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[The feed starts off with a smiling face of a ginger some of you may remember. Honoka stands there for a moment looking into it before blinking, tapping it, and then realizing it's already recording.]

Oh! Hi there, my name is Honoka Kousaka! Some of you may remember me from before-- I went home to Caldera over the Salvation holiday, but now I'm back! Aaaand I have a very important question for all of you!!

[She sets her warp band down and spins away from it, balling her hands into fists and standing with her feet set apart and a broad smile on her face.]

Music is universal, so I wanted to ask the people of Union this-- and I'd love to know if you're from another city like I am, too! Love songs are generally written about people, but... What if you could write a love song about your favorite food? Everyone loves to eat-- my personal favorite food is bread! So, beloved citizens of Union, I ask you: Would you listen to a love song about bread?!

action; in a somewhat busy area of town

[Off on the side of a street, Honoka is sitting on the ground amidst a pile of building supplies. She doesn't really look like she has any kind of an idea of what she's doing, but she sure looks determined to be doing it. She's tapping together pieces of wood and other things with nails, and there's a big banner behind her that reads "Unionomura☆!" in her endearing sloppy penmanship. She hums a happy tune while she puts things together all sorts of not-well, and seems entirely undeterred by the fact that whatever it is she's trying to "build" has fallen apart three times.]

[Someone who knows how to build things, please please come tell her she's Doing It Wrong.]

13: video

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Yeah. Hey, everyone.

[The video feed opens on Kanji's home, and the young craftsman looking rather out of sorts. Even the Pokémon on screen look a bit tense; he idly scratches a Pachirisu behind the ears, and sighs.

For a moment, he glances aside to a photo sitting on a desk, before he speaks again.]

I'm gonna cut straight to business, here. Been thinkin' about shit for the past month, really. And I wanna ask...

[He swallows.]

How d'you go about gettin' into the Rangers?
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[This is her first Salvation day, and gosh darn it, Elly is going to make the most of it! Thankfully, work had been relatively slow leading up to the holiday, so she managed to get more than enough shopping done. After Lucas's lessons with knitting, Elly has found herself a new hobby. With two woolly pokemon living with her, materials weren't hard to come by, so a certain redhead has taken to passing around scarves.

Those people who she has met will all be greeted by the scarf fairy--save for a few exceptions.

Lucas will get a book of various flowers around the known world, as well as a few medical texts.

Martin will be getting a sweater. He seems to have this thing about getting himself into trouble, and maybe if they stick him in enough layers, he won't be able to move. Also they act as pillows? Win win?

Eiji will be getting a cook book! It's a bit old, so much of the fare is Union-specific, but he might find a few rare treasures in there.

Char will get a sunglasses caddy a few books about the region, including maps and information about flora and fauna. It's practical!

Fei will get paints from Citadel, and a large bone for Stoutland. She may have spent a bit more on these than she is wont to say.

((Any of these gifts will be delivered personally and are open for threading.))]


[Sitting on Elly's lap is a small doll. She had another one, but it appears that her pokemon are currently crowding around it.]

I hope that everyone is having a good, safe holiday. But, in the chance circumstance that you are not, my friend here-- [She uses her finger to make the Audino doll dance a bit.] Might be able to help.

The Medical Center is actually trying to collect more of these, since they seem to have some kind of healing properties. Did anyone else get gifted one? Or any other dolls? What do they do? I wonder where they came from.
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[Quattro appears on the screen, looking down at his warp band thoughtfully. It's short and to the point -- he doesn't want to distract people too much. It's a busy time of year, getting ready for Salvation and whatnot.]

I'm afraid I'm too new to know the details... but I'm curious. What was the situation, when we sent people to Citadel? I heard it ended poorly.
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[It was true, she was not a sword, nor did she have the motivation to become one. However, when fire magic was your expertise, it was hard to do any intensive training in the verdant forest, so, striking a deal with one of the lieutenants, she managed to get time to herself after hours.

