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[In the morning on Friday, while the regular staff of the Kricketune Theaters shuffle about getting ready for the weekend's shows, one of their stages has been briefly rented by a pair of unaffiliated performers.]

[Namely, Rise Kujikawa challenged Len Kagamine to a contest of skill and presentation a while back, and she's finally gotten around to actually arranging it, having mostly forgotten the reason for the challenge in the first place.]

[Nevertheless, Rise's here and making the arrangements needed for a Pokémon exhibition, including a trio of professionals from Kricketune who were hypothetically there as judges, but mostly just enjoying the break from pre-weekend stage setup. Also, the fact that Rise was getting her Gardevoir and Espeon to do most of the heavy lifting for this stage, setting up appropriate backdrops and padding in case the show gets too rowdy.]


[Rise spins around in one of her more daring stage outfits and points at Len.]

Everything's ready, so let's get this started!

((This is for a Pokémon Battle/Contest/they don't really know between Rise and Len, but anyone can drop by to see the show.))
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So...what's going on? ♫ [Len's already hopped between worlds a few times, but he was a little to wary to do anything...yet. That's soon to change, but for now he's treading carefully.]

[dream world; week 1 - visiting]

[Time to time when Len found himself in the dreams of others, if they weren't too chaotic, he'd use what little agency he had to dress himself up and create a little nightmare of his own. In flashy song and dance form, of course. )

A song about a dream eating baku with devious intent fit the circumstances way too perfectly for him to pass up! As for whoever he was invading--they were more than able to stop him mid-way. Sometimes he'd keep up the act, and sometimes he'd admit it was just a joke.]

[dream world; week 1 - visited]

[When Len wasn't being a brat and ruining other people's dreams, his own were odd and disjointed--when he actually decided to enter "sleep mode", that is.

Typically, because of the amnesia that left him with very little information on the world, his dreams revolved mostly around his sister, as well as bits and pieces of his past that were too foggy to make out. His hardwired desire to sing and entertain was also prevalent--a stage, a cheering audience and the swell of success. The stage was often littered with adoring fangirls (and boys) as well as sweets.

Throughout some of the darker dreams there was a distinct fear of being forgotten and left to rust, no longer needed or novel in a world full of "real" singers. Broken down machines left to be overtaken by nature in vast and seemingly endless fields. Considering the state he'd been found in himself it wasn't all that surprising; Len himself could often be seen here, but as a deactivated husk. In fact, there were often dozens of these husks, each more decrepit than the last.

Sometimes his dreams would be nothing but a stream of computer code, with Len sitting in a dark room that was, at the same time, perfectly lit. It was during these processing times that he acted the most like his waking self.]

((ooc: For the dream logs please specify what kind of mood/tone you'd like most. I can also improvise beyond the ones listed.))
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[After screeching over the change with his twin for a bit and then just locking himself in his room for an ungodly amount of time, Len finally decides to pop a video onto the network. Seeing all the others panicking had helped a bit; knowing he wasn't the only one.

Gone is the usual synthetic sound to his voice, as well as...everything else. He doesn't look happy.]

...This place sucks. I don't understand how any of you humans deal with being...humans! I'm pretty sure I'm dying again.

I feel really weird, and I don't like it. [For a moment, he sounds genuinely distressed before he goes back to trying to sound as bratty as possible.]

Everything feels weird too. And sounds weird. And looks weird. How do you guys handle being this oversensitive?! Maybe this girl is just weird. I want to turn back!


[There's an Absol running around Union, and it looks ridiculously distraught as it finally rushes into a Pokemon Center in tears. Yes, it's actually crying.]

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[action; locked to Len]

[The night before the heartswap, Rin and Len fell asleep snuggling each other like they usually did. Following the change, Rin in Lea's body clings to Len in Hotaru's body as though the latter were just a teddy bear.

Also, s/he's snoring obnoxiously.]

[video, quite a while later]

[after freaking out with her twin and housemates, Rin has settled enough to read the network, though she's no less pouty for it.]

Okay... I guess it's everyone having this body problem, but what the fuck! How can this even happen? Why!? I've never met this guy, and I'm already sick of being a human. In fact, I think I might be sick in general? I mean ...It's not supposed to be painful, is it? Weigh in here, flesh-and-blood types.
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[Video; backdated to September 13th]

[Like so many others, Lenna woke up today feeling very unlike herself.  Unlike so many others, however, she has neglected to employ the handy 'voice-only' function of the Warp Band when reaching out for help.  So everyone in Union can be treated to the sight of a certain blue-haired nerd clad in an orange dress as the video flicks on.  The young man is blushing fiercely, keeping his eyes largely averted from the screen except for the most momentary of glances.]

Um... did anyone else wake up feeling... well...

[He glances down at himself.]

Different, today?

[There is a short pause.]

Also, Lute.  I... believe I have something of yours.  Um... it's Lenna.

[Action; morning; September 14th; Breeding Center]

[Lenna-as-Lute walks out of the Breeding Center early in the morning, carrying a newly hatched baby Eevee in her arms.  Normally, a new Pokemon would be a cause for celebration, but right now she seems more worried than anything.  The Pokemon itself seems calm and content in her arms, at least.]

Oh, you poor thing... you're going to be so confused when this is all over, aren't you?


I'm sorry.  It was... bad timing, I suppose.

