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[The image is kind of wonky, but it's audible and there is clearly a very oddly dressed young girl on the feed! The base of her clothing is decidedly Sanctuary, but she's got some Calderan accent bits. The feed picks up mid-"conversation" with her Murkrow]

--not my fault I can't make this work! I don't know anything about Union Warp Ba--oh, it's on!

[Finally! She smiles a bit at the feed]

Sorry about that, I was trying to figure out how this worked. I figured it out!

[And feed nearly cuts out before she remembers she should probably introduce herself]

Oh, right! I'm Rikku, I came with the Calderan guys, and if anyone needs anything fixed or something, just let me know, okay?

[It shuts off. She'll be around the city with her Murkrow and Golett if anyone wants to run into her]
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The battle is joined. The gods of Union, while mighty, seem to pale in comparison to the singular dragon of ice. Although they strive mightily to avoid damaging the city, already the mysterious blue dragon has been flung directly into a tower, earning itself a nasty gash over its eye, much to the dismay of the red dragon. While it has rejoined the fight, it is clear that the gods alone are not enough - the people of Union will have to step forward if they are to save their beloved city. The cries of the wounded and terrified citizens echo through the streets as the flames of battle rage. Now is the time - they must be stopped!
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An unsettling calm hung over the streets of Union, a chilly, early morning fog settling in. The words of their newest visitors were unwelcome, and when word spread that the two would be leaving at sunrise, the people were grateful, if not a bit apprehensive. The Elite Four, their Champion, and the whole of Ever Grande—their radical ideologies were not only off-putting, but their methodology was more than a bit off-putting. They would need to be watched, closely.

In the early hours of the morning, warp bands around Union buzzed with life, a gentle light spilling from the devices. “Hello again, friends.”

It was her.

Her voice rang clear, and while her face wasn’t present, one could hear the smile in her voice. “I hope I didn’t wake any of you up. I wanted to thank you all for being so hospitable to Alina and myself, at least initially. But talk about the Union chill. Normally I like a little cold, but this is a bit much.

“When we first heard about Union, we were excited. Finally, we had found a worthy ally for our cause. So you can imagine our... disappointment, when we saw your true colors. You’re nothing but cowards! And here I thought, a city championing for peace, who were blessed by the Gods themselves, willing to live alongside pokémon without subjugating them to your will, would be able to understand the world that we wish to create. Instead, you hide behind your wall, hide behind others, and assume that by ‘defending yourself’ or those you deem unable or unfit to fight that you’ve somehow absolved yourself from guilt.”

Her voice grew cold, turning deep; “People like that make me sick.”

“Divinity is wasted on you, to be quite honest.” Her voice bounced again, chipper and clear. “If you can’t walk alongside us, then you’ll only serve as stepping stones toward a peaceful tomorrow. Union, like Glacier and so many other settlements before it, will serve as an example to those who wish to defy the will of the Gods. The pit of humanity needs to learn its place, crawling on its belly in fear from the true inheritors of the earth. We lay ourselves prostrate to their glory!

“Union believes that they’re able to decide what is right and what is just, but I disagree. I bring to you, the divine word of the Gods themselves! Listen well, people of Union, and all others! This is the world we seek to create, our perfect vision of peace! Hear me, O Great One, and come to my aid. Strike down these heretics where they stand!”

BMG: Gates to Infinity: Clash with Kyurem!

Answering Sveta’s call, a great dragon bearing the frost of the deepest winter appeared in the center of the city. With a roar of power, it’s unearthly presence sent waves of fear in the souls of even the bravest citizens of Union. Opening it’s vicious maw, it unleashed an enormous roar, a battle cry of deafening proportions, a Hyper Voice attack! While the sound was ear splitting to all who dwelt within Union, its power was focused. The great Signal Tower, a beacon of Union technology and innovation, began to crack heavily. Jagged scars appeared as chunks of stone fell unbidden from the tower. It still stood—but against such an assault, not for much longer. The force of the blast sent cracks sprawling through nearby towers as panicked shrieks began to echo throughout the city, a chorus of terror at the power of the god before them.

