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[01-Around the park]

[For anyone wandering the park today, they might stumble across a Purrloin. Said Purrloin also happens to be wearing a two different, shiny necklaces that are way too big for it, as well as a ring upon the end of its tail. If one isn't paying attention and happens to have something shiny--or just something laying around, even--this Dark-type pokemon may just snatch it up! All the while looking cute and innocent, of course. Perhaps your character has had something stolen? Or maybe even this "innocent" pokemon is being caught in the act of stealing, either from someone else or even you! Either way, feel free to make up any sort of situation involving this kleptomaniac!]

[02-Anywhere in Union]

[Around a similar time period, there would be a disgruntled Jolteon going around town, a boisterous little Wingull perched atop its head. For anyone that could understand pokemon, the Wingull would be trying to direct the Jolteon to either talk to various passerbys or to search in some place or other for something that is apparently lost. For those that could not understand pokemon, it would simply seem that the Wingull might be squawking at you while the other pokemon tries to pass by unnoticed.]

[Either way, said electric-type did not seem entirely pleased about the situation.]

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[Aster has been rather quiet as of late, though he has not been in Union! The feed shows him sitting down in what appears to be the wilderness. He is at the entrance to a tent, a small Wingull on his head and other pokemon in the background.]

I've been a bit out of the loop lately, but the feeds have been going somewhat crazy. Everyone's claiming to be someone else, and it's rather confusing for someone outside of it all. Could anyone clue me in to this phenomenon? I've been out in the wilderness for the last couple of weeks conducting research.

[Among other things, like training. Not that he was very good at that. He glances behind himself, hearing his pokemon begin to bicker, and moves outside the tent to start a fire.]

So, is everyone telling the truth, or is there some strange festival going on that I've never heard of?

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[After meeting and talking with Ib and making (yet another) spur of the moment decision, Aster sets off to lead Ib back to his home. He hopes that Hilda is there so that he can properly introduce the two of them to one another. It isn't until after things were said and done that he wonders how Hilda would take this new development. Too late now--though he would not go back on his offer, either way. Besides, Ib seems like a nice, cute little girl!]

[He couldn't say no to her story, either. He knows exactly how it feels to lose family and remain unsure about their whereabouts. He would be there for her, too, just like Tonitrus had been there for him years ago.]

Here we are: home!

[The blond researcher opens the door up for Ib and stands aside to let her enter. he then cups his hands to call into the room.]

Hilda! I have someone for you to meet!

02 [Video]

Jun. 26th, 2014 03:44 pm
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[The screen flickers on to show not a human, but an Eevee looking pretty smug about something.]

Is this thing on? Well, looks like it. It's really dusty...

[The Eevee is speaking, though he seems to forget that not everyone can understand him. He rubs a paw against the screen and then makes a slightly disgusted face as his paw comes back with a bunch of dust clinging to his brown fur.]

'Kay. Well, anyway. The boss and I recently got this thing here.

[The pokemon bats against the screen to tilt it so that a Thunderstone is in view.]

Since I kept pestering the boss about evolving, he found out that these things can make me become a Jolteon, so I wanted to show my evolution off to everyone!

[In the distance, there's a voice that sounds like it's calling for something or someone. Tonitrus' ears twitch as he glances back. His attention returns to the screen and he places a paw on the stone. There's a bright light as the Eevee's form starts to change, a jolt of electricity spreads around the glowing white form...and suddenly after a moment, a Jolteon is revealed!]

How's THAT? Pretty cool, right?

[The distant voice becomes less distant as in the background of the video, Aster can be seen approaching the newly-evolved pokemon. He eyes the Jolteon and shakes his head before kneeling before the video feed and speaking.]

Sorry about him bothering you all. He can be a bit of a show-off sometimes.

[The pokemon researcher eyes the Jolteon meaningfully. The Jolteon ignores this and instead rolls his eyes, plops down on the floor, and watches the screen before the feed ends.]

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Log Deputy: nor PM, church PM
Log Deputy Schedule: We're both on around 9PM-9AM EST usually if you need us right away.
Participating Characters: Anyone who wants to join!

Plot Description: Spring Gala at the Fabre's!

Every year, Judge Fabre throws a birthday party for Asch and Luke's mother Suzanne. Because she's a bit sickly, the party is thrown outside when the air is the freshest in the spring. Any and all nobles and those of high standing in the community are invited, but there are... ways for the common rabble to get in and have a good time as well. Namely, the part of the manor ground's fencing that was torn down during the earthquakes. That, or maybe the guards are having a good time too and wandered away for some ...action. Either way, everyone's eligible! There will be food and drinks (children, mind the wine,) cake, dancing and more! Don't forget the fireworks at midnight, it might be something romantic for you and your sweetie. Wear something nice and mingle!

Warnings/Notes: Nothing but fancy outfits and maybe a little alcohol around here.

Welcome to the Fabre's, please enjoy your stay.


