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With the revelation of the presence of the Enhanced, Union was able to quickly mobilize. As the strange conditions continued to worsen, the Trainers of Union once again set out to bring order to the chaos.

This time however, they do not walk entirely alone. A small, dedicated team remains behind in Union, sorting through the dossiers and information that Crystal and Rory have collected. Connected to those in the field via Warp Band network, hopefully they can identify the Enhanced and find a way to calm them before a tragedy occurs.

[OOC: There will be a thread for each active team based on the sign-ups. Any areas that did not have any sign-ups will not be present and will be addressed later. As per our usual standards, moderators and NPC helpers will progress the log at least once every 24 hours. The Union log will work somewhat differently from the battle logs in that the participants will be collecting information concerning the Enhanced; when enough information has been accumulated, they will be asked to tag into the battle threads to provide guidance and support to those out in the field.

Characters participating in the Union log will function as support staff for this event. They will have their own log interacting with Rory and Crystal and as characters in other logs encounter the Enhanced, they can use the observations made to try to find out more about the Enhanced in the field and help the people in the field determine an appropriate situation. Because of this, players in the Union thread may threadjack any ongoing log to relay information as needed.

The outcome of this event will depend very much on player decisions and the ability of the characters to respond to the threats at hand, so we would highly encourage you all to tag as regularly as possible. Thanks!]
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"Good evening, Union."

The Warp Band flickers on tonight to display a subdued scene. Whether or not he intended it, Rory is seated in his temporary lodgings such that his face is only partially illuminated by the dim lamp at his side. His tone is a mixture of weariness and resignation.

"This is Rory Donnachaidh, Lead Director of Field Research with Team Evolution once again. I am here tonight to... brag about a colleague of mine. Amongst other things. ...Several days ago, I believe I agreed to speak of these things if it became relevant.

"At this time, I deem it relevant."

He takes a sip of something from a glass and smiles. )
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[Piper's sitting outside on a bench, carefully brushing Renarde's fur while several of her other Pokemon sit cuddled around her. As usual, Besoin has wrapped himself around her arm, but since he's not emitting any spores at the moment, she's content to leave him be. In fact, most of her Pokemon seem content to just sit and nap or watch people go by.

Well, except for Étourdi. The rambunctious Zigzagoon is running around the legs of the bench in complicated patterns. But then he seems to lose interest in that and flops down between Piper's feet. She nudges him gently and affectionately with her foot, and he gives a little trill of happiness. She goes back to grooming Renarde, and thus doesn't notice when Étourdi lifts his head, ears perked forward in sudden interest. And then with little warning, he shoots off down the street.

"Étourdi! Get back here!"

[Piper scoops Renarde into her arms and stands up. The other Pokemon look up as well, but the Zigzagoon doesn't even look back. With a sigh, Piper sets Renarde down and starts chasing after her runaway Pokemon. After a moment of silent conference, her other Pokemon leap down from the bench and run after her. ]

[Video, later that evening]

[Have one rather embarrassed Piper, rubbing the back of her neck]

Hi, so... this is kinda embarrassing. But Étourdi, my Zigzagoon decided it'd be fun to lead me on a hide-and seek chase throughout the city earlier today. And, uh, well... he kinda picked up some stuff. [The view shifts to a small pile of miscellaneous objects - mostly single gloves and the like, but there's a wallet or two in the pile and some jewelry. And a Beautifly sitting on top of the pile, poking it experimentally.]

He didn't mean to, I swear. Well, he probably meant to take things, but not in like a mean way. But I really do want to get these things back to who they belong to. I'm really, really sorry, and I promise I'll keep a better eye on him in the future! But for now, could you just contact me if you're the owner of any of this? It'd be a great help.


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[The girl on the screen might look vaguely familiar to some, though more in a "Do I know a relative of yours" sort of way rather than anything personal. She runs a hand through her roughly chopped hair and gives the camera a smile.]

So I finally got the video upgrade for this thing, and I thought I'd actually use it for talking to people. I'm Piper, and this [She lifts an Eevee into view] is Amore. My father gave him to me as a birthday present, which was really nice. I also have another Pokemon around here somewhere, named Fierte, but she has a tiny bit of an attitude and didn't want to be on camera. Which is cool. I usually don't either.

But yea, I only have the two Pokemon right now. I'm going to go out this afternoon I think, and see if I can catch some more, or train up the two I have, but if anyone's got advice or anything that'd be great. I'm kinda new at all this obviously. My dad's always been the Pokemon person, not me.

I don't suppose anyone would want to, say go out with me. [A pause and then a frantic shake of her head] Not like that, not like a date. I just meant outside the city to explore or whatever. [She smiles again but it's a bit shaky]

I guess that's all I wanted to say.

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