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Who: Hawke and Bethany
What: A trip into town while the siblings finally catch up.
When: Week 38
Where: Coastal Ruins
Summary: It's been a crazy few weeks and it's time to finally sit down and talk about what's happened since Bethany's last seen her brother.

no matter what it takes )
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Who: Hawke ([personal profile] hawkethat) and Fenris ([personal profile] trulyfree)
What: Ice Cream!
Where: Out and about in Union
When: Right after the end of the Heart Swap
Warnings: None!
Ice cream fixes everything! )
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[Warp Band Video]

[Exhibit A is a somewhat disheveled and distressed-looking man (this blond one, right here). He's just got a short request.]

If anyone runs into someone calling themselves Bethany Hawke, will you let me know? She's my sister.

Or, Bethany, if you can see this, it's Garrett.

And Anders, if you see this, get in touch with me, okay? Thanks.

[Transmission ends]
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It's another lovely summer day! It's later in summer now and as the excitement from the previous weeks die down, another sign goes up in the local park...

Pokémingle!! Back by popular demand!

It's an open event for Pokémon of any kind! Play games, walk together, and relax in the sun! Trainers, let your Pokémon take the day off! Let's make Pokéfriends!! (^_^)

((Pokémingle returns! While the base premise is that it's a relaxing day at a park, feel free to respond with other top-level comments with what else your Pokémon might be doing around Union. No real rules about top-level threads, so if you want to include all of your Pokémon in one thread or do separate ones for a few Pokémon, go ahead. (Try not to make top-levels for 15 different Pokémon though if possible.) No trainers allowed!! Or at least, minimal trainer interference!

Let's make PokéCR!! ^_^ ))
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[The music is lively and the taps are open and flowing freely at Teeter's. It's a fantastic place to unwind after a long day of running errands. Hawke's got a table to himself where he can watch the dancing and keep his puppy pack contained and out from underfoot, away from the other patrons.

If he sees a familiar face, he'll wave and extend an invitation to join him.

If he sees an unfamiliar face, he'll pretty much do exactly the same thing, because that's how he rolls.]

Having a good time?
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Hawke's been plenty busy these past weeks helping refugees and running errands for people; he's finally getting used to the city, and becoming familiar with it, as well.

It's not unusual to see him walking to and fro trailed by a pack of puppy Pokémon. The Houndour sticks to his side like a second shadow, but the Lillipup, Vulpix, and Growlithe all have a tendency to trail behind from time to time when an interesting person or Pokémon catches their attention.

Lillipup will busily investigate anyone sitting on a bench or at an outdoor cafe table, sniffing efficiently to determine if there might be any forthcoming treats.

Vulpix is mostly attracted to people or Pokémon that appear to be alone. She herself doesn't like to be alone, so when she notices that condition in others, she makes an effort to change it.

Growlithe likes to join groups, especially if it looks like a game is going on. If you're training with your pokemon, don't be too surprised if you suddenly find yourself with an addition!

Hawke is pretty good about noticing the straggler and doubling back to collect, but sometimes it takes a few minutes. Plenty of time to make a new friend!

[ooc: If you'd rather talk to Hawke directly instead of engaging one of his puppies, feel free to start a new thread!]
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[ Here's Haruka Tenoh's face on your Warp Band. Don't worry - she'll pause and grin long enough for the imaginary theme music to subside. ]

Gaming news today. The Rhyhorn arena's hosting a big Pokémon race. If it runs, and you can fit on it, you're welcome to participate, though there'll be other races for the smaller ones too.

We'll be putting up flyers with the details. [ It's hard to read the flyer that's being waved about onscreen, however. Probably because the Pokémon doing the waving isn't much bigger than the flyer itself. ] Sewa!

[ ...Yes, you're a big help. Haruka slowly pushes Sewaddle out of the frame. ] I'll be seeing you all in the wind this time, kittens.

[ A wink, and she's gone. Why is it always her. Why is she always the one doing advertisements? Could it be she's a naturally gifted salesman? Is this her true calling?

She doesn't want that... ]

[ action ]

[ As promised, Haruka and her Sewaddle are plastering the town with flyers - or, well, Sewaddle is putting them up at bug-level with silk while Haruka wanders around with another pile tucked under her arm. Every now and then she hands one out.

You could also encounter one of the following pairs of Pokémon helping to advertise elsewhere:

-- A Murkrow slapping people in the forehead with flyers to get their attention while a Cubchoo tugs on others' shirt hems and bashfully offers a flyer with a quivering "Cub?".

-- A Pidgeotto dropping flyers much more gently than Murkrow while a Rotom looks on in amazed admiration. Mother is so clever.

Or, if you're a Divine Theater member, you can meet Haruka collapsed in a mess hall chair after the fact! Sewaddle is fanning her with a folded-up flyer. He is innovative. ]
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[ I forget if there's a thing for action logs but here we go.

Hans is glad to be back in Union-- hell, he's especially glad that he didn't have to lift a finger while he was in Caldera because wow. Hopefully tales of his awesomeness have spread throughout the city by now, but he honestly just wants to take a break.

