Mar. 27th, 2016

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Everyone's probably seen the ad at some point or another. It's been in the newspapers for around about a year now and passed around here and there on business cards. Small, unassuming but the subject of a few mumbles among people who actually notice it. And who can blame them, while the format isn't exactly an attention grabber the content is probably unusual enough. A simple address beneath a block of plain, boring text.

Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.
No Love Potions, Endless Purses, Parties or Other Entertainment

The address points to a simple office on the third floor of a building in Union's business district. A frosted glass window on the door proudly displays the same name and title as the ad. Anybody venturing inside will find a musky old office containing little more than a worn old desk with a few equally worn chairs in front of a small window with a wonderful view of the brick wall next door, a couple of filing cabinets and a couch against one wall that looks very much like it had been dragged off a curb somewhere. A ceiling fan squeaks obnoxiously overhead.

More important is probably the tall man stretched out on that couch. One hand dangling off the side next to an empty coffee cup resting on its side and a magazine over his face muffling his snoring. A Lillipup snoozes away curled up on his chest.

... Business is slow.


There's a man wandering around the streets of Union. A very, very tall man in a long black leather duster and otherwise plain clothes and sneakers. Mouse the Lillipup trots along at his side as he weaves and wanders his way through the streets.

It's a pretty strange sight as the man doesn't seem to have any idea where the heck he's going. Just kind of weaving around randomly on the streets and sidewalks, even doubling back and looping around here and there. Is he blind? Maybe. That'd certainly explain the tinted glasses he's wearing despite the sun beginning to dip over the horizon.

Maybe he's just piss drunk.

Blind or not, he's not particularly watching where he's going so you'd better watch out if you cross his path unless you want to get run over. Or you can stop him if you're feeling more curious.


Mar. 27th, 2016 11:14 pm
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[ Tap tap. ]

Ah! It's on!

[ Also right up in her face, so enjoy a close up of her eye - wincing a bit before she pulls back, setting it on a desk. The apartment behind her is a bit sparse, although the bed has a few stuffed animals on it (and an Azurill, that, napping, looks like one) and posters of some musicians around Union.

Ranka grins, and a Caterpie crests her head, staring down at the camera. Okay, cute head tilt, and a small wave, and ignore the blushing and butterflies in her stomach and she's golden. ]

Hi everyone! I'm Ranka Lee and I just finally got this video... function so I thought I'd just... put myself out there and say hi to everyone.

[ She can save doing better for when she's got an actual stage. ]

I'm still pretty new to Union, although I've been here for over a week. I can hardly imagine growing up here. Right now I'm just getting myself really settled in making a living, but I hope to someday, uh, break out as a... a singer.

[ And that was just kind of lame. Her grin wavers a bit. ]

This girl on my head right now - [ She pats the Caterpie. ] - is Cathy, and behind me on the bed is my adorable little Bobby. I'm also working at the Lucky Spoon as well, so I hope we get to meet all of you in person sometime! Um, see you around...

[ Video off, time to slam into the bed and blush and take deep breaths. ]

[Action, Lucky Spoon]

title or description

[ From the moment she'd arrived, Union had been way too much to take in - there was no preparing for it really. Caldera had always felt big, compared to its near surroundings, but the sheer size and proportions almost seemed impossible to Ranka when she'd arrived. A city of such grand scale had to have a niche for everyone, though, Ranka was convinced of that, and yet actually making a career out of her voice seemed more distant than ever.

It turned out that a few jobs singing ad jingles and looking cute for a photo here or there didn't quite pay the bills.

With that realization tucked away in the back of mind, Kaname Minamino had been a lifeline for Ranka; she had experience serving food, Kaname's parents owned the Lucky Spoon, and that made it one of the most likely places to run into her, whether she was waiting tables with the assistance of a bouncy Azurill or wolfing down a snack on break while trying to feed the little fairy at the same time, talking to it almost like she was having a coherent conversation.

Hopefully no one recognizes her from the natto thing she got saddled with the other day. ]

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