The Raids

Jul. 19th, 2014 11:56 pm
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[As the people of Union begin to move out into the plains, they'll find that the Councilor's warnings were apt. Though not everyone is targeted, it isn't long before a few unlucky travelers find themselves on the receiving end of the same type of attack. The bandits, whoever they might be, are experts at swooping out of the blue, striking so swiftly that the victims almost never even catch a glimpse of them.

How exactly will they put this to a stop? There's so many, it seems impossible to take them out one group at a time... Perhaps they have a base somewhere.]

((This post is for both groups who wish for mods to run and players to thread freely amongst themselves. You may feel free to handwave having been attacked and thread the aftermath of that event. Please respond to the appropriate section depending on where your character is. Thanks!))
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Who: Pamela Isley and OPEN
What: Pamela’s 19th birthday party. Everyone is invited.
When: July 18th
Where: The Isley manor

[Although Pamela’s mother Cordelia Isley is a known socialite, the Isleys don’t often throw parties – or not large ones, anyhow. Pamela’s father Walter Isley is a high ranking Engineer and a workaholic, so most Isley parties are just small affairs organized solely by Cordelia, or sometimes by Pamela’s grandparents, Hugh and Jocasta. In the latter case, the parties tend to be for an older crowd.

In light of Pamela’s nineteenth birthday, her recent evolution, and her involvement in the diplomatic relations between Union and Caldera, her grandparents felt generous and decided to throw a large party. Pamela herself had been hoping for a small event, but her grandparents and mother were having none of it. So Pamela took it upon herself to personally improve her grandparents’ front yard and garden. There’s a long winding path leading up to the Isley home, thoroughly adorned with flowers that are in full bloom.

The invitation was extended to everyone in Union as well as their Calderan visitors. Although nowhere near the entire city is here, there’s still a fairly large turnout of people from all social stations ranging from poor to nobility.

(ooc: Changed the date from the 19th to the 18th so that characters can attend without clashing with the upcoming game plot!)
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video; | late evening

[The video message currently being broadcasted might be the most uninformative recording yet. Two little fox-like Pokémon yipping over the call, both seem frantic.. –connection is soon lost. The mountain top’s blizzard is raging too harshly.]

action; | morning of the 17th, Union.

[Whether you saw the video or not both little Fennekins have made their way back to Union somehow. Wandering around but not mindlessly or seemingly lost. No, quite the opposite, they both seem to know where they are going.

A little odd for Pokemon not native to Union.]
Fenn!! Fen..!

[The struggle is almost adorable, like one of those cute Pokemon warp-band videos where Puruglys attempt swimming or baby Lillipups tumble over each other. The one little Fennekin can’t make his way up the steps to the upper-class district… try as he might those steps are built larger then all others in Union. Aww—the poor thing's starting to whimper (against his will…)

While the one Fennekin hopped the other ventures, sniffing out the nearest food vendor... the poor things is starving. Big, round, green eyes glare up at the fruit stand… waiting to make his move. Suddenly—SNATCH! The owner is wailing over this small little fox who has stolen his product. (Without paying!! How rude?)

Why a Fennekin would steal an apple in the first place… The little thing just runs away with the apple in his mouth, going off to hide somewhere...]

( ooc: you may reply to either Asch or Luke. Put the Fennekin you're replying to's name in the subject line. The video post can't be replied to. )
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Okay, so here's the deal!

[Feliks is in a clearing in the forest, with a Ponyta and a Rapidash grazing nearby and a Cubchoo in his lap. A few of his others might be tagging along--he tends to hang out with a pretty big entourage, in Union--but they're not on screen at the moment.]

Gigas, right? They had, like, a ton of Pokémon you could ride on, and they could maneuver faster because of it and stuff!

So I was thinking, why don't we have something like that? So we've been out here, like, working on super cool techniques and stuff, if anyone wants to come out and get some awesome tips from me. And I guess like, if a bunch of people come, we could work on figuring out good formations and how to fight back if you're on foot! I know a bunch of people got Ponyta lately, so we could totally pull it off, right?

Oh, and who around here thinks they could make armor? I wanna custom order something!

--Oh! This doesn't actually have to do with what I was just saying, but whatever. [Smooth transition there, Feliks.] So a while ago... Like, ages ago? I went in the ruins in the swamp, and this big freaky Pokémon attacked me and told me to not come back and stuff. But like, it talked about some really old stuff, and how the ruins used to be a city or whatever, and like... I kinda wanna ask it some more questions! Like maybe there's more in the ruins about the gods and how stuff went down, if we look harder? And I don't wanna bring a ton of people, 'cause I did tell them I'd stay out last time and all, but my boyfriend will have Skitties if I go by myself again, so who wants to come with? Like after I'm done training out here, or whenever.
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[Pamela looks quite different on this warp band broadcast. Her eyes are much lighter, she's lost the glasses, and her skin's quite pale - it's almost white with a slight greenish hue. Her hair even grew a few inches. In fact, someone who didn't know her well probably wouldn't recognize her until she starts speaking.]

'Tis the season to evolve, it seems. I'm going to need a mostly new wardrobe - at least for the things I can't just have altered. I'd welcome some company.

