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[The video feed that comes through this fine afternoon is clearly another newbie, if the dialogue and positioning are any indication. It’s actually upside down, and the person looking at it is scowling just a bit.]

Geez, does this thing even work? Stupid…blinking. Quit it!

[It clicks off, and then back on rightside up as the woman frowns at it.]

There. Good. [Clearing her throat, the woman puts on an obviously forced smile.] Yo. Not sure who all can see this, but hey.

[Hooking a thumb at herself, Anko’s tone shifts to a brash, almost cocky tone.]

I’m Anko, from up north in Citadel. Came down here to check out what’s going on in Union, and to do a little research. If there’s anyone with experience around the mountains, particularly with mapping, let me know. I’m looking for someone, and that’s the last place I saw her.

[The video shuts off without further information. She doesn’t really expect anyone to help, but who knows with Unionites. They didn’t have to come fight that monster, either.]


[And around Union, Anko’s not hard to find. She’s trotting through the streets wearing a heavy coat despite the heat, occasionally poking her head into a sweets shop and emerging with a dango or some other snack in hand. She does this at literally every shop between the gate and the library, taste-testing to find the best.

Now, when she reaches the library, she isn’t exactly the quietest person there. In fact, she’s actually pretty damn noisy, since she’s hardly trying to walk quietly. She’s there for several hours going through books and maps and journals, huffing noisily each time she finishes, seemingly unsatisfied. Who’d have thought research was hard. Ugh…]
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[ Action ]

[ Hotaru's ditched any and all babysitters, watchers, Divine Defense Force members, etc. to head out into the city. Anybody out and about in the city might find her, actually going around in her human form, along with a way-too-high-level-to-be-unevolved Litwick, a baby Eevee, and a Solosis.

Where is she going? What is she doing? Well, she seems to be hitting up book stores and libraries. Not looking up anything actually useful, but instead.... cookbooks? Yeah, she's browsing through every cookbook she can get her hands on, and might even be purchasing one or two of them at each stop. By the afternoon, she'll have a small stack that she's carrying around with her on her search for more. Never let it be said she isn't dedicated.

And then, by mid-afternoon, she's stopped by the Pokémon habitat to lay out on the grass with her new cookbook collection... ]

[ Video / Filtered away from Michiru, Haruka, & Setsuna ]

[ Hotaru turns on the video feed after she's had the chance to skim over the books. She looks a little hesitant, but-]

Hello. Um, I'm not sure how to ask this, but... does anybody know where there's a kitchen I might be able to use? I want to surprise my guardians by cooking for them, but I've never cooked before.... I'd like to be able to practice without them finding out. [ So the kitchen where she lives is out of the question.

It isn't long like a few seconds before she regrets making this post. ]
....Sorry. There's probably not anywhere like that, is there? [ And it's not like she has anybody close enough to ask to borrow their kitchen. Maybe she'll just ask at the cafe...

The entire time this is going on, though, in the background her Litwick seems to be laughing evilly while looming over the Solosis, using it like a crystal ball. Why do you do this, Litwick? This is why everybody thinks you're evil... ]
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These Warp Bands are amazing! I should see if the Doc'll come down and visit, he'd love these.

Er, anyway. I'm Fei, a painter from Caldera. I got in not too long ago and have been exploring and getting set up. I like it here, it's pretty peaceful, and it's been suggested it might be good for a more permanent move.

Let's see, I'm also a big fan of Earthkin Clash out in Caldera, is there anything like that here? What do you guys like to do for fun around here?
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[ Video ]

[ Okay so she's totally just trying to save money from going to Versus with this but... ]

Anyone interested in some organized battles? Spars? That sort of stuff. Me and mine are looking for a new challenge which isn't gunna be risking our lives.

[ A beat ]

If you win, I can treat you to a meal.

[ There, guiltless. ]
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[When Pamela appears on the warp band, there’s a baby Dratini sitting on her lap. With a gentle touch to her new Pokemon’s face, she guides her to look toward the warp band.]

There we go. This is Morning Glory and she just hatched earlier today. Although that’s actually not what I’m here to announce.

[But like a proud trainer/Poke-mom, she made that announcement first.]

