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Jun. 30th, 2014 12:59 pm
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[With the theater season officially open, the Divine Theater has little else do with the summer but prepare for next season's jam-packed schedule. However, preparation doesn't really bring in money, so, as they do every summer, the Divine Theater has opened its doors to summer classes! There is even word that those students who excel might even be considered for staff next season!

The first class is free in the hopes that they will bring in new students, in the hopes that people will sign up for more. The offerings are rather diverse.

Acting classes, both beginning and advanced; music lessons for singers and instrumentalists; conducting classes; beginning and advanced sewing and costume design; makeup; theater tech and lighting; beginning and advanced dance classes; stage fighting and choreography, just to name a few. There's a little bit of something for everyone here. The front desk ladies have even taken it upon themselves to start their very own beginner accounting class. It's cute, you should check it out

For those working around the theater, it was a busy time--maybe even more than when they were putting on productions. Cleaning to do, classes to help out with, and, of course, making sure any students don't go down secret hallways labeled "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" that totally aren't hiding their super secret base of operations nope nothing here to see folks.

Are you teaching? Attending? Helping out? Maybe just curious?]
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I have a question. Has anyone else been suffering from abnormally bad allergies this season? And if so, do you have a way to remedy them? Ken has been having a hard time of it and... let's say, it would benefit more than just him and I that we get it taken care of...


[Around Union, at various times during the day, a rather miserable-looking Magby can be seen wandering about. His eyes are red, and he rubs his nose (snout?) quite a bit. Occasionally, he'll stop and start hitching his head back, before letting out a fiery sneeze, rubbing his nose again, and continuing his walk.

He's got quite an arc on that sneeze, as seen by the charred bits of things that have been left in his wake.]
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I hope that everyone is having fun visiting the island. I feel like it's been so long since we have had a proper break here.

This might be a strange question, but does anyone have any advice on memorizing things quickly?

[Action; around Union]

[It would seem that the Union Divine Theater is readying its next production. From the posters that have been going around the city, it would appear to be a romance of some kind, but what's this? The usual lead actress that the theater goes for for their heroines is absent, and instead, a certain earnest swords woman sits front and center. Looks like someone finally made it big!

The fact that she could very easily be recognized on the street has not quite set in for Sakura yet, and so, looking a bit tired from the rush of going from understudy to leading lady, she can be spotted along with a Kirlia walking around in public.]
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[In one of the many open plazas in the tower the Union Divine Theater is housed in, a bit of an unusual sight can be seen. Ogami, with two of his swords drawn, is facing off against his Machop. In Machop's hands is clutched a Honedge, newly hatched and ready for battle. As the two face off, Ogami shouts at his Machop]


[Without hesitation, the Machop springs forward, and the two clash blades.

This post is open for either observation during the training session, or conversation after he's finished sparring with Machop and Honedge]
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[Get out, her doctors had said.

See some of the city, her doctors had said.

It'll help jog your memory, they said.

But the truth is that she'd sort of become lost a long, long time ago. None of these streets looked even remotely familiar to her, and her Spheal is being of little help in this situation. Enough so that she's actually taken to carrying Aster around as she tries to find her way. Uselessly, mind you, but she's trying!

... But it's also starting to get a little bit late in the day, and she hasn't eaten anything since breakfast.

Her stomach growls loudly, closely echo'd by Aster's. Xion looks down at the pokemon, who's also looking up at her.

I don't know where to go.

[The spheal chatters a bit at her, and Xion looks around, reaching out literally to the first person she sees to tug on them to try and get their attention rather pathetically.]

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[Armin decided that the best place to watch his eggs hatch is in the sector of the Habitats where he's been sleeping since the quakes -- because someone is independent to a fault and hasn't let on that his home was damaged. But it's better this way, because there's enough room for Meredith-the-Ralts and Murgatroyd-the-Cherubi to cluster around the two eggs, with Gertrude-the-Steelix (who does NOT belong in this part of the Habitats, wow) looming protectively over the little group.

The black-and-yellow striped egg had cracked first, and now it slowly splits open, revealing what appears to be a tiny ball of fluff. Armin draws in his breath, gently tugging Meredith away from poking at the new baby --

Mareep! You're a Mareep! [This is whispered in the most reverent of tones, then the Warp Band is hastily switched on.]


It's a Mareep!! [Warp Band is promptly turned off, because what is context?]

