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[The battle was over and the god Reshiram defeated, driven away by the aid of Union and its allies. The city was safe, by and large, and as the news spread throughout the peoples of the tundra, they began streaming back into the settlement in droves. Dirty, ash-coated faces were filled with relief and gratitude when they saw that it wasn't just a rumor and that their home had indeed been spared. Not everyone was so lucky, but they'd weathered worse, of course. The people of Glacier endured, as they would always endure, and they were also a people that repaid their debts. And they most certainly all agreed that they owed their rescuers a debt.

So, as night fell after the battle, a great celebration was prepared in the center of Glacier. A wide square was cleared away in a matter of hours, and the people gathered what they could in a show of thanks. Tables of food, bonfires towering into the night sky to keep out the autumn chill, and throngs of cheering wellwishers lined the area. Warriors of glacier, men carrying swords and women all bearing axes offered enthusiastic handshakes and claps on the back. Music of all kinds was played, though tribal tunes full of horn and percussion, chanting and yodeling, and even some brass groups dominated the soundscape.

A platform for various elders was set up, and they offered speeches, of course...but those were somehow dwarfed by the presence of the divine beings that were waiting silently for the proceedings to end. Some of the gods that had come to the aid of the war parties had apparently decided to stay, though their reasons were as mysterious as they themselves. The humans would have their time, and the Servants would mingle freely throughout the evening.

Food, of course, is set out in piles. Meat, fish, arctic berries, and various pastries and the like line table after table. A smorgasbord of Glacier specialties, each with a new and unique flavor all their own, and some (such as the stew) possessing a smell that only a native could probably endure. Akutaq in particular seems to stand out among the worst offenders, but the Glacier natives seem rather fond of it, and offer it to their rescuers with great gusto.

And the rewards do not stop at simple meals. either. As the speeches begin to wind down, a woman some might find familiar walks up onto the stage carrying a singularly massive trunk and dropping it down onto the wood with a heavy thud.]

Southerners! You have done a great deed this day! We, the people of Glacier, would like to thank you and honor your sacrifice! Few would do as you have done, coming to the aide of strangers against the might of that dragon...and you have accomplished something we did not think possible. To that end, we would like to present you with the first of many gifts, a token of our gratitude and a promise that should you need it, we will come to your defense in a time of need!

[And then with a sharp kick, she cracks open the trunk and reveals a veritable treasure trove of three different stones to be distributed by her subordinates.]

Rest well, and enjoy the festivities! You are welcome here, for as long as you like! Eat, drink, and be merry within our halls!
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[The Warp Band feed opens with the Matriarch’s impassive face looking slightly haggard]

Union, I have a problem and am in need of assistance. About two hours ago refugees just started streaming into the Citadel territory. They say they’re from a city called “Glacier” that is being ripped apart by a giant white Dragon god. Sounds like it’s something up your alley. I’m sending them your way, we should probably go take care of that before it makes it over here. If you guys want to help out, I’ll lend you some of our birds. My Valkyries are already heading over, I’m sending a few flights out to the other cities as well to see if they want to join the party. Let me know what you decide.

Oh, the refugee leader is a fellow named Birgir. I gave him a Warp Band so he can probably tell you more about the situation.

(OOC: Questions to the Matriarch and Birgir can be asked here, and general reactions can also be posted here.)
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A booming thunderclap echoes across the towers of Union. A pillar of smoke rises to the sky. Gilgamesh's laboratory has exploded. If you are new in town, this is a fairly regular occurrence, and you will get used to it.

If you ARE new in town, or if you are just generally concerned, arriving on the scene will reveal that Gil himself seems unhurt. The lab itself has all the doors and windows opened with fans blowing out all the smoke out. Gil himself is fencing with a Scyther while he waits for it to air out. Blade and epee flick off each other with an almost rhythmic cadence. They both seem pretty good. Also worthy of note is that since it's a hot day out, Gil is fencing shirtless. It's a fashion choice that never goes out of style.
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It’s just after midnight when the column arrives outside of Sanctuary, shrouded in darkness under the pitch black of a new moon. Bordered by mountains to the north, the city has two primary gates to the West and the East, both of which are shut tight with massive oaken doors, centuries old and further secured with an antique portcullis. The city itself is surrounded by walls of stone, easily one-fourth the height of those found in Union and about twice the height of many of the homes, sturdy stone buildings with triangular roofs, about the same size as Calderan homes. Like Union, there are many towers within the city, but unlike Union, the towers are cold, aloof structures that stand alone with no connection to the other towers. The city itself is stone, cold, gray, and unfeeling, with small drops of light from streetlamps which line the streets, emitting an eerie blue-white glow. This is Sanctuary. Home of the Magi, conquered by Gigas for forty years. This is the city that must be reclaimed.

