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[After meeting and talking with Ib and making (yet another) spur of the moment decision, Aster sets off to lead Ib back to his home. He hopes that Hilda is there so that he can properly introduce the two of them to one another. It isn't until after things were said and done that he wonders how Hilda would take this new development. Too late now--though he would not go back on his offer, either way. Besides, Ib seems like a nice, cute little girl!]

[He couldn't say no to her story, either. He knows exactly how it feels to lose family and remain unsure about their whereabouts. He would be there for her, too, just like Tonitrus had been there for him years ago.]

Here we are: home!

[The blond researcher opens the door up for Ib and stands aside to let her enter. he then cups his hands to call into the room.]

Hilda! I have someone for you to meet!

02 [Video]

Jun. 26th, 2014 03:44 pm
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[The screen flickers on to show not a human, but an Eevee looking pretty smug about something.]

Is this thing on? Well, looks like it. It's really dusty...

[The Eevee is speaking, though he seems to forget that not everyone can understand him. He rubs a paw against the screen and then makes a slightly disgusted face as his paw comes back with a bunch of dust clinging to his brown fur.]

'Kay. Well, anyway. The boss and I recently got this thing here.

[The pokemon bats against the screen to tilt it so that a Thunderstone is in view.]

Since I kept pestering the boss about evolving, he found out that these things can make me become a Jolteon, so I wanted to show my evolution off to everyone!

[In the distance, there's a voice that sounds like it's calling for something or someone. Tonitrus' ears twitch as he glances back. His attention returns to the screen and he places a paw on the stone. There's a bright light as the Eevee's form starts to change, a jolt of electricity spreads around the glowing white form...and suddenly after a moment, a Jolteon is revealed!]

How's THAT? Pretty cool, right?

[The distant voice becomes less distant as in the background of the video, Aster can be seen approaching the newly-evolved pokemon. He eyes the Jolteon and shakes his head before kneeling before the video feed and speaking.]

Sorry about him bothering you all. He can be a bit of a show-off sometimes.

[The pokemon researcher eyes the Jolteon meaningfully. The Jolteon ignores this and instead rolls his eyes, plops down on the floor, and watches the screen before the feed ends.]


Jun. 10th, 2014 10:04 pm
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[The swamps. It's humid, sticky and gross. Lux's hair is balled up on her head, with a few silvery blond tendrils hanging free. She looks a bit dirty, and looks at the camera with an exhausted expression. She wipes her brow before she starts talking.]

I have a question, hopefully someone here can answer.

[She reaches off the camera, straining a bit with a bucket, before setting it down with a splash and a clunk. Grabbing a fishing line with both hands, she slowly pulls up the world's ugliest fish, which blubbs a few times, hardly fighting. In fact, it appears to be staring straight at the blond, longing in its giant, beady eyes.

Is it infatuated with her?]

This kept coming up on my line. I have no idea what it is, can someone tell me?

[A deadpan voice from off-screen.]

Can we eat the damn thing already? I'm getting hungry.

[Ezreal noooooo. Feebas is gonna cry ;A;]
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[ private: to red ]

[ She'd debated a bit on whether or not to check up on him. They hadn't seen each other in a while, not since she got lost in the forest ...

Still, they were friends and she could totally check up on him without seeming creepy or anything, right?

So with that, she got on the Warp Band. ]

Hey, uh ... it's been a while.

[ Please don't think I'm creepy, please don't think I'm creepy ... ]
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Log Deputy: nor PM, church PM
Log Deputy Schedule: We're both on around 9PM-9AM EST usually if you need us right away.
Participating Characters: Anyone who wants to join!

Plot Description: Spring Gala at the Fabre's!

Every year, Judge Fabre throws a birthday party for Asch and Luke's mother Suzanne. Because she's a bit sickly, the party is thrown outside when the air is the freshest in the spring. Any and all nobles and those of high standing in the community are invited, but there are... ways for the common rabble to get in and have a good time as well. Namely, the part of the manor ground's fencing that was torn down during the earthquakes. That, or maybe the guards are having a good time too and wandered away for some ...action. Either way, everyone's eligible! There will be food and drinks (children, mind the wine,) cake, dancing and more! Don't forget the fireworks at midnight, it might be something romantic for you and your sweetie. Wear something nice and mingle!

Warnings/Notes: Nothing but fancy outfits and maybe a little alcohol around here.

Welcome to the Fabre's, please enjoy your stay.


Apr. 30th, 2014 01:05 am
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Hello, everyone. I suppose it's high time I introduced myself.

[it shows a young boy, who looks somewhat uncomfortable in his own clothes. He hasn't worn anything like this before] My name is Nate, and well... I guess there's no other way to say it. I'm not from around here, I'm from a village called Sekiun.

I can't really answer many questions about it, but... it's very different from Union, and I can't exactly go back. It's a long story.

But I'm here now! I want to learn as much about Union as possible! I want to be a trainer...! If there's anyone who'd be willing to help someone starting out, I'd very much appreciate it.


Yeah, that's all I have for now. Thanks for your time, everyone.
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For those who fear the encroaching flowers herald events of a slightly more urgent nature, perhaps it isn't really paranoia so much as sensibility.

Two days after they first appear, every single flower in Union blooms overnight. The sight is incredible - the entire city is blanketed in rainbow waves of color, and the scent of the flowers themselves is quite fragrant. The strange pink blossoms are particularly attractive.

For many of the residents of Union, however, the flowers may not be the first thing on their minds as things go a bit chaotic.

1. Enlightened with a Bug, Fairy, or Grass typing will become subject to extreme emotion swings. Primarily, the emotions will be positive, like overwhelming ecstasy, a sensation of giddiness, and a desire to spread cheer amongst their friends. These Enlightened may also suffer from confusion, an excessive amount of energy, and general loopiness. When not in sunlight, they'll swing towards the negative end of the emotional spectrum.