3 ♪

Feb. 9th, 2014 05:00 pm
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[Non-Emergency Radio Broadcast]

Here at A.C.E. Studios, we're proud to bring you the finest in round-the-clock entertainment, and for the past year or so we've been proud to have as a member of our organization Miss Rise Kujikawa, whom you all know as Risette. For the last two years, Risette has entranced us all with her wonderful singing and exuberant performances. However, for personal reasons, Risette will be taking a leave of absence from her work with A.C.E. in order to pursue other ways of helping our great city of Union through the current exciting circumstances...

[The announcer's voice drones on, but Rise's stopped paying attention and left the studio already. Nothing else important was going to be said other than just how gosh-darn civic-minded and cool A.C.E. is anyway.]


[The black and white video shows Rise sitting with a Ralts perched on her shoulders piggyback style. The latter is looking around curiously while the former is smiling.]

I have a couple of unofficial announcements for people who don't just tune into news stations. First of all, I know this is really late, but thank you to everyone who helped rescue me when I got trapped during the earthquake. That was the scariest and probably most embarrassing thing that happened to me, but a lot of people risked a lot to help me, and I appreciate it. I also made at least one new friend, so uh, say hi to Himiko, guys.

[The Ralts waves cheerfully at the camera, then goes back to studying something on the ceiling.]

More importantly, Bonding with Himiko here made me realize that there's more important and interesting stuff I could be doing than sitting in a recording studio all day. All this exciting stuff with other civilizations out there and new Pokémon to meet...I mean, I'm not a professional explorer or anything, but I want to help out, and if there are other humans out there, more people who know the area and how to work with Pokémon are better, right?

[She rubs her forehead with one finger, a little sheepishly.]

It's probably kind of arrogant for me to think anyone cares what a fifteen year old kid just decided to do with her life, but this new camera thingy is way too neat to just do a quick thank-you with.
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[Anyone out and about in the streets of Union today will probably see a rather strange looking girl with tentacles for hair, walking along and looking rather carefree as she talks to the Tympole she's carrying along with her in a fishbowl, held securely by two of those tentacles as she swings her arms out to her sides.]

It's a good thing those earthquakes finally stopped, huh, Swimmy?  But that's what happens when humans go around poking their beaks where they don't belong!  I'd be squidding mad too if they put a bunch of big dumb machines down in the ocean.

[The Tympole hangs on her every word, nodding its head, its tail wagging back and forth in its bowl as she talks.]

I guess we'll put off the inkvasion for a squiddle bit longer.  I ink they've learned their lesson this time.

[This isn't a strange thing to hear out of this girl's mouth.  Ever since she washed up on the beach about a year ago as an Inkay Shifter, she's been going on and on about 'inkvasions' and how she's going to lead the Pokemon of the ocean to glorious victory over the humans.  In reality, she's been living in Union ever since and freeloading off a family who felt bad for her and took her in.  Not that that's stopped her from spouting off her silly rhetoric.]

So what do you want to eat for dinner tonight?  I'm in the mood for Corphish!
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[Hey look, it's a pompadour on your screen, followed a close-up eyeball as Kuwabara tries to figure out if this is working or not. Finally, he pulls it back a bit, and you get to see his face, with an entertained grin.]

Hey, everyone! This thing is pretty cool, heheh! I'm Kazuma Kuwabara, and I'm the worst punk at Union University! But that's not what this is about. I was just wondering, does anyone know how to get a pokemon to fight? I mean I'm not gonna force him into fights or anything, but he's scared of pretty much everything, so I wanna teach him how to fight, so maybe he won't be as scared, y'know?


If you're wandering the streets between towers in the Residential District, you might see something strange - a teenager trying to get his own pokemon to attack him.

"C'mon, Eikichi, just hit me with whatever you've got. I promise it won't hurt me, I'm way too tough. I bet it won't even be that strong, you little wimp!"

The poor pokemon he's yelling at is an Espurr that's just staring passively at him. It might be a statue if it didn't blink periodically. It would be almost impossible for most people to tell how it feels about this, but someone that could sense emotions would feel that it's scared and anxious - not of the trainer, but pretty much everything and everyone else.
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Log Deputy: Nerdo ([personal profile] nerdorama, [ profile] Nerdorama)
Participating Characters: Rise Kujikawa, Asemu Asuno, Kaito, Ichiro Ogami, Sakura Shinguji, John Egbert, Lucas, Jinxie Tenma
Plot Description: Earthquake leads minor celebrity to getting in way over her head, so it's time for a dramatic rescue and a sudden development of minor superpowers.
Warnings/Notes: Surprisingly none considering what this is attempting to emulate...