I have two projects that the council has recently approved that I’ll need help with. One project will involve going to Caldera and fortifying the agriculture within the city walls. We’ll be turning the upper floors of one building the Calderan authorities have approved for this purpose into something like our agricultural tower here, and transporting fertile soil from the Verdant Forest for growing crops indoors. We’ll also be digging to check for untapped groundwater, so we’ll need Engineers, Delvers, and people to help with general labour.

[She pauses briefly, giving everyone a moment to digest that information before she continues.]

The second will be a project right here in Union to clean up the city. It will be a two-stage project, first cleaning up trash and graffiti and taking care of any minor repairs to public equipment that have fallen by the wayside. The second stage will involve setting up flowerboxes and planters throughout the city and beautifying Union. The Isley family will be supplying all the flowers for this initiative.

[And anyone who was at Pamela’s birthday party in July has seen how impressive the Isley gardens are. How could someone who loves plants as much as she does allow for anything else than a perfect display of nature’s beauty?]

Your help with either of these projects would be greatly appreciated.
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Who: Haruka Tenoh, the world's least assertive Eevee, and YOU!
Where: Swamp
When: Midday
What: Haruka's Eevee is getting one-on-one training. Life intervenes.
Warnings: ADVENTURE! And whatever you bring to it.

The weeds grow thick in the Swamp - or rather, there's nothing growing that might not count as a weed, with even its trees taking on an ominous, invasive appearance. Haruka's steps are dogged by the sludge of muddy water trying to suck in her boots, the tall grasses trapping her legs, and the constant need to swat low-hanging vines out of her face. It's small wonder, she thinks, that all kinds of Pokémon live here. There's so many good places to hide.

At her feet, an Eevee valiantly raises first one paw and then another, working his way through the mire with his tail held high. He stops, taking a look around and wondering whether they're lost; Haruka, seeing his indecision, stops as well.

"It's your call," she reminds him. Being a born follower is all well and good, but she refuses to train a Pokémon who doesn't want to think for himself, so he's calling the shots today. "Which way?"

Eevee's nose quivers, thinking, discouraged; then, ears perking up, he yips in worry and bounds off with a splash. Haruka blinks, but in another moment she's tearing off after her Pokémon. She's pretty sure - no, there's no doubt! Not if Eevee was spurred into action.

Somewhere in this swamp, someone's calling for help.

[[ ooc: Feel free to have them misunderstand whatever noise they heard! They're coming to "rescue" you, though. Hooray? Wild Pokémon encounters, environment pratfalls, etc. all likely to happen. ]]
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[Ace turns on his warp band, and his hat is nowhere to be seen, his hair is a complete mess, and there's smoke in the background]]

Anyone have any experience with a few pokemon evolving at the same time?

[Action, Habitat]

[There's a bit of smoke coming out of Ace's shorts, but he doesn't really care much. There's a Swoobat flying around his head, a Pikachu trying to crawl onto his lap, a Gloom pulling the side of his shorts, a Charmeleon pulling on one of his arms, and a Lampent floating in front of him, making amused sounds at the situation]

Guys, please, this is why I brought you back here, you made a mess in the apartment, please behave!

[The Pikachu is the only one that listens and her tail droops a little, but she doesn't move from her spot on Ace's legs.

Ace would give anyone that happens to be in the habitat a pleading look, asking for help, because now he's realized he can't control a bunch of excited pokemon, specially not the three that just got their new bodies.]
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[Well, this little device was an odd little thing. Kyoko didn't get why they seemed so important, but whatever. She'd give it a try. If what she'd heard was right all she had to do was...tada, she got the voice function activated. She doesn't waste any time in speaking once she realizes this.]

So, this is the Union, huh? I expected something a little...I dunno, more.

[Well, something considerably more exciting, anyway.]

There anything good to eat around here? I'm starving.
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Who: Minako Aino and WHOEVER SHE RUNS INTO
Where: Mostly the habitat and business and residential districts (maybe entertainment district later on)
When: After school's done for the day
What: Minako's Intro post! Just wandering around, wondering how to take care of a Pokemon egg.
Warnings: None!

Latest. Intro. Post. Ever. )


Aug. 17th, 2014 10:11 am
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Who: Rubeus Hagrid and (a napping) Norbert
Where: Residential District
When: Afternoon
What: Hagrid, having recently arrived earlier that morning, is currently touring the city and looking to find a place to stay aka this is his intro post!
Warnings: None!