2. Bug, Grass, and Fairy type Pokémon have taken it upon themselves to settle into this new paradise, with the Bug types descending in swarms from above, and the Grass and Fairy types wandering in through the gates whenever the guards aren't looking. Though not violent, they'll be generally insensitive to the trouble they cause for the humans and will react negatively to anyone or anything harming the flowers.

3. Other strange Pokémon have also wandered into Union and while most appreciate the gentle sunlight, a few of the more mischievous have decided that the city could use some more variety. Each individual Castform may alter the weather between sun, rain, and hail within a certain area of the city ranging about two blocks. If Castform is creating Rain or Hail, Fairy, Bug, and Grass Enlightened will respond in a negative manner.

4. Allergies will be more fun to deal with than ever.

5. Finally, the following event Pokémon will be temporarily available to be bonded with as an extra bonus for this week. Please respond in the Map and Wild Pokemon post as per the usual to claim these. The level range is 5-8.


This event will end on April 13th. You may use this post as an IC mingle or make your own entries as you wish. If your character is a Fairy/Bug/Grass Enlightened and you prefer not to play the effects, you may opt-out.
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[ closed to aster ]

[ It's getting to be pretty late in the day, and the sun was setting. While Hilda had wandered into the Scorched Forest much earlier in the day, her experience with getting lost in the Verdant Forest and her unpreparedness with that had made it so that she really didn't want to chance straying too far from the city, and risking staying the night in a place she wasn't prepared to. She came back into the city with a new addition, though. A Magby that she met and bonded with in the Scorched Forest was now in her arms, clinging to her tiredly as she continued to walk onward into the city. Hilda had affectionately given him the name 'Oliver.'

Sam was by her side as well, as he was most of the time. ]

I'm tired ... I could use some food and some sleep, for sure.

[ Oliver yawned, while Sam nodded and bleated in agreement. ]


Mar. 29th, 2014 09:16 pm
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Hi everyone!

So, Quinn, Jinxie and I found something in the Verdant forest while we were checking out the signal disturban--

[What is that a leaf waving in front of the feed?]

Rowan, cut it out, I'm trying to talk!

[Is that a leafy face pushing itself into the feed? It lets out a cute "Eeee~?" (Whatcha you doin =O) before Lux picks it up.]

Really, now, cut that out! Just a minute!

[She sighs as if she's really put upon. If you weren't so cute...]

Anyway, we found a strange rock that was interfering with the signal. Rowan here says that they worship it because it helps them evolve. It looks relatively unremarkable, but I'm curious if it has the same effect on other pokemon!

[Wow Lux this is boring Rowan's bored play with me wait I'm gonna crawl all over you now. Yay best jungle gym ever! You know, despite the fact that he's super heavy. The blond tries to keep her cool until a Liepard very calmly steps over and grabs the Leafeon by the scruff and canters off.]

Thank you, Jungler.

Anyway, I'd love to figure out what they evolved from, and what other effects this rock might have. From what Rowan told me, just coming close to it caused him and his brothers to evolve. And that... they were brown, which doesn't narrow it down too much. Any ideas?


Mar. 25th, 2014 04:00 pm
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Hey, hey, guys! I have a surprise!

[Who's she addressing?

...Who knows.

Regardless, Maya seems stupidly excited, and from her lap she produces a baby eevee, stubby baby legs and all. It whines a little, wiggling, before wagging its tail.]

Look at this little guy! Isn't he cute? He hatched Sunday.

[Two small shuppets slip to peer over her shoulders. Jealous? Never. Shh.

Maya pats both of their heads before turning back to the camera.]

Iiii just don't have a name for 'im yet. And I suuuper don't know what I'll have him evolve to, since there's no ghost type for 'im. [SIGH.]

Ah, well. Anyway-- What's up with all of you guys?

[She reaches forward to end the transmission before Shi pops up behind her, tugging on her hair to stop her.]

--Oh! Right! Um, I'm still-- we can still schedule channellings if anyone's interested! Y'know. Ghost stuff? All that jazz? Right. SO. Talk to me!
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( voice )

Is it on?

[ That there, friends, is the sound of a voice who is a little more than confused and a bit beyond frustrated. See, this voice belongs to a girl who has been wandering the Verdant Forest for about a week at this point. She's totally ready to be somewhere else, now.

Oh, and she's also still learning how to use the network functions of the Warp Band. Whoops. ]

I think it's on, Sam ... Uh, hi? Hello out there? My name is Hilda, and I'm here with my friend Sam. We've kinda been wandering around this forest for about a week now, and ...

[ Sam the Mareep bleats a little in irritation, in the background. ]

Yes, Sam, I know, you've said that before--

Anyway, we're a little lost. If we could get some help with directions to anywhere, that would be great. Really great. Thanks.

How do I turn this off again ...?

[ There's a bit of a sound of fiddling with it. Several moments of that, actually. Finally, it stops recording her. She'll get used to this sometime, really. ]

( action - open )

[ Now that that was done, she heaved a sigh. All there was to do now was to wait. Waiting made her restless, though, so she began to pack up her things. She made a gesture to Sam, who sat nearby. He gave her a look. ]

... Well? What use is it if we just stay here? It's not like we're going to get out of the forest any quicker.

[ Sam sighed. ]

Maybe not.

So then, we may as well wander around. Maybe we'll get lucky.

Like we have for the last week?

... It's not like it's been completely unfortunate. We met Stella!

[ There's a grin here on the girl's face as she tries to reassure Sam. Sam was usually pretty go-with-the-flow, but even he argued with his best friend sometimes. ]

Let's stay and wait.

No way, that's so boring ...

[ Would anyone like to come between the bickering pair? ]

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