Jun. 17th, 2016

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[ A few days after the dust has settled, and those who fought bravely against the Gigan troops return to Union, an announcement runs over the feed. Judging from the dim lighting in the video, it appears to have been pre-recorded by at least a few hours, sometime in the middle of the night.

Sitting there in a somewhat sparsely-decorated bedroom is a familiar red-haired girl, who looks quite a bit worse for wear. Her coloring is a bit off, and she looks tired, a large bandage covering her left cheek. She holds herself stiffly, and certain movements make her wince and pause in her cadence. She has a hard time looking directly at the camera. ]

Good morning, people of Union. By the time you see this, it should be mid-morning. Most of you will already be back in town, probably just waking up. You all deserve a good night sleep, after everything that just happened.

Ceilto isn't here, it's just you and me. He's usually the one to make these kinds of announcements. I'm... not good at this kind of thing. Not the PR kind of girl, you know? Um.

[ Chewing on the inside of her lip, taking a deep, somewhat pained breath, Maeve pauses, looking conflicted. ]

I feel like it's time we came clean. About the Seekers, and about us. Some of you have probably already figured it out.

When Ceilto and I said we helped establish the Seekers to uncover the truth about certain civilizations, and to help raise awareness about the events of the past, that wasn't a lie. But there were some things we were keeping from you, like our intentions... and who we are.

It's probably easier if I just show you.

[ Closing her eyes, her form begins to fade away, revealing the red dragon that some had encountered either in the command center or on the battlefield. She appears much smaller than she was on the battlefield, retaining the same compact size that her former form held.

Much of her upper body and neck were bandaged, her once sleek body somewhat disheveled and battered from battle. She lowered her head, and while her mouth did not open, she still spoke. Her tone shifted, still apologetic, but somewhat more regal. ]

My brother and I have been known by a few names. Maeve and Ceilto. The Red and Blue Dragons of Eternity. Latias and Latios. But I don't want to talk about that past. Not right now. I believe you know how that story goes, anyhow. It isn't a happy one.

At first, the Seekers' purpose was to try to find our lost brothers and sisters. We have known about you, Union. We've known about you for a long time, even before you opened your walls to the outside world. Latios and I always meant to be neutral parties. That was everyone's intent at first, to not get involved unless we were directly threatened, or we felt it was necessary. We have been searching for the Gigases for a long time now, and at first, my brother and I came to Union because, somehow, your city seems to have the devil's luck. Maybe that's just Her way of watching over you, even now.

We knew that, if we were able to establish ourselves here in Union, as well as in the other settlements around your known world, and that if we kept our ears to the ground, that something would turn. But my brother and I never expected to become attached to this place, and the humans and pokémon who call it home. We could no longer stay neutral.

I suppose in some ways, you could say we've been taking advantage. Hate us if you must, neither my brother nor I will blame you. Our intentions have not always been for your direct benefit. Latios and I had no idea of the true scope of the Gigases persecution, or of the power propping up Gigas. If we had, we would not have asked your help. This isn't your battle. And... we don't want to see you get hurt. You are not like the humans of the past; my brother and I, along with many others, want to protect you.

But the world is cruel, and we prematurely pushed you into a battle that wasn't yours to begin with. Rebuke us if you want, neither of us would blame you for it, but know that we will make this right. We will save our friends, and we will
make this right. And we will continue to protect you, Union, if you will allow us. It goes beyond proving your difference from those who wronged us in the past. You're... our friends.

[ Averting her gaze further, she narrowed her eyes a bit, shuffling her wings awkwardly. ]

He was right, I'm really bad at this kind of thing...

In any case, we leave it up to you, Union. Turn us out if you feel it necessary, but you will still be under our protective wings, at least until this mess that we've helped make has been resolved. But we ask that you not lash out against the other Seekers, here or elsewhere. They were not made aware of our intentions, or of who we are. ...Thank you.

[ The feed cuts off shortly after that. ]
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[It was a long hike back, and Rose spent the night in the medical center. Her wounds were such that they wanted to keep an eye on her. While Enlightened healing powers can do a lot, she is still on the mend. She looks it, too; she has a blue button-up shirt on, but the white bandages along her torso for her broken ribs are visible where the sleeves end and near her neckline.]

[Not to mention her left arm, which is in a sling, and black and blue bruises on her face. She looks like she's seen better days. But, she's out, and she has a mind to take a walk. Unfortunately... she doesn't really have the energy for it.]