The best thing to really relax is to shift, obviously. So if you should find yourself walking around Union, you may just run into a cute little Axew that is just walking around with his buddy, Sitron, a Rapidash that looks... well, just like any other Rapidash. So he's laying low. Right.

Shhh, as long as he just goes for a walk people won't know he's a shifter! That's the plan, anyway. I mean, aside from his little pink scarf, he's just like any other pokemon wandering around the city.

Maybe he just got away from his master, that's all.

((aka: If you've ever wanted to taunt Hans/have cute pokemon shenanigans, now is the time. Name the place and the time and feel free to bump into him or notice him or whatever floats your boat! ))

log post

May. 23rd, 2014 02:25 am
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Who: Anders ([personal profile] onetrackminds), Hawke ([personal profile] hawkethat) and Merrill ([personal profile] bleeding_heart).
When: This week!
Where: Union City
What: Hawke caught a cold. :>
Warnings: None!

can a fire-type even catch a cold? )
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Log Deputy: nor PM, church PM
Log Deputy Schedule: We're both on around 9PM-9AM EST usually if you need us right away.
Participating Characters: Anyone who wants to join!

Plot Description: Spring Gala at the Fabre's!

Every year, Judge Fabre throws a birthday party for Asch and Luke's mother Suzanne. Because she's a bit sickly, the party is thrown outside when the air is the freshest in the spring. Any and all nobles and those of high standing in the community are invited, but there are... ways for the common rabble to get in and have a good time as well. Namely, the part of the manor ground's fencing that was torn down during the earthquakes. That, or maybe the guards are having a good time too and wandered away for some ...action. Either way, everyone's eligible! There will be food and drinks (children, mind the wine,) cake, dancing and more! Don't forget the fireworks at midnight, it might be something romantic for you and your sweetie. Wear something nice and mingle!

Warnings/Notes: Nothing but fancy outfits and maybe a little alcohol around here.

Welcome to the Fabre's, please enjoy your stay.
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Who: Michiru ([personal profile] incousinswithyou) & her Budew, Haruka ([personal profile] actsmagnificent) & her Sewaddle, Hawke ([personal profile] hawkethat) & his beard, possibly others. It is happening in a public place, after all. Feel free to have witnessed this.
What: Hawke promised to tolerate having leaves and flowers stuck to his face and hair with bug spit. I mean MAKE-OVERS. Because Michiru's Budew is too adorable okay.
Where: The park
When: Gently backdated to sometime last-weekish.
Warnings: None, unless you're afraid of bugs.
It's funny because he can get leaves and flowers stuck on his head even without bug spit adhesive )
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[There certainly are a lot of newcomers lately, aren't there?  Today is no exception to that.  Merrill sticks out like a sore thumb in the city of Union, clearly dressed in worn traveling clothes, dirt on her feet, traveling pack at her side, staff on her back, wandering through the city staring at everything except where she's going.  It's all so new and big and... different.  She is accompanied by a Nincada and a Murkrow, who seem similarly awestruck with their surroundings.  Every so often, she stops to whisper to her Pokemon.]

It's all very... big, isn't it?  And much bigger up close.


[Later on, once she's inevitably heard about the city and how things work here, Merrill has gotten her hands on a Warp Band.  She has nowhere else to go, so she's going to be staying in Union for the foreseeable future, and it seems that most of its residents use these to communicate.  And while the technology is commonplace for residents of the city, Merrill has never seen anything like it in her entire life, so when the feed flickers on to show her face, she's wearing an expression of bemused curiosity.]

Oh!  Is it on?

[She turns her head to look at something or someone sitting just out of frame, just for a moment before looking back.]

Ah.  Aneth ara.  O-oh, I mean, um... hello.  Yes.  Hello.  I, ah... I suppose I should make a proper introduction, shouldn't I?  I'm Merrill.

[She nods her head, smiling sweetly for a moment before realizing she should probably say more than just that.]

Oh, I suppose you'll want to know where I'm from, won't you?  It's terribly strange, talking into this thing.  Can you all hear me, all at once?  How does anyone decide when it's their turn to speak, or does everyone talk all at once?

[A small hesitation, followed by a worried little wave of her hand.]

Not that I'm saying you're all strange, or that your city is strange, of course.  It's very nice here.  It's very... big, and...

[A sigh as she shakes her head.]

...Oh, I'm making a complete mess of this, aren't I?  Maybe I should just let you all ask me things instead.  Would that be all right?  I'm brand new here, so I'm not used to how you do things in this city.  But I would very much like to make some friends here.  So please... feel free to ask me anything.
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[Behold the exhausted but freshly-scrubbed face of one Garrett Hawke, come to introduce himself to the network with a very important question (to him).]

Has anyone heard of a village named Rhododendron? No one at the Medical Center has heard of it, but they suggested I try asking on the network.

It's where I'm from, and I'd like to go back, but I'm not sure where it is from here. So any information at all would be great.

[He hesitates very briefly, then flashes a charming smile.]


[OOC: This guy's hometown is so far off the map no one will have heard of it, and it's also been completely destroyed, but he doesn't know that yet so he's still asking around. Feel free to yank his chain or crush his dreams or just be brutally honest, it's all good! o/]

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