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The opposing armies meet just outside the forest, the more idiosyncratic forces of Union and its allies up against fully-organized Gigan might. Wheeled transports carry many of the enemy troops while strange metal cylinders with rotating blades keeping them aloft swoop around overhead in a near parody of Flying-type Pokémon. And marching among the soldiers and their transports, unmistakable by their bulk, each wearing a metal band around their middles, are the mighty yet enslaved Gods themselves.

The clifflike bulk of Regirock.

The glacial progression of Regice.

The alien presence of Registeel.

And, dead in the center of the formation, towering over them all, the sheer presence of Regigigas, crown jewel of the Emperor’s ill-gotten forces.

There is no attempt to negotiate. No overtures first, no white flags of truce to try working this out. The Gigan army has come to fight, armed with technology. The Union army has come to defend, armed with the bonds between themselves and their Pokémon. This spirit has earned them an additional boon: blessings from the gods who favor Union, who support the humans they believe in with the hopes their comrades can still be rescued.

Thus the battle is joined.

[[ OOC: As noted, all participants in this event get to pick one stat-boosting “blessing” from the gods, just like when they defended from Sveta’s attack. Please note which blessing your character received in their first tag. Also note that Mod tags will come once every 24 hours, unless all characters in the log have replied, then they will come more frequently.]]
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The days following the failed attempt to free the Gigas' from their captivity had been rather solemn. With the citizens of Union coming to terms both with their failure and the looming threat of retaliation on Gigas' part. It's a time for preparation, for reflection....

"Aaaand, fetch!"

And it's a perfect time to head down to the park and throw a ball around. Harry tosses the ball as hard as he can and then stands back as Mouse, now quite possibly a gazillion times the size he'd been as a Lilipup goes bounding across the grass in hot pursuit. He makes it, snatching the ball up in his mouth just as the newest addition to Harry's group, a Tyrunt, comes leaping out of nowhere and tackles the enormous Stoutland, making Harry wince with a slight grin as he watches the scuffle erupt. Lash stands beside him, serene and peaceful, though not without a look of irritated disinterest on her expression.

It's his day off.


Later on at night, he's left the more rambunctious Pokemon at home and headed out for dinner. It's a little place he's discovered since his move to Union. Almost literally a hole in the wall, or at least a door down a flight of steps.

It's a quiet place, old, slightly dingy but cozy enough for Dresden's taste with the sounds and smells of food cooking behind the bar. It's nearly deserted too with only a few customers, the bartender, the Machamp bouncer by the door. And Dresden sitting at one table with a half-downed glass of beer beside him, scratching away at a notepad while he rubbed his chin in thought.

Closed to Rei

Of course, it's not all parks and beer. A lot of people had been involved and as time ticked on, he found himself worried about one in particular. Of his team, he didn't exactly know Haruka or Michiru very well, but the memory of seeing Rei rattled, even for a moment, kind of stuck in his brain. As such, he'd resolved to check in on her. Ice cream in hand. Because ice cream makes everything better.

He found a place that does ice cream takeout. They have a Vanillite breathe on the box before you leave. It stays frozen under a hot sun for hours.

So, another afternoon, he makes his way down to Ninetales Vale with his absolute battleship of a Stoutland by his side eagerly wagging his tail as they approach Hikawa Shrine and knock on the door.
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[Now that he realizes he is likely staying in Union for the long term, Kurapika decided to finally get a warp band, and studied the manual like a good boy. The question now is how to introduce himself, a job is needed of course, he could frame it like a job-seeker request, but that might come off as being a little desperate. He obviously can't tell the whole truth, people have a habit of wanting to help and he doesn't need help, help tends to interfere.

Pairo chirps at him about overthinking]

You're right... I'm not good with people. So just keep it simple?


Should I turn up the volume so you can hear it better?

Boo! Boo!


[The video flickers, and the blond bows his head before he speaks]

Hello. My name is Kurapika, I am a recent arrival - some of you might have met me before, others have not. I have found a place to stay for the time being, but I am seeking employment, are there any places hiring on at least a part-time basis, I do have some specific needs to be met, and I'm unsure how accommodating some jobs will be for it.