Read more... )
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So, a question for you all, good people of Union, Caldera, and most recently the Citadel. I've been noticing the trend of Enlightened and even normal trainers hold a certain typing affinity. In Enlightened, of course, it is their own typing but trainers who might otherwise be considered ordinary have their own specializations as well. So, when crafting a team, what is the strategy? Do you create a team solely of the typing you specialize in? Do you branch out to cover the types you do not possess? I am quite interested in hearing your opinions!
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(Choose your own adventure)

1. Training
[Just outside of Union a boy is training with several Pokemon. The boy uses mainly rock-based attacks and is flinging large rocks without even touching them. Meanwhile, the Pokemon seem to rotate out to face him, dodge rocks, and attack with elements of there own:

You may come by when he's dodging blasts of fire from Tai the Charmander.

or maybe you're approaching when he's blocking the flying fists of Jin the Ledyba

Or he's fending off physical blows from a Cubone (Kun) or Sentret (Pabu).

Whatever the case may be, the competition is fierce and they are so focused that they might not realize you're approaching. Let's hope they don't accidentally hit you with an attack though.

You might also be lucky enough to witness an evolution, Bolin's been working with them long enough after all.


2. Relaxing
[Between odd jobs around Union and training his pokemon hard, Bolin needs a break. He flops down on the grass and pulls out a bag of food, an impromptu picnic of sorts. As soon as the pokemon smell it they're gathered around Bolin with eager eyes and growling stomachs. Bolin laughs.]

Don't worry, I brought enough for everyone. Come on guys give me some space here.


[Kun moves forward and uses his bone club to start pushing the others back. He's Bolin's body guard after all. He's not going to let the others get out of hand. Pabu and Jin pout and give Bolin the biggest, saddest eyes. Meanwhile Tai snorts and turns away. Kun, you don't have to be a jerk about it!]

Okay! Pabu's first this time. Up!

[Pabu knows the drill and flips forward to balance on his front paws. His tail flicks around and Bolin tosses him a bun from the bag. He chirps happily and hops up to catch it.

Good job! Okay, Jin, go long!

[Bolin lobs the bun hard and while Jin flies to catch it...she misses her mark and the bun is flying straight at whoever is approaching instead. Whoops.]
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[ action; around Union ]

[ There is an egg on the ground.

It used to be on the windowsill of a room on the first floor of the Union Divine Theater housing complex. But whatever's growing inside this egg is already restless, and a few wiggles and wobbles sent it tumbling over the edge to land safe and sound in a grassy patch. Though the going is slow, it's begun to unconsciously roll its way down the courtyard and out towards the street.

There's a saying about how stifling eggs are, after all. If it cannot break its egg's shell, a Pokémon will die without being born.....

....there's also a Cubchoo running around, a panicked look on her drippy face. She had one job! Where did the egg go?! ]

[ action (?); Flower Grove ]

[ Unaware of the commotion caused by her absence, Haruka is taking it easy today. She's gone out to the Flower Grove to train against types of Pokémon not commonly found in Union, and ended up intrigued by the flora. She's seen these before....oh, when the foliage sprouted everywhere. So she's clipped a few flowers to take back to Union for investigation. Setsuna or Pamela might be able to help with that.

In the meantime, she and Swadloon are relaxing among the flowers, eyelashes slowly fluttering shut. A Spritzee is sitting next to Swadloon; every now and then she snuggles against him. He's just so green! Green is an amazing color!

Haruka sighs, content; ethereal sparkles play around her face as she relaxes further into the now-glittering flower bed, awash in pastels. ]
There's a soft wind blowing today.
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Hey! How are you guys doing?

[The video shows the cheerful face of Goku today, looking like he just got done with a workout.]

Y'see, Machop and I have been putting in some extra training and he sorta wants to test his strength against someone else. He could just fight me all day, but-! [He looks over and grins at Machop for a second.] I think a little variety would do him some good. So if anyone wants to, he'll be ready to go tomorrow. I think he needs a little breather for now. I sure did give him a good workout today, right Machop? [As to which the pokémon responds happily.]