The back side of the towers. )

--hello?--I fell...happened--underground--help?

((Rise is trapped in a section of the Old City that's mostly cut off from the surface now, along with a good number of panicking Pokémon. This is the log to come rescue her and hopefully the trapped mons as well. We have a large group so no tagging order is necessary and it's not going to be a long dungeon-crawl so I think we can just single-thread this. Thanks!))
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[Action: Union Divine Theater]

[Shortly after the earthquakes, a siren sounds within the theater, echoing through the halls. As they begin to sound, doors swing open, and people begin running through the halls, the theater coming to life.

Sakura, in her pajamas, is one such person, moving with purpose through the halls. She appears to be looking for something, or someone.]

o3. action

Jan. 18th, 2014 10:01 pm
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Who?: Anyone from or affiliated with the Union Divine Theater
What?: Bonding time in the mountains, also training!
When?: 1/18
Warnings: It's frickin cold, hope you guys bundled up. Rocky-esque music montages optional.

[[BGM: The Heartwarming Life of the TeiGeki]]

Mister I'll make a man out of you! )
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I have a problem, hopefully someone here can help.

How do you keep two Pokémon from fighting with each other?


Or one Pokémon from fighting another. I just bonded with a new companion and, well...


[The Union Divine Theater house, mid-afternoon. A relatively peaceful afternoon, in fact.

Or it was, until a Ralts goes bolting down the halls, occasionally teleporting a few feet. Chasing after it is a Magby wielding... a stick. Sakura hasn't given him a training sword yet for obvious reasons, so he's decided to resort to other measures.

At least Sakura instilled in him to not shoot fireballs inside. Still, the two are tearing through, making a mess in their wake. Their human partner is nowhere to be found. WHAT DO.]
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I have a question for everyone. Where have people searched for mines, exactly? They have to be out there somewhere, but it might be better to start checking places off.

Like everyone's said before, if you do choose to go out, please be careful, it's cold out there! If you need somewhere to warm up, think about coming to the Union Divine Theater. We'll have our doors open most of the day, and will be offering warm food and drinks to help ward off the cold. We're also taking donations if you want to help, just let me know!


[Bundled up from head to toe, Sakura trudged through the snow, her Ralts by her side. Offering to take the Ensign with her, she had hoped that she would be able to find something of some use there. After searching for some time, however, she and Takeshi came up empty-handed.]

1 ♪

Jan. 11th, 2014 12:42 am
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They'd interrupted one of her songs for that announcement, naturally. She couldn't really be offended, given that she's probably more sick of hearing it than the rest of the city was.

Rise sat back in one of the more out-of-the-way cafés in the entertainment district, playing with her Warp Band and procrastinating going to meet her manager. That announcement had certainly sounded serious, and she couldn't help but feel she should do something about it besides distract people with her sunny personality...

She sat forward again absently popped a berry into her Happiny's mouth while she was thinking. The little oval Pokémon squeaked in appreciation, though she was still more than a little concerned with the look on Rise's face.

"Hey, Toyo. Do you ever think we should be doing something more useful?"

The Happiny tilted her head for a second, then shook it.

"I think you like this job more than I do." Rise smiled very slightly, then fed Toyo another berry.

She fiddled with her Warp Band again. There was time to put a question out there before she had to get back to work, at least...she frowned. She better write it out. People'd probably recognize her speaking voice.

[Network Text]

sooooooo I have an unofficial clueless kid question for all you Rangers and Delvers out there in Union City! Does anyone happen to have an idea of where to find an iron mine out there in the wilderness?? It's awful cold to go wandering around blind, isn't it?
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This is Ensign Ichiro Ogami, formerly of the Guard. I just heard the announcement and I want to help. If anybody needs assistance in their search, please let me know and I will accompany you when I am able.


[Unfortunately, while Ogami would love to go out and find an iron mine, he has many many duties at the Union Divine Theater that are keeping him busy. Like sweeping. Oh so much sweeping. It's an off day, although visitors are still allowed in naturally and there is much cleaning to be done. Which means no adventuring for him, unfortunately]

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