[OOC: If you did not choose to take the Pokeballs (you don’t have to have affirmed in an NPC thread, it’s entirely up to the character), they may have either 1 large Pokemon or 2 small Pokemon. A large Pokemon is classified as any Pokemon that is 4’ tall or long per the official Pokedex guidelines, anything smaller is considered a small Pokemon. Without the aid of Pokeballs the Pokemon will be required to be out and active throughout the log, and will not be able to be recalled or sent away if they are injured and must be carried if knocked out. As always, please limit yourself to 2 major actions in the log, and declare all Pokemon accompanying you in your first tag to a log. As always, to keep the logs moving, we will be responding every 24 hours.]
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1. Action, around Union in the general vicinity of Gilgamesh Wulfenbach's Workshop

Throughout the day, a duo (and by duo we mean "pretty much only Ezreal") have been moving back and forth between the workshop and any number of other areas. He can usually be seen carrying large and rather heavy looking loads of scrap. Ancient Golem the Tyranitar, Dragon the Charizard and Vilemaw the Metagross have unfortunately also been conscripted to assist, and none of them seem to be in a particularly good mood about that, judging by the low, constant stream of bitching and swears coming from Ezreal's mouth as he carries and inevitably drops the large pallets

2. Action, inside Gilgamesh Wulfenbach's Workshop

Later that night, the door has been flung open, likely due to the immense heat emanating from the workshop. Ungodly sounds, banging, clanking, drilling, and the occasional explosion can be heard, as well as the occasional explosion of human voices

"No you can NOT set the drill frequency that high! You'll melt the rock straight into the cockpit you moron!"

3. Video

Gilgamesh stood before a massive, vaguely cylindrical shape under a cloth cover. He cleared his throat before speaking.

"If we are to be fighting underground, then we should take heed to remember that our battles are not limited to a mere two dimensions. Nor should we limit ourselves to the tunnels that already exist. To that end, I have built a device that will offer our forces considerable tactical advantage. BEHOLD!"

He ripped aside the covering to reveal what looked like a giant metal can, with a horrifying array of drill bits attached to one end and spiked tank treads running along the sides.

"My tunneling engine is fully capable of boring through ten yards of solid granite in an hour, allowing us to strike at Gigas's forces from just about anywhere in the tunnel network. The main compartment holds up to six people. And if the passengers are carrying some of Ms. Ryuuko's pokeballs, that can turn into a sizeable raiding party quite quickly.

With the power of SCIENCE on our side, Gigas' defeat is inevitable!"

[OOC: Red is Gil, blue text is Ezreal. This is a joint post between Ezreal and Gil, either can respond or if you prefer you can specify who you are addressing in your tag title]
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Log Deputy: Ax, Plurk @ AxiomaticGrue
Participating Characters: Lucca, Gilgamesh, Banzu, Taki, and Haruka
Plot Description: SCIENCE OF COURSE! AT HIGH SPEEDS! That is to say: Creating Rotomcycles, testing them out, and all that sort of stuff.
Warnings/Notes: Science, Shenanigans, and probably general silliness. Don't think there's any warning to give but I'll add them as needed.
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Gil was interested as anyone else in exploring the depths to see if anything interesting was down there, but he bowed to necessity. His skills were of infinitely greater use back up in the city. He was leading a repair crew about Union, dealing with damage dealt by the Earthquake. His crew was glad to have his technical expertise and organizational skills, but...something about him made them nervous.

"The elevator shaft for tower 97 is warping from stress, but it's towards the top so we won't have to worry TOO much about the whole thing come down on our heads. This shouldn't take long at all. Hmm, and if we replace these cables with a ferrous alloy we should be able to make mag-lev elevators that move at five times the speed of the old ones AND can be converted into an impromptu rail gun should we ever fall under attack! We can make a ballistic infantry cannon to quickly deploy troops and supplies anywhere within fifty miles of the city walls! QUICK SOMEONE PASS ME A WELDING TORCH!"