[Her Roselia nudges her shoulder insistently and pipes up. Those who understand Pokemon will hear him saying "The party, Pamela! You promised!" Pamela sighs a bit but smiles shortly afterward.]

Yes, Basil, I won't forget. My family is insisting that I have a big party for my birthday this year. It's a month from now and I'm extending a formal invitation to everyone. Please RSVP with at least five days' notice if you'll be coming for dinner. Otherwise, there will be a buffet.

[Basil nods approvingly and Pamela disconnects the video feed.]

[Action - Out in a clearing in the Verdant Forest near Union's walls]

[She'd thought about asking, but in the end decided to see what she could do on her own with the Leaf element enhanced sword she'd been given for her part in aiding Caldera.

It's quite apparent that she's a beginner. She's got a basic grasp of "aim the pointy end at the opponent" and her footwork isn't awful solely because she knows how to dance. There's some grace to her movements. Just not much skill. Anyone who knows what they're doing could disarm her very quickly.

Her Gloom, a baby Oddish, her Roselia, a baby Scyther and her Venusaur are sitting back and watching her with some mild amusement. Sage the Venusaur lets out a little warning growl when he hears someone approaching. Pamela stops what she's doing and glances in the direction Sage is indicating.

Oh, hello.

(ooc note: With Pamela's 1st evolution comes pheromone powers. They aren't very powerful yet and have a short range of approximately 3 feet or so. She's currently unaware that she has them. If you want to embarrass your character a little, please feel free to have an awkward moment. Otherwise, please feel free to comment on that perfume that suits her so well)
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[ I forget if there's a thing for action logs but here we go.

Hans is glad to be back in Union-- hell, he's especially glad that he didn't have to lift a finger while he was in Caldera because wow. Hopefully tales of his awesomeness have spread throughout the city by now, but he honestly just wants to take a break.

The best thing to really relax is to shift, obviously. So if you should find yourself walking around Union, you may just run into a cute little Axew that is just walking around with his buddy, Sitron, a Rapidash that looks... well, just like any other Rapidash. So he's laying low. Right.

Shhh, as long as he just goes for a walk people won't know he's a shifter! That's the plan, anyway. I mean, aside from his little pink scarf, he's just like any other pokemon wandering around the city.

Maybe he just got away from his master, that's all.

((aka: If you've ever wanted to taunt Hans/have cute pokemon shenanigans, now is the time. Name the place and the time and feel free to bump into him or notice him or whatever floats your boat! ))
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The time for action is at hand, and the players have been set in place. Those who choose to make an attempt at diplomacy head off at the appointed time to meet with Valeria, the clerk and representative of the general who leads the Gigas army. Those who wish to take more direct action against Gigas leave with General Ironbrand to put their plans into motion. In the meantime, the refugees continue to stream into Union, while supplies are gathered and flow the other way.

The outcome of this war may very well depend on the combined results of these four efforts…

((This log will be a catch-all for all four efforts of the attempt to save Caldera. There will be four different parts of this post: Diplomacy, Aggression, Refugees, and Supplies. The first two should be well established, but the Refugees portion will encompass bringing those in Caldera who require help to Union and giving them medical aid and care, while the Supplies portion will encompass people in Union setting up shelters and gathering resources to send back to Caldera, as well as other miscellaneous tasks that may be of help. Gathering resources may entail leaving Union to explore out in other areas. You all signed up for groups, so please try to maintain these groups when posting, particularly to the Diplomacy and Aggression sections. The other two may be more free-form.

Mods will be responding at least once every 24 hours to keep the logs moving.

EDIT 5/31: Please try to group up if possible! We'll generally try to wait for threads to have 2-3 people before we jump in. Threads with 3+ may attract the attention of something a little more... interesting.))
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This may not be news to those of us in the Advance Party, but I'm sure you've all heard by now. Things in Caldera are indeed grim, but there is hope thanks to our arrival. Now is the time for us to work together, not just as citizens of Union, but as sensible people and pokemon alike. We should all strive to resolve this conflict with as little aggression as necessary, though I imagine whatever actions we see from Gigas in the next few days will determine more of what'll happen next.

Regardless, we'll be sending caravans from here to Union where the Council, as you know, has agreed to provide them with shelter. I expect those who have decided to stay behind in Union will be able to assist with these efforts-- Remember, every able hand helps! Whoops, I've been talking for quite a bit, haven't I. [ He chuckles a bit awkwardly. ] O-obviously, it's all up to you.

[ filtered to the Swords ]

All available members of the Swords who have joined us in the Advance Party, barring those whose experience yields them certain rights, are to report to Garen, Ky and I for instruction on how to proceed in our aid of Caldera. While you're here, I want you all to keep in mind that each of you is an ambassador in a foreign city, and your actions reflect not only the Swords' but all of Union. So please be on your best behavior.

Those of you who have stayed behind are no less crucial to the relief effort, either. While we can hope there won't be any sort of conflicts with all the refugees moving in, it doesn't hurt to be vigilant. The presence of a few of our officers would no doubt help ease any tension between the refugees and our own citizens. I can't predict that there will or won't be any altercations, but remember it is our code to act on the Savior's behalf, in a way She would approve.

