May. 26th, 2016

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[Adell sat on a stone bench in one of Union's parks, flipping on the video function of his Warp Band.]

Hey guys. How's everyone been the past few days? I certainly had an experience. I got lost in the Scorched Forest a couple of days ago while looking into rumors of trouble out that way, and now find myself with two new partners. Say hi, to everyone, you two.

[And into the frame come two faces, one belongs to a Houndour, a rather young one, but one with a sharp look in its eyes, and the other, the face of a quite large Beedrill. The Houndour barked into the screen, while the Beedrill just flitted its wings in mild irritation, and followed it with a rumbling buzz.

This, however, made the Houndour turn to face the Beedrill and growl. Anyone who can understand them could pick up very quickly that the Beedrill said something not very nice about the Houndour.

Meanwhile in the background, Andy, a now fully grown Blaziken, merely shrugged and shook his head, before taking a more meditative stance.]

The Houndour's Beowulf, the Beedrill is Tabitha. They get along like oil and water. Can't blame them, considering Tabitha's swarm nearly stung Beowulf to death. So I helped Beowulf out of that jam... and Tabitha insisted on coming along too. As you can imagine, these two have some issues to work...

[And there goes a small burst of flame from the Houndour's mouth toward the Beedrill, to which she immediately retaliated by trying to jam one of her spiked forearms at the other mon.]

...Out. Wonderful. Gimmie a minute to sort this out, I'll be right back.

[The feed cuts, but he'll be back to talk afterward. If you're in Union and catch him after the call, he will be overseeing the battle between his two new partners. Might as well turn this squabble into some useful training, after all.]

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