[There's a long silent pause, as he tries to consider what else to say - that or he had forgot to turn it off. He seems to start]

I can answer questions, or go into more detail about my request as needed, and is there anything in particular someone new to the city need to know?
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[Sorey is incredibly excited to get to explore all of Union and its ruins, but he's been holding off on the ruins until Mikleo got back from Gigas so they could go exploring together.

And he's back, so that means Sorey is trying to find where the blazes he's supposed to get a lantern. His Eevee is just sitting at his feet, yawning while Sorey looks around the Union shopping district a bit confused]

There's got to be a supply shop around here somewhere...or even a bookstore.

Closed to Mikleo

[Mikleo is met by Sorey's Eevee whenever he gets back to where they're staying since Sorey's gone to get dinner. Mab nearly trips him as he runs over and rubs himself all over Mikleo's ankles. Looks like he was worried]
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Everyone's probably seen the ad at some point or another. It's been in the newspapers for around about a year now and passed around here and there on business cards. Small, unassuming but the subject of a few mumbles among people who actually notice it. And who can blame them, while the format isn't exactly an attention grabber the content is probably unusual enough. A simple address beneath a block of plain, boring text.

Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.
No Love Potions, Endless Purses, Parties or Other Entertainment

The address points to a simple office on the third floor of a building in Union's business district. A frosted glass window on the door proudly displays the same name and title as the ad. Anybody venturing inside will find a musky old office containing little more than a worn old desk with a few equally worn chairs in front of a small window with a wonderful view of the brick wall next door, a couple of filing cabinets and a couch against one wall that looks very much like it had been dragged off a curb somewhere. A ceiling fan squeaks obnoxiously overhead.

More important is probably the tall man stretched out on that couch. One hand dangling off the side next to an empty coffee cup resting on its side and a magazine over his face muffling his snoring. A Lillipup snoozes away curled up on his chest.

... Business is slow.


There's a man wandering around the streets of Union. A very, very tall man in a long black leather duster and otherwise plain clothes and sneakers. Mouse the Lillipup trots along at his side as he weaves and wanders his way through the streets.

It's a pretty strange sight as the man doesn't seem to have any idea where the heck he's going. Just kind of weaving around randomly on the streets and sidewalks, even doubling back and looping around here and there. Is he blind? Maybe. That'd certainly explain the tinted glasses he's wearing despite the sun beginning to dip over the horizon.

Maybe he's just piss drunk.

Blind or not, he's not particularly watching where he's going so you'd better watch out if you cross his path unless you want to get run over. Or you can stop him if you're feeling more curious.
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A month or two ago, a few very formal letters were exchanged between the University of Union and some very prestigious schools and universities of magic in Sanctuary. Deals had been made, a sum of money had been exchanged, papers had been signed, and hands had been shook. Now, with the small but slowly growing number of young mages Union, it was time for institutes of education to see to their training and upbringing. Today, the University of Union was celebrating the opening of their brand new department official studies with a modest banquet.

Several mages had come from Sanctuary. They all wore red robes, carried long staves, and were topped by pointy hats. The were old relatively old (a casual observer would be surprised if any of them was under 50, and most looked significantly older) and they all had the well fed frames of people who had never known hunger or poverty. Their leader1 was a gentleman by the name of Mustrum Ridcully.

After speeches, photographs, and the rather substantial meal2 it was time for after dinner drinks, and an excellent time for any of you who frequent the events of Union's upper crust to hobnob with the good ol' UU's newest staff, and possibly also the man holding it as well.

[Video, and all at high volume]

Hello? Is this thing on? Can they hear me?

[a voice from somewhere off screen assured him it was. A servant or something, perhaps.]

It better be or I'm going to feel awfully foolish...

I say, good morrow to you all, people of Union! I am Mustrum Ridcully, and I am the head of your fine University's new department of of magical studies! Hopefully you're all ready to come contemplate the mysteries of the inner workings of the cosmos with us!

I've got one mystery to contemplate right now that just can't wait: Where's the best fly fishing around here?


1Identifiable by being the tallest, having the most magnificent robes, and being the one shaking hands with the university's chairman.

2All mages are able to put away an impressive amount of food. They get lots of practice at it, as most major events invite them simply out of fear of what might happen if they anger the magic community3

3You know the old saying, after all: "Meddle not in the affairs of wizards, for they are not subtle at all, and quick to anger."

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