. He laughs slightly.]

- hey, fuzz, gimme a second here? I'll sort your stuff out in a bit.



[Scratching it between the ears, he goes on-] So. Gotta question for the more experienced Trainers out there. Say someone was goin' for a trip out into the forest... you know, getting serious about this stuff... anyone got any suggestions about good places to start out? Good spots for a beginner to really get down to business? Where I ain't - uh, he ain't [fooling no-one there, pal] gonna run into too much trouble? Or where there's something cool to see.

Lemme know, okay?

[As he's recording this message, he's sitting on a bench near his home, sorting through a heavy backpack - okay, is he sure he's got everything? He's packed, repacked, got food, water, camping supplies, weaponry (or what anyone else would call it, anyway)... but something's still nagging at him. He's got to have missed something...]
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[So here's Sollux again, in the company of a Beedrill, both of them staring into the Warp Band - Sollux looking impassive as usual, and the Beedrill humming with excitement.]

I'm starting up a little project, and I'm gonna need some help.  If you're into tech and shit and you're not afraid of bees - or I guess if you just feel like hanging out with me for some reason - come find me in the forest.


[And just like he said, all throughout the week Sollux can be found out in the Verdant Forest.  In one particular location in the western side of the forest, anyone who looks for him will eventually find him hanging out near a nest of Weedle, Kakuna, and Beedrill.  One Beedrill in particular is hovering rather close to him, and the others seem cautious but nonviolent.  He's currently harvesting honey, royal jelly, and a third substance that he seems to be getting directly from the antenna and mandibles of the Beedrill themselves - that one is being collected with special care so as to avoid becoming a human pincushion.

Alternatively, he can be found in various other locations throughout the forest, being followed by his Beedrill and several Weedle at any given time.  Anyone who catches him later in the week may also find him riding on the back of a Girafarig.  He appears to just be scouting around for a good location for... well, something, anyway.  Every so often he stops and looks around, glancing up into the trees and into bushes before moving on.  His Beedrill also periodically flies into the treeline, coming back every so often and buzzing at him about something or other.  It's clear that he and his Pokemon are indeed busy little bees this week, but to what end?]

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[It didn't take too long for Eve to figure out how to use the Warp Band that she'd been given by Robotnik. A device that allowed her to communicate with both humans and Pokémon. She'd already tested it on the latter, the proof being the Magnemite and Klink floating just behind her.

She stares intensely at the device before she begins to speak. For the most part, she looks completely human. If you ignore the strange core and band of metal obscuring her forehead.]

People of Union City. I need your combined knowledge.

[A pause. She wasn't sure if this was working properly, but she would find out soon enough. She might as well finish speaking first.]

What is the best way to form a strong bond? The best way to enhance my own strength? I need to know these things.

[Even if people gave her different answers and opinions, she could piece together her own answer using theirs.]

If this recorded properly, I can be contacted through this device. I'll be waiting.
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Who: Rise Kujikawa, Jeff Andonuts, Sollux Captor
What: Searching for components
Warning: Shouldn't need any

"...and Musashi here is probably the rarest guy I've Bonded. At least, I've never seen another Scyther around," Rise explained as she walked along the mountain path with her two(-ish) traveling companions. Her Scyther bowed in acknowledgment of the description as she relayed it to Jeff.

"He's a Bug and Flying type, but he's a lot stronger than either of those usually are - probably because he practices with those scythes so much," she continued. "You're getting all this, right Jeff?"

She had volunteered to help him with a project of cataloging Pokémon in exchange for making a gift for Toyo, after all.

"So anyw--whoa there, Musashi," she said, putting a hand gently on his shoulder as he moved to position himself between her and a wandering Geodude. "I told you about Rock-types. Don't go picking a fight with them, okay?"

((Any posting order really. We're wandering around to look at rocks here.))


Feb. 24th, 2014 10:16 am
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[Well, look at this.  Someone's actually reaching out to the network.  This is not the usual state of affairs for Sollux, considering how moody and introverted he tends to be.  Something must be up.]

Anybody got anything they need fixed?

[He waits a second.]

Or anything you don't mind me breaking on purpose and then fixing, I guess.  Because you know what would be fucking great right now?  Having something other than slavery and mind control to unhealthily obsess over.

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