But in that moment, the humans were not alone. Two high-pitched cries met the titanic roar as twin dragons flew to Union’s aid, spiraling around the mighty ice dragon and attacking with twin Dragon Breath attacks. Once again, the great hounds and birds, as well as the Lady of the Moon and the Lord of Nightmares, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Cresselia and Darkrai stood at Union’s side, unleashing their own attacks. The people of Union felt the blessings of the gods with them. Here they would have to stand and fight—drive back the invaders and save their fair city!

[OOC: With the damage to the signal tower, Warp Band communication is offline and Pokemon cannot be summoned - thankfully the habitat is close and your Pokemon allies will come to your aid as the logs begin]
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[A new year, and a whole mixed bag of revelations and resolutions are weighing on Yuuna. It's been a while since she made any formal broadcasts, and seated in Ranger HQ, she idly flips on the Warp Band and just starts talking.]

Hey everyone. Got a little bit new news, personal stuff. Figured I'd just announce it all at once. First of all, I got a promotion. I'm the 3rd Division leader now. My old one retired, and I got some recognition for past service. So, I'll probably be around Union a little bit more than usual. Heh. Paperwork.

Moreover, I've been named the Ranger Liason to the Seekers. Most of you can imagine why.

[She smiles wryly, knowing certain parties are going to like that.]

Second, given my new job, I'm supposed to officially announce that my division is officially recruiting. We pay alright, and you'd be working directly for me. If you're interested, or have further questions about the Rangers in general, feel free to stop by HQ. I'll be around late.

Ranger HQ:

[And true to her word? She is. If you have questions that won't work over the Warp Band, Yuuna will be there until dusk.]

Action, Apartment:

[And after hearing this particular announcement, a certain Pokemon of hers is up to no good. Turnip, the Monferno, is so excited by hearing about the promotion that he decides to bake a cake or something.

Something is right, because he's completely incapable of cooking, and it's not long before a billowing cloud of smoke pours out of Yuuna and Merrill's apartment and the Pokemon are forced out into the street. Alarms go off, and the Monferno bolts for it on principle. The fire is dealt with pretty quickly by Uzushio, but the smoke seems to linger somehow...creating quite the scene outside as a panicked Monferno runs back and forth in confusion, grabbing random passersby and gesticulating wildly, jabbering away. Help! Help! The boss is going to kill himmmmm!]


Nov. 14th, 2015 05:32 pm
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[Anyone passing through Union's parks today will likely happen upon a somewhat odd sight.  Merrill is sitting on a bench, leaning forward with her hands on her knees and staring with great interest at a Sawsbuck.  The Sawsbuck doesn't seem to be doing anything terribly interesting, splitting its time roughly equally between staring back at Merrill, standing and looking regal as it listens for potential danger, and grazing lightly on the grass.  Despite this, however, its trainer's attention remains absolutely riveted on the Pokemon, as if she's expecting it to do something amazing any moment now.]

Oh, I can't wait...!
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Who: Yuuna Sugasawa, Merrill, Waver Velvet, and Saber
What:  Exploring the Ancient Battleground
When: Late October
Where: The Ancient Battle
Warnings: Rated A for Ancient. Also maybe PG-13 for violence and swearing.

Hope you brought a Silph Scope )
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[The battle was over and the god Reshiram defeated, driven away by the aid of Union and its allies. The city was safe, by and large, and as the news spread throughout the peoples of the tundra, they began streaming back into the settlement in droves. Dirty, ash-coated faces were filled with relief and gratitude when they saw that it wasn't just a rumor and that their home had indeed been spared. Not everyone was so lucky, but they'd weathered worse, of course. The people of Glacier endured, as they would always endure, and they were also a people that repaid their debts. And they most certainly all agreed that they owed their rescuers a debt.

