Aug. 24th, 2016

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A: Video

[And it's Rose. She's grinning brightly, leaning down and looking at the monitor. Behind her, her Blaziken has his arms crossed and is watching. While Rose beams at the camera.]

I tell you, I take one business trip to Caldera and... uh... another god shows up! This got pretty intense, huh? Is everyone all right?

I'm a little worried about you guys!

B: Action

[True to promises made, the Spearowfeathers have set up a shop. There is a storefront with a brightly painted sign of a Spearow on it, and the word "SPEAROWFEATHERS" written underneath it. Rose is standing outside the storefront. They're not open yet; instead, her people are moving things into it, carrying wooden crates and everything else.]

[Rose has her arms crossed. But she looks proud.]

[They're moving up in the world! But it's also quite a sight; it's not every day that a new storefront opens up after all. (Thank Lenna for the loan.)]
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The mysterious power of the Mega Stones and Diancie’s blessing had made whole Mewtwo, the artificially created god. And though it remained… sullen, there was gratitude. While Mewtwo itself stood with something resembling dignity, this was marred a bit by another small yet no less powerful Pokemon flitting in and out of the strange cord on the back of its head. Mewtwo was doing its best not to acknowledge this.

I am leaving my children with you. It is clear that I am not of the right state to care for them… or to save them. You, however. I believe you humans may truly hold the key. My children need, and in ways that I cannot satisfy. I will trust you. For now. I have to.

Growing a bit bored, Mew floated lazily up, turning over and staring directly at Mewtwo. Veins of irritation could be seen forming on Mewtwo’s head, but it continued with a telepathic “harrumph”.

But, know this. Should they be left to die, should the people of Union turn their backs on them… know that I will return. And I will show no mercy as I burn this city to the ground.

With that dread note of finality, it rises into the air. It looks like it is about to say something for awhile, but instead hovers awkwardly, fidgeting a bit before finally, just two words are heard.

Thank you.

Surrounding itself in energy, it hurls itself into the air with perhaps improper haste, and is gone. The smaller pink Pokemon seemed to giggle a bit and wave, before it too surrounded itself in psychic energy and flew into the sky.

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