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[The feed opens to show an absolutely furious-looking Junko, eyes blazing, striped tail up and bristling as she strides purposefully down the street. Her luxray looks more concerned, gaze darting around the area then to Junko and back again as he pads along at her side.]

Has anyone seen a fucking stupid spiky-haired eevee.

[It comes out more of a snarl than a question, practically spitting each word--]

His name's Hajime Hinata and he's missing and I'm gonna wreck his entire life for this, I swear on the Savior--

[She breaks into another low grumbling growl, cutting the video abruptly.]

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Feb. 14th, 2015 05:55 pm
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[Winter's last chill has almost passed.  Light and warmth are returning to the land.  And, of course, love is in the air.  All over Union, happy couples walk hand in hand, eating Luvdisc-shaped chocolates and enjoying other candied novelties and various expressions of sappy sentimentality.

But of course, every February also comes with the lonely, the heartbroken, and the very recently dumped.  Chie happens to fall into that third category, and while she's mostly made peace with it and doesn't really blame Maki at all, she's still feeling mighty glum on a day mostly filled with couples enjoying each others' company.  She's kept largely to herself about things with the exception of a recent girls' day out with Yukiko, not wanting to rain snow on anyone else's parade, but today she feels just a little bit like self-indulgent moping.

And so, she can be found lying down in a snowbank in one of Union's parks, just reclining on her back and staring up at the sky thoughtfully.  She's not dressed for the weather at all in a tank top and shorts, but being half Ice type, this isn't the sort of weather that bothers her at all.  She lets out small sighs every so often as she lets her mind wander in thought, utterly blind to the fact that the light snowfall that eventually starts is localized entirely to the area right above where Chie is lying.  She also doesn't seem to have noticed that her skin has turned blue.

It's not frostbite or hypothermia or anything of the sort, but a very quiet evolution brought on by zen-like contemplation while surrounded by one of the elements composing her natural typing.  She evolved for the first time while engaging in strenuous physical training - a nod to her Fighting type - so perhaps it's only appropriate that this time it's immersion in the Ice element and quiet thoughtful solitude that triggers Chie's second evolution.  Either way, she'll be lying there in the snow with her thoughts for a while, so anyone who happens by can see the effects.]
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Who: Junko Enoshima, Kazuichi Souda
Where: Union business district.
When: 1/29, late afternoon
What: The weather is conspiring against her.

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Who: Junko (and Arashi) and anyone who wants to deal with a teenager with authority issues. (open!)
Where: Around Union
When: 1/16, midday
What: Vandalism, except a version that's less likely to get her arrested. Hopefully.

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Jan. 1st, 2015 06:46 pm
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[An uncertain young girl appears on the screen.]
Hi there, and Happy New Year I suppose. Mama says I should use this to get to know people in the city. Which I guess is a good idea, since there just seem to be so many people here. I'm not really used to that. Mama and Papa and I've been out exploring for years and years and years now. [Her expression brightens.] It's been a lot of fun! Mama knows a ton about plants and rocks and stuff and Papa's like super amazing at studying Pokemon and finding new species and stuff like that! Sure there weren't a whole lotta other people, but we had each other and our Pokemon, so it was fine.

[Her expression darkens and she frowns. An uncharitable person might even say she's pouting]

But then Papa fell and we had to come back here 'cause he hurt his leg, and now I keep hearing them whisper that I should stay here when they go out again so I can go to traditional school and make friends and stuff. [She crosses her arms over her chest and now she really is pouting.] I don't like that idea at all. It's too crowded and loud here. And there's nowhere near as many interesting Pokemon.


Dec. 31st, 2014 11:24 am
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[Someone's setting the warp band up on a level, so that it can display-- well, right now it's just displaying part of a bulky mauve glove of a Mawile shifter and a curious Houndour in the background. The houndour is sitting on a stool beside a work bench, and apart from various tools on the workbench, there also appear to be a few empty bottles of Pecha Pop glass-bottled cola.]

--Crap, it's recording already--

[Kazuichi hurries over to join the houndour, adjusting his goggles over his hat before he clears his throat.]

H-hey-- [His voice cracks. Time to start over.] Hey! I'm Kazuichi Souda. Uh, a lot of ya might know my dad, he used ta run Iron Head Repair! But, I'm here takin' his place. So, I wanted to letcha know what we're all about, if ya haven't come by before.

[A sheepish smile, and Kazuichi stands even closer to the houndour... almost like he's trying not to seem nervous.]

S-so uh, we repair bikes and carts, and crap! But we also sell bikes, aaand if ya really want me to, we can build one for ya. But if ya need anythin' else fixed, I'm your guy! I can fix almost anything.

[Kazuichi gives the camera a bright, sharp-toothed grin, before motioning to the houndour.]

But that ain't all I've got for ya. If you've got a pokémon that needs a little extra help, I can do that, too! See, Belaire over here's got a leg missin', yeah? But, we've got somethin' for that.

[Proudly, Belaire hops to her feet and shows off her mechanical leg; the stump of her thigh has a band around it with a few pressure points that help her to lift the mechanical paw off the stool she's sitting on and put it back down. She then hops down from the stool, running in a circle around Kazuichi's feet, to prove she can move just as well as any other houndour.

Kazuichi picks her up, then, still smiling, and seems a little more confident about showing off his own work.]

You need prosthetics or splints, I can do that, too. We're up in the business district, so don't be shy!


Oh yeah... by the way, dude.

If you need a part time or somethin'... you can come around the shop, I guess.
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[Amidst all the celebrations and decorations, late late at night at completely unreasonable hours were two ratty and bundled up teenagers, looking for all the world like they'd just stumbled blindly into the city from the wilderness. Which, was a pretty accurate assessment actually-- they were two faces that hadn't been seen around the city for over a year, the girl trailed by a scruffy little Shinx, and the boy carrying a perky little Cleffa on his shoulders, all of them wandering around outside in the cold.]

Jeez... is it Salvation Day already? Didn't realize it was already that late in the year...

[Well, he certainly didn't seem to have any qualms with addressing the public at large, despite the odd hours of the night.]

Um... Happy Salvation, I guess? [Awkward.] If anyone's still awake right now at least...

Is everyone celebrating right now...?

[The girl hangs back, glaring a little towards the watch, letting out a visible little annoyed huff. She’s not exactly camera-shy but this just feels so unnecessary-- it’s not like anyone is going to care about this.]

Hajime, it’s like 2am, who the hell are you even going to talk to?

[She leans down to scoop the Shinx into her arms, grumbling under her breath as she presses her nose into his fur.]

Can we look for someplace to fuckin’ sleep? Somewhere that isn’t this goddamn cold?

[The Shinx yowls happily, glad to be bundled up with her rather than padding along the freezing ground, and Junko’s expression softens briefly.]

I mean, y’know, as much as I love all your holiday spirit or whatever.

[At the brief scolding, Hajime instantly seems to dial it back a bit, paying more attention to Junko and looking a bit bashful.]

Uh, right-- Sorry. I was checking to see if anyone knew where we could go… but you’re probably right.

[Over aaaand out. Seems like they'll end up wandering around the city for awhile...]

(OOC: video replies will come from both Hajime and Junko individually; action replies will come from both!)

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