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Log Deputy: Void [ profile] BeholdtheVoid
Participating Characters: Renko Usami, Marisa Kirisame, Reimu Hakurei, Ran Yakumo
Description: There's something disrupting the signal in the caverns! Renko's gathered up some help to investigate. Hopefully they can figure it out!
Warnings/Notes: None that I'm aware of!

Looking for a way to help in proving herself to the community, Renko had heard about a potential signal disruption originating from the caverns located outside of Union. Knowing she'd be unable to do it herself, and strength in numbers was always a solid strategy most of the time, she had found a couple of others willing to investigate the disturbance with her.

Getting to the caverns was the easy part. It was traversing through them that had Renko interested. Caves had always seemed dark and mysterious. Certainly worth exploring, with or without a goal in mind. Even though she was lacking in the whole being an Enlightened thing, she did her best to keep up with them. Hopping alongside her was Akamu, her Seedot and Proteus the Solosis was in her arms. Her Cleffa as usual, slumbered in her bag.

Turning for a moment to speak to whoever was closest, she broke the silence. "Exactly how far do these caverns go? Have they ever been mapped out?"


Mar. 6th, 2014 03:18 am
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[Well, here's a sight. Marisa is sitting perfectly still, lightly petting her Jolteon's head as she tosses a Fire Stone lightly in a bored fashion. She's sitting inside a plain room, just staring out the window before turning and stopping her tossing of the stone.]

I really dunno what ta make of everythin' that's least what I've heard and seen. I'm not a fan of what's goin' on but...a part of me is a little curious I have ta say.

[A slight frown and a glance at the stone in her hand.]

I know I picked this up, thinkin' it'd help out but...I really can't use it. It's just...I can't describe it. I'm thinkin' about givin' it away.

[A shrug of her shoulder before putting it down on her backpack, that sits next to her, it's contents still scattered about.]

Eh, Either way, I'll be on my way out of here before too long. Anyone know a good spot ta hide out for a bit?
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So how is everythin' goin' back home? I know things were still pretty roughed up when I left. If it's still pretty bad when I get back from trainin' I'll help out still if ya all will let me.

Also..I might need ta talk ta someone about somethin' later. Hard ta say but I'll ask again once I get back.


[Marisa's been out away from the wall during the day, training hard to make sure she was ready for the next big problem that would come up. At night, she's back close to the walls, wrapped up in a blanket and a small fire going. Do you bug her in either time?]

[[OOC: She will return to the city on the 17 so if anyone wants to rat her out/arrest her for being a runaway or whatever, Just let me know! She's also looking for a place to stay for a few weeks.]]


Feb. 6th, 2014 06:23 pm
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[There's an odd sight at one of the gates into the city today.

The woman herself is odd enough. The prongs on her hat twitch every so often, as if there are ears underneath. And if there were any doubt at all she was a Shifter, that would go away the moment someone registered the Vulpix tails she sported. So yes, that's an odd sight.

The equally odd sight, however, is the small army of children she enters with. Some of them appear to be Shifters themselves, others regular humans. There's even a few Pokemon here and there. It's like watching a school come back from a field trip, except there doesn't seem to be an average age among the kids. They seem to range the gamut from very young to teenaged. Huh.]

All right, children, we're finally here! Gather round, please, and let me do a head count. Remember, we need to be on our best behavior right now. For the time being, we are only guests to this city. With any luck, they will be kind enough to admit us, so let's all hope for the best! Now come, come, let's make sure everybody's here.

...Ohhhhh, bother. Has anybody seen Elder Yakumo? [Some murmuring.] Not me, of course. Lady Yukari. When DID she wander off? *sigh* Orange, did you notice?

[The small Espurr next to her shakes her head.]

That figures. I'm sure she'll show up when she wants to. She's always been like that.


Jan. 27th, 2014 12:01 am
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Iron Mines:
The trip to the eastern mountains is punctuated by the continuing aftershocks. After each one, it may be tempting to glance back at Union to see if any of the towers have fallen yet. The expedition parties move with incredible speed, knowing that the fate of their City hangs on the line.

When they reach the mountains, guided by the coordinates given of the 'strange radio signal', the parties will find that many of the normal entrances and routes have been blocked by cave-ins. In contrast, however, a gaping hole has opened up where none existed before. As this seems to be the easiest way to gain access, the parties slowly lower themselves in...

They will find themselves in the long-sought iron mines.

But there are so many twisting turns and tunnels, it will be impossible to stay together and make any sort of progress. Each group will have to take their own paths from here...

Old City:
Each of the twelve entrances down into the Old City take a different meandering route through the ruins. Though several are blocked off by this time, there are still many potential paths to take. The state of the Old City is poor, being underground as it is, and occasional soft rumblings are certain to cause unease. As the report states, however, there is enough of an interval between quakes that it should be possible to investigate safely.

It would be unwise to venture down alone, but it is impossible, too, for everyone to stay together if they wish to make headway.

The wild Pokémon continue to come out of the Old City, though the frequency has been somewhat lessened. Rubble lines the streets and though no towers have collapsed as of yet, some seem to be dangerously close and certainly nobody should be staying inside of them. As stated, the towers in Sector 3 are the worse off and construction crews work frantically to attempt to restabilize the foundations of these buildings.

The injured are innumerable, the number of casualties is as of yet unknown, and the chaos and panic is difficult to fend off.

There is a great deal of work to be done.

((Please post below with your groups - in the first comment, please note the members of your group, where you are, and whether or not you intend to keep a threading order. Regardless of threading order, mods will be responding at least once every 24 hours to keep the event moving. Groups should be three to four people in size.

At this time, all characters entering the iron mines will be able to choose to bond with a free extra Pokemon listed under 'Cavern' in the Map and Wild Pokemon post. Please respond there if you intend to make use of this. Characters who have already claimed a free Old City Pokemon may not do so.))
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[Marisa actually had been training the best she could, sticking close just in case something came up....but today, she decided to head out further and into the Forest.

Why not? Anything to keep her and Spark's abilities up to par and beyond that. That and it kept her out of the city for a bit so people wouldn't catch ehr and send her back where she didn't want to be.

So after landing in the forest, broom up on her shoulder, Marisa looks about with a grin. She's layered in long sleeved shirts and pants under her skirt so she can keep warm the best she could. Even with her Fire typing, it was COLD out.

So whatcha think Spark? Good place or should we move on from here?
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[Reimu didn't really have much reason to be concerned with the iron shortage because it didn't directly effect her or her work, though it'd probably turn out to be a pain eventually. Her job was to tend to her shrine and keep an eye out for any possible incidents she might need to intervene in as current sole attendant and semi-official Head Priestess of the Hakurei Shrine.

Things had been quiet on that front though, so while she did keep up with patrols, when she wasn't she mostly lazed about the shrine and took care of any chores that needed doing. At present, that meant shoveling snow out of the shrine's courtyard. She'd taken care of the path leading up to the shrine the other day. Ugh, how she hated doing this, but it needed to be done and this one of those things Reimu wasn't really lazy about. She couldn't wait for spring.

Also, she hadn't gotten all that many donations lately, but that was nothing new. This place didn't really get that many visitors other than the old man and a certain childhood friend of hers after all. Though maybe she'd be lucky and someone might come by to drop a few coins in the donation box today.]

It sure is quiet today... [Cold too. Sigh.]

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