[Action 2; afternoon; September 14th; public park]

[By this point, Lenna has borrowed a pair of clothes from Lute so that she can dress a bit more properly considering her new body.  Unfortunately, she's currently got another problem on her mind.  Onlookers may be able to guess what it is, considering that she's standing in front of one of the water fountains situated throughout Union, shuffling her feet back and forth and looking rather uncomfortable.]

Nnnn... what should I do...
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Who: Kagamines
Where: Lenna's backyard
When: Morning
What: Training their pokeymans
Warnings: Cuteness and rap battles

Time to level up and master the next technique! ♫ )
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Who: Haruka Tenoh, the Kagamines, and a Rhyhorn of very little brain
Where: Around Union
When: Midmorning.
What: The twins need a roadroller expy. Haruka happens to be an (accidental) expert in running into things.
Warnings: Her Rhyhorn. Let her show you it.

[ The Rhyhorn had run ahead again.

Haruka brushes off her Spritzee's protests - she'd been holding the leash in her beak properly, it's not her fault that creature could stand to learn some manners! - and begins sidling through the streets, hoping to catch her errant baby Pokémon before it causes too much property damage. Can't they even get to the Habitat without incident any more...? There has to be some use for a baby with this kind of energy.

At last she spots it: a tiny grey rock on a mission to barrel nowhere in particular, snorting and snuffling as it gallops down the street. So far so good, but the baby's heading right for a couple of people with their backs to Haruka. A grim sense of deja vu settles onto her, and Haruka herself begins to sprint. ]
Look out!

[ Spritzee squawks. Impact in 3...2...1... ]


Aug. 30th, 2014 05:17 am
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[Hello, Union.

(Or anyone else within reach, really)

It's three am. Are you asleep? Good. You can stay asleep.

If you're awake or just dozing and within reach of your warp band, though, you might see a public transmission]

Yo. So who the hell else is up?

[Kaido is definitely not asleep, and he's bored]
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Well hello everyone out there!

[There's a pretty girl on the screen all of a sudden.

Wait. It's hard to tell, but that's actually a dude in drag. Hopefully you have good perception-- if not? Kuranosuke's not going to correct anyone who mistakes him for a girl. He's got on make up, a lusciously full blonde wig, and pink from head to toe apart from his black miniskirt.

It looks like he's making this broadcast from the business district, and he's speaking with a girly lilt to his voice-- what, gotta act the part if you're dressed up, right?]

It's a pleasure to meet you all, I'm sure. Let's get down to business, shall we?

I'm looking for anyone who's interested in entering contests. You see, Pearls and I here-- Prrriii! -- aaare looking to offer our services as Pokémon Stylists.

If you need a consultation, or maybe just need a refresher course of your own, please feel free to contact me and we'll see if I can help you. I'm looking for a special kind of client... so don't think you'll get away with it on the first meeting!

Anyway, just look into contacting Kuranosuke Koibuchi, alright?

[Koibuchi, as in Son-of-the-politician Koibuchi. He has no shame.]



[With a sigh, Kuranosuke ends the transmission and looks over at his Togepi. Dropping the feminine voice, he shrugs.]

Well, let's hope we don't get anyone boring.

Kura-po, you think everyone's boring nowadays.

I'm not wrong! There's never anyone with the right style. Everyone's always talking and talking- but it's like no one cares about what they do! I need something new.

[Pearls just lets out her own exasperated sigh. What is she going to do with this boy?]
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[a bit of mumbling and shaky camera at first while a pair of melodious (and slightly tinny) voices chatter amongst themselves. As it's a somewhat dark room, it's hard to make out where in Union they are.]

We're doing it now, Len! Smile for the camera! ♪

Do I have to? ♫

Yeah yeah. Look, just sit there and look cute, I'll do the talking! ♪

Rin!! Don't call me cute, I'm a man! ♫

Heh heh~ ♪

[Refusing to acknowledge the protest, "Rin" finally sets the video in a place where two twins can be seen... identical, except for their gender. Strange, but you've seen stranger things, right? Anyway, they nevertheless have cute, smiling faces, and the girl talks as agreed, though she seems a bit nervous for a brief moment.]

Um... Nice to meet you! I'm Rin Kagamine, and this is my twin, Len - we're 14 years old, and this is...! (Drumroll please!)

[Len double takes realizing she's talking to him seriously, then with the flattest look ever, he complies, drumrolling with the first stick-like objects he managed to find nearby. Rin fistpumps dramatically.]

The Kagamine's super big Union☆Reunion Debut! Yay! ♪

[The boy glances around nervously, and she pauses awkwardly after that, rubbing her neck. She obviously just made that up on the spot.]

Umm, well, with things how they are I thought the best way to introduce ourselves would be with a song. This is the story of a world after death...

[She signals to Len, who reluctantly nods at her.]

They begin to sing 'Heaven and Hell.' )

[After the song, they're both grinning happily, looking a lot more confident and talkative.]

...So, that's kinda what happened? ♪

Apparently this is the first time we've been awake in a few centuries, so we're reaaaally hungry. You should all give us some snacks! ♫

Yeah! You heard a great thing, so that's no trouble right? Right? ♪
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Who: Everyone!
When: 8/27
Where: The Tropical Island
What: The end of summer is quickly approaching, get your last bit of summer fun in now!
Warnings: Beach episode shenanigans.

Fun in the sun )

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