[ later, action ]

[ Hans is overseeing some role calls with the citizens, idly patting his ponyta's side as he looks over some of what has become Union's supply camp. He looks regal and noble and wow, he's just such a prince, all decked in his finest uniform. He's going all out with this appearance thing, his smile warm and easy. Though y'know, with that horse of his he actually looks a bit... relaxed, for once. Not a thing that tends to happen with him around pokemon. ]

I think I'll name you... Sitron. Do you like that?
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The Advance Party arrives to find a city besieged. Nestled about midway up a towering mountainside, the area to the east is stained with the glow of torches and the assembled legions of Gigas, their distinctive gray banners flapping in the wind. Their encampments are neat and orderly, with rows upon rows of soldiers, Ponyta cavalry, and Pidgeot cavalry, as well as several cannons well-protected within the ranks.

Upon your arrival, the city greets you warily, and it takes a number of exchanges before an aged but stern man appears on the walls. These walls are much smaller than those of Union, but they are unique in that they appear to be formed of raw iron, not forged but instead shaped around the city. The city itself is also rough-hewn from stone and steel, the buildings squat and functional but not terribly graceful. Caldera is easily the size of Union, but without the sweeping towers of Union it is much smaller in population, numbering perhaps only 200,000 souls at best. But it is a hearty place of strength and resilience, and even as beleaguered as it is the soot-stained faces of its people still shine with grim defiance.

After a brief discussion, the man orders his men to open the gate and permit access to the city.

"I can't say my people will trust you, but any offer of allegiance is better than none. I am General Brand Ironborn, I have defended Caldera for some fifty years now. Gigas has ever claimed this land to be part of its former empire, and demands our surrender that we might be re-incorporated into their civilization. We would have none of it, but we cannot fight much longer. You are welcome within my city, and any reinforcements you can send are appreciated.

You may have free rein of the city and I am happy to answer any questions you might have. The major issue before us is the army. We cannot hold them for much longer. We either need to convince them to back down, or we need to cripple their supply lines that they cannot keep themselves fed. Hopefully that will prove enough to force them to withdraw. Either way, if this "Union" you speak of is as large as you say it is, then perhaps we can make it through this siege yet.

He hesitates for a moment.

"I hate to be the beggar, but in our hour of need I am left with no choice. Please, good people of Union, some of my men are gravely injured, and we have many elderly and children behind our walls. I need them escorted to safety, if you can spare the aid. Will you take them in?"

[This is an open post, characters are free to tag General Ironborn at will and ask questions about Caldera and the situation]
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[It's been almost three weeks now, and Fai is still at a loss. He needs advice. He needs good advice! So of course, he'll turn to a bunch of strangers on the network - well, some friends too, but they don't exactly outweigh the strangers. but hey, at least he can be sure that his family probably won't see it, since they don't spend much time using their Warp Bands nowadays.]

[So have a tousle-feathered teenage boy in an obviously outgrown blue pajama with Poliwags on it. Don't judge.]

O~kay, I have a little question for you people.

Say you have this huge crush on someone and they feel the same about you and everything should be just fine except-

[He takes a deep breath, and when he lets it out you can actually see the drapes in the background fluttering. Stupid wind powers aren't good for much else.]

Except you know your super rich and influential family are going to disapprove. And not 'disapprove' as in think you could do so much better, you shouldn't commit yourself too much at your age, maybe you'll see things differently in a while. I mean more like huge rows and insulting them publicly and you quite possibly getting disowned.

[He makes a small grimace, sighing.]

Especially since you more or less just broke off the engagement with the girl they wanted you to marry.

But the thing is, you have to tell them. So how?
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A [Video]

I did it!

[Luke is grinning at the screen, holding a stone up to the screen. It's not obvious in black and white, but it's a Fire Stone. It's weirdly warm in his palm and it makes him kind of happy... Too bad he's going to use it, but it's for a good cause.]

I figured it out, this thing makes Pokemon evolve! It didn't do anything to Chomper, so it's Mieu's turn! Hey, think fast.

[The camera pans over to the clueless Eevee, who tilts his head to the side at Luke's words, before letting out a wounded little vee! as Luke throws the Fire Stone right at his poor noggin. Nothing happens for a moment, before Mieu starts glowing!]

Woah... woah, hey it worked!

[The camera stays on Mieu while he evolves, a blast of light overtaking the recording a moment before... There's a Flareon in the same sweater Mieu had been wearing (slightly stretched now,) looking just as clueless and confused. Vee...?]

Oh man... You look awesome! Asch is gonna be so jealous...

[Luke reaches out to pet Mieu's head where he was hit, so maybe he feels slightly bad? And then the feed shuts off.]

B [Action]

[Later on Luke can be seen down at the park with Mieu, squat down on the ground next to him while they try out some new moves! If... he has any... Luke is trying to make him breathe fire. Mieu is doing his best, but is mostly distracted by his new, poofier tail and is chasing it around happily. Luke is laughing, obviously enjoying playing with his Pokemon more than he'd ever let on...]

Come on! Do a fire move already!

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