That. That was what was making them nervous.


Apr. 7th, 2015 11:31 am
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[In the background is a research lab, though not Gil's. There's various other people in lab coats swarming around some kind of strange rusted hulk in the background. And he's filming it because RP. Don't ask questions.]

Work continues on the artifact we found in the Old City, but at the very least I think we have a good grip on what it was.

It is a large, motorized vehicle of some kind. The configuration suggests it was built for hauling cargo, probably within the confines of some government facility or one belonging to a powerful corporation.

I can't imagine vehicles like this were very common. The infrastructure you'd need to maintain them and use them would be so immense it boggles the mind. Thousands of miles of high quality roads. Massive refueling stations everywhere. Thousands of mechanics who's whole purpose was specifically taking care of them, for such a large machine would need a lot of care. You'd need to build your entire civilization around supporting these vehicles.

And people said MY ideas were outlandish.


Mar. 4th, 2015 10:47 am
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Who: Gilgamesh, Banzu, Ezreal, Lux, and Jayce
Where: The Old City
What: Exploring dangerous pockets of the Old City to see what's making them dangerous.

The first part was easy )


Feb. 13th, 2015 05:55 pm
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Studying old records has led me to believe there are some untouched pockets of old tech in the Old City that have been allowed to go unexplored because of large numbers of hostile pokemon hanging around them. I wouldn't be surprised if there was something in the old caches that was CAUSING them to be more hostile, but there's no way to find out without looking for ourselves.

Unfortunately, I'm not a delver, and I can't levitate with my mind or shoot fireballs from my eyes like some enlightened can. I want to get down there, though, so I'm proposing mounting an expedition. What one man cannot do on his own, many others working together will have no difficulty with.

[He brings out a map of the Old City and points to three red circles in a relatively small area of it.]

The caches are here, here, and here. I'd want some other engineers and probably a few delvers, plus anyone who can fight or carry heavy things around. Who's interested in advancing the cause of SCIENCE!?


Feb. 1st, 2015 03:09 pm
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[While all the recent chaos is certainly important, it's not the only thing happening in Union. For example, just now is a new broadcast showing the grainy warp band footage of Gilgamesh standing in what looks like some kind of elaborate machine shop.]

Exciting news! I have revolutionized the food service industry! Behold!

[He makes a dramatic gesture and the warp band camera, which is apparently being held by someone else, turns to one side a bit to show what looks like a vague caricature of a man made of steel, with polished brass highlights.]

I call it the chefclank! Using a complex logic engine and a series of prerecord end recipes, the chefclank can perfectly replicate the motions of a human chef, and prepare any meal.

Chefclank: Initiate routine coleslaw.

[the metal man jerkily comes to life, spitting little burst of steam and making faint clanking noises as it moves. It reaches off to the side and pulls out a cabbage, which it starts to chop up with a kitchen knife.]

Just imagine it! In the future, ALL of man's needs will be provided for by armies of mechanical servants like this one! Free from the tyrannical demands of survival, we will all be free to devote our lives to art, literature, or science!

[As he rambles on in this vein, the chefclank runs out of cabbage, and starts cutting up other things: a pear, a cutting board, a bowl, a hammer...Gil didn't notice until it grabbed a distressed looking scatterbug and raised the knife.]

...And that's just the start! With Union's entire workforce mechanized-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

[Noticing the automaton's malfunction at last, Gil flings himself over the table and tackles it before it can hurt the poor Pokemon. So did whoever was holding the camera, for the view tilted oddly as if it was dropped, and what looked like a dwarf in an enormous, body concealing coat and hat ran into view babbling unintelligably to help. All of them fell out of view, leaving viewers to guess what was happening from the sounds of them struggling on the floor.

After a minute of silence, Gil climbed back up and deposited the unharmed scatterbug on the table. His left sleeve is in tatters, and his arm has a few scratches on it.]

Well, at least I can declare the self sharpening knife a success.

Back to the drawing board.

[He reaches over and kills the feed, regretting the decision to do this live.]

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