[So about halfway through the walk, Rose is sitting down on a bench along one of Union's roads, trying to rest. Behind her, a Blaziken is fussing -- Efreet, who evolved on the way home.]

[Video, sometime later]

[Eventually, Rose does get back to the Tycoon estate. She's resting, then, but the room is visible behind her when she flips on the warp band. She smiles down at it; her face is a bit less puffy, now. Enlightened healing is a thing.]

Hey, everybody. So... that got intense, huh?

How's everyone holding up?
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The days following the failed attempt to free the Gigas' from their captivity had been rather solemn. With the citizens of Union coming to terms both with their failure and the looming threat of retaliation on Gigas' part. It's a time for preparation, for reflection....

"Aaaand, fetch!"

And it's a perfect time to head down to the park and throw a ball around. Harry tosses the ball as hard as he can and then stands back as Mouse, now quite possibly a gazillion times the size he'd been as a Lilipup goes bounding across the grass in hot pursuit. He makes it, snatching the ball up in his mouth just as the newest addition to Harry's group, a Tyrunt, comes leaping out of nowhere and tackles the enormous Stoutland, making Harry wince with a slight grin as he watches the scuffle erupt. Lash stands beside him, serene and peaceful, though not without a look of irritated disinterest on her expression.

It's his day off.


Later on at night, he's left the more rambunctious Pokemon at home and headed out for dinner. It's a little place he's discovered since his move to Union. Almost literally a hole in the wall, or at least a door down a flight of steps.

It's a quiet place, old, slightly dingy but cozy enough for Dresden's taste with the sounds and smells of food cooking behind the bar. It's nearly deserted too with only a few customers, the bartender, the Machamp bouncer by the door. And Dresden sitting at one table with a half-downed glass of beer beside him, scratching away at a notepad while he rubbed his chin in thought.

Closed to Rei

Of course, it's not all parks and beer. A lot of people had been involved and as time ticked on, he found himself worried about one in particular. Of his team, he didn't exactly know Haruka or Michiru very well, but the memory of seeing Rei rattled, even for a moment, kind of stuck in his brain. As such, he'd resolved to check in on her. Ice cream in hand. Because ice cream makes everything better.

He found a place that does ice cream takeout. They have a Vanillite breathe on the box before you leave. It stays frozen under a hot sun for hours.

So, another afternoon, he makes his way down to Ninetales Vale with his absolute battleship of a Stoutland by his side eagerly wagging his tail as they approach Hikawa Shrine and knock on the door.
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Closed to Excellen and Kyosuke - Within a couple of days after the Gigas event

Ryuko had been unconscious by the time her team had regrouped with the Union forces after the failed attempt in Gigas. And she'd stayed that way for the trip back to Union and some time after, not stirring even once. The Emperor's grip had crushed her ribs, the god-powered ice attacks had led to second degree frostburn all over her body. She'd been lucky, if it hadn't been for her resistance to Ice, those wounds would have been far more severe. Worse though, had been the mysterious and severe blood loss. A condition that couldn't seem to be explained by any of her injuries.

Still, her healing factor had kicked in after some rest, repairing her ribs and healing her skin. She'd woken up not long after and even though she'd been ordered to rest by the medical center... well, Ryuko Matoi is a creature of action and cabin fever set in quickly.

It's early in the morning when she creeps out of bed, fully-dressed and determined to get out of this apartment for at least a little while. The bedroom door sloooowwly creaks open and she peeks her head out, glancing from side to side before she begins to sneak her way to the front door.

Or she tries to anyway.

Open - A few more days later

Finally Ryuko was allowed to actually venture outside and get some exercise with the set-in-stone condition that she take it easy until further notice. That means taking more time off from her job with the Swords, and didn't leave much for her to do except wander around town and hang out. But that doesn't matter, as long as she can finally stretch her legs.

So, here she is... taking it easy.

Her Pokemon team are lined up in the park watching their trainer with blank looks on their faces. The trainer in question, is grappling with lifting up a huge rock onto her shoulders, grunting and straining under the weight. After a long struggle she finally straightens up fully, supporting the huge chunk on her shoulders!

"Ha! Got it--" She feels something creak around her ribcage and the rock suddenly tips wildly to the side. "WHOAH-WHOAH-UWAAAAAAAGH!"

CRASH! Over goes both Ryuko and the rock. Her Pokemon draw back as one and wince sharply at the sight.

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