So, as night fell after the battle, a great celebration was prepared in the center of Glacier. A wide square was cleared away in a matter of hours, and the people gathered what they could in a show of thanks. Tables of food, bonfires towering into the night sky to keep out the autumn chill, and throngs of cheering wellwishers lined the area. Warriors of glacier, men carrying swords and women all bearing axes offered enthusiastic handshakes and claps on the back. Music of all kinds was played, though tribal tunes full of horn and percussion, chanting and yodeling, and even some brass groups dominated the soundscape.

A platform for various elders was set up, and they offered speeches, of course...but those were somehow dwarfed by the presence of the divine beings that were waiting silently for the proceedings to end. Some of the gods that had come to the aid of the war parties had apparently decided to stay, though their reasons were as mysterious as they themselves. The humans would have their time, and the Servants would mingle freely throughout the evening.

Food, of course, is set out in piles. Meat, fish, arctic berries, and various pastries and the like line table after table. A smorgasbord of Glacier specialties, each with a new and unique flavor all their own, and some (such as the stew) possessing a smell that only a native could probably endure. Akutaq in particular seems to stand out among the worst offenders, but the Glacier natives seem rather fond of it, and offer it to their rescuers with great gusto.

And the rewards do not stop at simple meals. either. As the speeches begin to wind down, a woman some might find familiar walks up onto the stage carrying a singularly massive trunk and dropping it down onto the wood with a heavy thud.]

Southerners! You have done a great deed this day! We, the people of Glacier, would like to thank you and honor your sacrifice! Few would do as you have done, coming to the aide of strangers against the might of that dragon...and you have accomplished something we did not think possible. To that end, we would like to present you with the first of many gifts, a token of our gratitude and a promise that should you need it, we will come to your defense in a time of need!

[And then with a sharp kick, she cracks open the trunk and reveals a veritable treasure trove of three different stones to be distributed by her subordinates.]

Rest well, and enjoy the festivities! You are welcome here, for as long as you like! Eat, drink, and be merry within our halls!
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Who: Merrill, Waver Velvet
What: Merrill and Waver talk about blood magic
When: August 31st
Where: Forest Shrine
Warnings: Only for my action bracket laziness

[It's been a few weeks since the gods' last test in the caves, when Merrill and Waver spoke about magic and their respective connections to it.  Blood magic in particular had been a topic of interest, and the two had resolved to talk about it later.  Well, now it's later, and Merrill has decided that it's as good a time as any to have that conversation.  After sending a quick invitation to Waver's Warp Band to meet her at the Forest Shrine, Merrill heads out herself to wait for him.  This would normally be the sort of thing she'd be content to talk about in their usual haunts at the library, but a practical demonstration would of course involve her own blood being spilled, and she's at least considerate enough to know that splashing it all over the texts stored there would not only be rude but also result in a very irritated Bilbo Baggins.  So the forest it is.  She's waiting there, sitting up against a tree as she turns over her Spiritomb's Keystone in her hands and looking thoughtful.]

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[Yuuna's been notably absent from Union for most of the last week. She's had her reasons, mostly a sudden and urgent need for a few days away from it all. She'd taken her Pokemon, Merrill had gotten a goodbye kiss, and that'd been about it. And those few days away? Had been extremely eventful.

The video feed opens to the sight of a bedraggled Yuuna with hair sticking up all over the place, a little grubby from traveling, and with an odd flicker in her eyes. A Politoed's hands visible on the edges of the camera, the little goober holding it so she can speak.]

Sorry I've been gone the last few days, if anyone was worried. Probably should've been better about keeping in touch. I know Right came looking, and that means I probably should've cancelled class and that's on me. Anyone who was expecting lessons? I'll be doing free makeups starting tomorrow. Get in touch and we'll bang out a time.

[She swallows and looks away for a minute.]

I've had some really big things happen though, out in the mountains. Some pretty...crazy...stuff to be honest. [Slowly she steps over the threshold of the city gate, almost like that act in and of itself was important.]