Oh, and something else- [But before Goku has a chance to finish his sentence, there's a resounding CRASH from behind, to which he turns around. From behind Goku's head is a giant mess of pots and pans that had come crashing down from above the stove, and Klink looking very guilty.]

Waaaaahhhh! Klink, you gotta be a little more careful! It's alright, I'll get it in a second. [Turning back around-] Well, what I was gunna ask if if anyone had anything to help Klink from running into stuff all the time, he tries his hardest but I can't seem to manage to get him to stop running into things... [He scratches his head a few times, in thought.]

Open House

Jun. 30th, 2014 12:59 pm
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[With the theater season officially open, the Divine Theater has little else do with the summer but prepare for next season's jam-packed schedule. However, preparation doesn't really bring in money, so, as they do every summer, the Divine Theater has opened its doors to summer classes! There is even word that those students who excel might even be considered for staff next season!

The first class is free in the hopes that they will bring in new students, in the hopes that people will sign up for more. The offerings are rather diverse.

Acting classes, both beginning and advanced; music lessons for singers and instrumentalists; conducting classes; beginning and advanced sewing and costume design; makeup; theater tech and lighting; beginning and advanced dance classes; stage fighting and choreography, just to name a few. There's a little bit of something for everyone here. The front desk ladies have even taken it upon themselves to start their very own beginner accounting class. It's cute, you should check it out

For those working around the theater, it was a busy time--maybe even more than when they were putting on productions. Cleaning to do, classes to help out with, and, of course, making sure any students don't go down secret hallways labeled "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" that totally aren't hiding their super secret base of operations nope nothing here to see folks.

Are you teaching? Attending? Helping out? Maybe just curious?]
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[It's rather widely known by now, at least among the noble families, that some of the Flourites were involved in a very public - and rather loud, when it came to some parts - argument at a dinner party recently. Since Fai was the catalyst, perhaps that's the reason he's looking a bit sheepish.]

My family has kind of decided to cut me off financially, at least for now. [He shrugs lightly, barely looking bothered - almost amused, really, but perhaps also a bit bewildered.] Not as bad as being disowned, and really, it's not that effective since they didn't cut my twin brother.

[He laughs, but then makes a slight grimace, pulling up his knees to rest his chin on them.]

A~ny~way, it still feels a bit strange to live off his money, you know? Which is silly, because I've always lived off my family's money, but I suppose I've never been much for making sense anyway.

The point is, I feel like maybe I should actually get a real job and get money that way instead.

[A hesitation, and now his laughter sounds more embarrassed.]

Except, of course, I have no idea how you do that. Do you just go around asking people until someone says yes, something like that? I'm good at science and math and such things, but I've got no idea how useful that sort of thing is for making money, so maybe I should just focus on more practical skills?

...I must sound pretty strange to normal people, huh? I mean, people who've actually had to take care of themselves properly instead of learning which fork comes first, that sort of thing. But there it is. I'm only really good at being a noble, and that's not much good for anything at all, so I guess I'll just have to learn something new.

1 [Video]

Jun. 16th, 2014 10:38 pm
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[The transmission begins with the closeup of a green eye. It's quickly pulled back though and you are greeted to a bright smiling face.]

So cool! So this is the warp band thingy I've heard so much about. Check this out guys! We're talking to other people and pokemon all over Union.

[The Warp Band is pointed at two Pokemon, a Cubone and a Sentret, who are both peering at it with equal amounts of curiosity. There's a laugh and the boy turns it back to face him.]

I have to say, this is really amazing stuff. We have cool stuff in Caldera, obviously, but nothing like this! I knew it was going to be a good idea to come down this way and check it all out for myself. Wait until I tell my bro!

Cubone bone cubone

Oh, I guess you're right. I should probably introduce myself first, huh? [The boy looks sheepish but then gets past it pretty quickly and throws his arms wide.] Hello~ Union! I am Bolin of Caldera and I come bearing friendship and fun!

[He's excited and enthusiastic, can you tell?]

And speaking of fun. What's the coolest places to check out around here? I mean...I'm new obviously so what should I make sure to see first? Oh! Or who wants to come show me around? That could be fun too. I'm up for anything and so are Kun and Pabu, right guys?



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