May. 11th, 2014 11:10 pm
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[ Video ]

[ When the black and white video clicks on there's Dick Grayson laying on his bed with some papers scattered around him. Homework? Random notes? It's hard to tell from here. There's also what seems to be an acrobat uniform and some flowers behind him on the desk chair and desk respectively. ]

So Union. What do you all think about this place? Or rather, what do you think about it from say ... a few months ago before those Earthquakes and those Team Evolution guys.

[ He frowns a little when he mentions them. He wasn't very fond of them nor what they did. But this isn't about them so he moves on. ]

And those Hot Springs! Pretty nice, huh? Though honestly, I feel like both are pretty underwhelming. I know we just discovered them but I feel like they could use some... decorations. Maybe some statues. Deefinitely a building nearby so we can easily change in and out. Just... don't disturb the Pokemon; it was their Hot Springs before we found it, after all.

[ A Growlithe jumps onto the bed and lays down next to him. He chuckles and gives the Puppy a scratch on the head before continuing. ]

As for Union ... well, the flowers that were here not last month were pretty overwhelming. I feel like this place has a problem just being whelmed. But whoever caused it had the right idea. There just shouldn't be so many.

I'm not saying Union needs more action because trust me, it doesn't. [ He sounds a little bitter there but he continues as if everything was all right. ] I just feel like it could use some decorating too. Spruce this place up a bit.

But decorations isn't the only thing this place needs. You know how the Swords are supposed to protect this city? Some of them are great [ He's talking about himself as Robin here excuse him ] at their job but some others [ cough ] like two redheads [ cough ] I feel like they need to get their act together.

You never know when something is going to happen right in front of your eyes and I feel like everyone, whether you're a Guard, Ranger, Sword, or none of the above, need to learn to get better prepared. That's all.

[ He nearly went back to sounding bitter near the end before he finishes off with his last two words. His Growlithe barks happily at the screen before he says his final words. ]

So what kind of improvements you think this place needs? Because I feel like I barely touched the surface of what's needed. Don't get me wrong: Union has been a good place to live. But it can be even better - and safer - for everyone.

[ And then after he re-positions himself on the bed he just shuts it off. Just like that. ]

[ Action ]

[ Throughout the Afternoon Robin could be found at a field training with his Zubat and Murkrow. He seems to be pushing himself a lot today with little to no breaks. Feel free to come and bother him if you'd like. ]
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It has been suggested that I might make a good delver, but I only have a vague idea of what the position entails. Are there any delvers that I might speak to about this? He who recommended this profession specifically mentioned a Sir Ezreal for this purpose.


It seems like most of the people in this city have Pokemon as friends. Not wanting to be left out, Morgiana has gone to see about trying to befriend one herself. You might find her in a park, where her latest efforts have her approaching a Sewaddle in a crouch, trying to look as non-threatening as possible. The Sewaddle looks up at her blankly as she slowly extends her hand towards it.


The Sewaddle's response is to immediately chomp down on her fingers. Morgiana flinches, then shakes the bug type off in alarm. The Sewaddle promptly escapes into the underbrush, leaving the poor girl to suck on her injured fingers.


By the bandages around several of her other fingers, this is not the first time today that this has happened.
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[After discovering the sudden disappearance of the foreign plant life, Aster is out and about investigating! ...Not that he still has any clue as to what made it all disappear. His only guess would be that, well...something or other did it. After all, strange plants don't just suddenly appear, reappear when gotten rid of, and then disappear altogether a few days later!]

[The pokemon researcher is currently wandering aimlessly around town, trying to see if there is any plant life at all remaining. Thus far, he's had no luck, and his pokemon aren't really helping. Tonitrus the Eevee is on his shoulder, looking around the area and yawning. The other two were left back at his home because for some reason getting up early to investigate the town did not interest them. What strange pokemon they were.]

I can't believe that it's really all gone. It doesn't make much sense, but none of those plants are left. And all of those pokemon are gone, too. I guess I shouldn't complain about the lack of sneezing, though. I'm definitely glad to be done with that!

The weird weather's gone, too, boss.

[Aster grimaces.]

Oh, don't remind me about those incidents, Tonitrus.

[The Eevee seems to smile proudly at the "pain" induced in his trainer.]
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[ closed to aster ]

[ It's getting to be pretty late in the day, and the sun was setting. While Hilda had wandered into the Scorched Forest much earlier in the day, her experience with getting lost in the Verdant Forest and her unpreparedness with that had made it so that she really didn't want to chance straying too far from the city, and risking staying the night in a place she wasn't prepared to. She came back into the city with a new addition, though. A Magby that she met and bonded with in the Scorched Forest was now in her arms, clinging to her tiredly as she continued to walk onward into the city. Hilda had affectionately given him the name 'Oliver.'

Sam was by her side as well, as he was most of the time. ]

I'm tired ... I could use some food and some sleep, for sure.

[ Oliver yawned, while Sam nodded and bleated in agreement. ]

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