I'm not really sure how to say it. Considering that a lot of people I know had this happen when they were teenagers or kids? I'm not sure it's even that big a deal to most of you, but I figured it wasn't something that would ever happen to me. [She holds up her right fist.] Hell, I can't really say that I'm sure how to even begin to put all this into words. So. I guess I'll just have to show you.

[Closing her eyes she concentrates, visibly relaxing, and her fist begins to glow. Electricity leaps and sparks along her hand.]

I'm not really sure why, but...yeah. I'm definitely not who I was when I left, at least not entirely.

[And then the feed closes down.]

Action Around Union:

[Yuuna spends the next few hours walking from street to street, looking over places, old haunts like cafes, the Dojo, the Theater, the Pokemon Habitat her dad's Workshop in the Industrial District, Ranger HQ, and eventually...home. Friends are more than welcome to stop her. She's just got a lot of stuff on her mind and a lot more to think about ahead of her.]
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How has everyone been? Cordelia and I have been quite busy of late, my apologies for being unavailable. Married life is, as it happens, keeps your free time rather limited, but I must say it is highly recommended! The recent contact with the city of Sanctuary has lead to some rather interesting revelations! I'd always noticed my abilities were somewhat different from that of the normal Enlightened. Once I learned the name, it all fell into place, and my eyes were able to reveal the truth. Apparently, I am Magi, as the Enlightened of Sanctuary are. It's a rather fascinating development! I still am not certain how I ended up here at all, but it would explain why nobody has recognized me before. Perhaps I managed to make it near to Union before meeting a grisly end, only to reawaken alive and bereft of memory within the Forest Shrine! At the very least it's interesting to speculate about.
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Wasn't the Day of Fire awesome!?

[That comes out pretty much the moment that the warp band feed begins. Perhaps Estelle was brought down by what happened... but she doesn't really stay down. The Day of Fire did a lot to help her spirits.]

I'm glad you all came to Caldera to see it! It's basically my favorite festival from back home.

[video - locked to Seekers]

Hey guys! I was thinking and talking to Dad some when I visited home -- okay so more like listening to Dad ramble because he had a bunch of liquor like a bum but anyways -- and an idea came up.

It might be nice if people saw more of what we did. What if we had a Seekers Open House? We could open headquarters up to the public and put a bunch of the artifacts and stuff we found on display.

[A brief pause.]

Maybe drinks and food, too.

[Another pause.]

But not near the priceless artifacts.
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[Today's broadcast blinks on to show Yuuna out at the gate, standing there in a different outfit than usual. No Ranger's jacket, but a beat up looking traveler's outfit of good, sturdy make. She's got an oddly reflective look about her.]

Anyone ever stopped to think about how life was before all the recent upheaval? I don't mean all the fighting and the strange things the gods have been throwing at us, though. I mean before Union really opened up to the outside. Back when we thought that we were the only humans left alive. So much has changed, and hell...it's like the world we grew up in changed overnight.

[Beside her, something shimmers, and a near exact copy of Yuuna seemingly flows into view. It's eyes are just a bit off though, lighter than hers, and it waggles a finger.]

I don't mean all the new Pokemon we've discovered, or the new people we've encountered. But that's definitely a big shift if this guy is any indication. I mean, it's been a whole year as of today since I left Union for the first time...and I was one of the later trainers to really go out on my own.

[She huffs a laugh at the Ditto-Yuuna and shakes her head.]

I never thought I'd fight a god, or in a war. I definitely never thought I'd spend a week in the body of a man, or that I'd find a whole new species of Pokemon that die if they stop bouncing. And heh...I'm not even going to start trying to describe meeting the Savior. But it's been a hell of a year.

[The Ditto makes a face, wiggling it's tongue.]

Anyway. I've been uselessly nostalgic long enough. But indulge me, folks. What are some things you thought you'd do that got turned on their heads this last year?