This was where she could be found when not at the medical center, rapier in hand, charging dummies and testing her strength. It was good to see that her skills had not dulled since she left a proper battlefield, and for those with any knowledge of combat might notice as much; Elly knew what she was doing. Dancing around the field with ease, she seemed to become even faster with each day she trained, until she finally came to a breakthrough.

It was late in the day, and the sun hung low on the horizon. Her breath came in short puffs of cold, white air, and a gentle snow danced around her, evaporating as they drew close. Drawing in one final deep breath, the redhead charged forward, letting loose a flurry of quick jabs. Then, all at once, her body began to glow, rapier crackling with energy.

One arch. Two. Three. Electricity gathered around Elly and her blade as she launched into sky.


With a final arch, she let the attack loose, slashing at the ground near one of the dummies. Dropping to the ground, the redhead managed to catch herself in a combat roll. She didn't see the attack hit, but the charred earth and burning remains of her combat dummy were enough indication. Her body tingled, and her hands shook and her breaths once again came sharp and shallow. She was almost certain she may have just evolved.]


[Were her eyes brighter? Hair redder? Something seemed different about the woman on the feed.]

I have a question. Is there a place where I can train where I would avoid doing any kind of serious structural damage? I would like to avoid that if at all possible.

I'm also looking for a sparring partner. I'm not sure how often this might come up, since working at the medical center keeps me busy, but someone who would be willing to dedicate a few days at a time to this.

Thank you.
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[This morning, the broadcast shows Yuuna seated on a crumbling wall in the Old City, her normally white outfit a little rumpled and stained with oil. She's clearly been exploring, and she's carrying something in her arms, looking a little bit puzzled. Addressing the Warp Band that's clearly (by the cream-colored hand hovering in and out of the picture) being helped by her Dragonite, the Ranger holds up a Porygon.]

So. I found this down here in the Old City. I don't actually know much about Porygon, but this one seems to be a bit odd even for one of those. [The artificial life form chirps, looking up at it's new trainer as if to ask what she means] It seems to have some sort of engraving on it, two letters. And it keeps scratching letters on other things with it's beak, like it's trying to tell me something. Does the word Renraku mean anything to anyone? Or...can someone who's able to talk to Pokemon help me out? It seems important to Porygon, so I'd like to figure this out.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.
[A wave, and the Porygon nods to the camera, the feed going dark.

Action 1: Evolution in the Park )

Action 2: At the Habitat )

((OOC: Actions under a cut to not make a massive post <3))
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Hello, my name is Cordelia Chevalier, for those who may not know me. I am here on behalf of the Rangers and Swords of the Savior to make a small announcement. Due to the colder-than-normal winter that we experienced last year, we will be providing warm weather gear for those travelers wishing to go outside of Union, as well as those in Union who are ill-equipped for the upcoming winter. Our hope is to also be able to branch out efforts to bring warm weather gear to those in Citadel as well.

However, we will need a few donations to make this possible, as well as volunteers to help hand out supplies both in Union as well as Citadel.

[There's something in her voice when she mentions Citadel. There are more than a few Rangers that are a bit... hesitant to go back there a second time. Something about being tared and feathered does that to you.]

In any case, our headquarters will be open to any and all who need assistance, as well as those willing and able to help. Please feel free to stop by.

[ACTION 1; open log style]

[Snow is falling, and sure enough, the Rangers HQ is abuzz with activity, people flitting about either trying to get supplies or providing supplies to other people. There is a pavilion outside providing warm drinks available to those who need them.]

[ACTION 2 (closed to Rangers & Swords); open log style]

[It's the end of a long day of volunteering and, because so many people are together, someone--either a Ranger or a Sword, it's hard to say--has decided to plan a party to celebrate the Savior, or snow, or getting inebriated (it's not clear which).

Regardless of who planned it, there are drinks and food, as well as music. Families are encouraged to attend.]

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