Action, Verdant Forest

[And just like she'd done a year ago, Yuuna takes a trip through the Verdant Forest, walking down those old familiar paths. This time, though, she's got a trio of very different Pokemon. A Magnezone, Politoed, and Hitmonchan. They'd evolved, all three of her oldest friends, and the wilds all around them didn't seem quite so mysterious anymore. She's got an arm hooked around the Hitmonchan's shoulders, walking casually, the two of them pointing to various things and sharing a quiet joke here and there.

If they happen to meet someone, they'll get a friendly wave.]

Heya, out for a walk too? Care for company?

Action, The Coastal Ruins (For Merrill)

[Yuuna'd decided to go down that way with Merrill later on, a little bit of an outing to give the place another once over, see if there was much of interest there. She had some of her stronger types on the warp band, but the only one she had out? Was the newbie. A little Zorua who'd yet to prove herself, simply named Shinko, trotted along ahead of the two explorers, snuffling the ground while they talk quietly.]


Jun. 20th, 2015 12:33 pm
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yo! i'm not the kind of guy that's big on research, so i hope it's cool if i throw a question out here. wayyy better than flipping through books and digging through some old guy's notes (no offence to any bookish nerd types, but boring is NOT my thing)

anyway, the Q!

does anybody know anything about homunculi?


Jun. 16th, 2015 11:06 pm
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[action, Residential District]
[Sometime in the early evening, there comes a brief rumble of footsteps from one of the towers in the shabbier part of the Residential District before the door bursts open and a small horde of Pokemon stampedes out.

This is shortly followed by a roiling cloud of smoke and a young teenaged boy carrying a pan of fire. ...It was probably a pan of something meant to be edible at some point, but now it's mostly just a pan of fire.

He lobs it as far away from them as possible the moment he makes it to relative safety, coughing and spluttering.]

Someone use Water Gun!

[Sentret, Teddiursa, Togetic, Drifloon, Purrloin, Bagon, Espeon, and Cottonee slowly turn to stare at their trainer.]

...I've got to make friends with a Water type.

[While he works on that, he takes off his oven mitts and begins to beat at the flames with them instead. Good thing cobblestone isn't flammable. ...Well. It's probably not.]

[video, public, much later]
Hi, everyone. ...Um.

It's been a while since everything that happened now. I hope everyone's been able to recover from their injuries - if you still need medical assistance for any reason, please come by the Medical Center. Or I'd be happy to come over and see you, too.

I guess I wanted to ask... what exactly was Sanctuary making and who... saw them? I didn't really understand too much of what was going on, but I feel like... we ought to be telling the Council how we feel about all of this, too, right? Won't they be taking some part in the decisions, too?
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[It's been a few days now, since the conflict ended and Yuuna returned home. She'd kept the dojo closed and taken a brief leave from her Ranger duties to recooperate. Mentally, she wasn't sure that was going to be enough time, but she had responsibilities and duties. It didn't help that she was hesitant to broach anything with Merrill that didn't involve cuddling, but more than once she'd woken up in a cold sweat. Not that she didn't think her lover wouldn't understand, she just refused to burden anyone else with her problems. Not even Merrill, especially not with how the Dalish woman had reacted to the incident. She'd be there to help, to talk if needed, but she wasn't going to push. She'd be there, Yuuna'd be there, and life would go on. Life had to go on at home, time would help heal the trauma, and that was all there was to it.

That not wanting to burden anyone didn't entirely extend to her Pokemon though, as the ones that couldn't read her thoughts? Knew something was off. Yuuna wasn't taking them on runs, or pushing them to train, and eventually she's forced out of the house at Poison Point. And she has to admit, her partners are right, but that doesn't mean she has to want to go out and be social.

Which prompts a very, very odd sight: Yuuna being dragged through the streets of Union by a gaggle of Pokemon. A Bagon, Gible, and Jigglypuff all riding on a Rhyhorn's back pushing her alone while a Hitmonchan is literally dragging her down towards her dojo. And while all this is going on? A Spoink is merrily bouncing on her head...]

Yashio's Dojo:

[Once she finally does get in the door and gets into a rhythm, things become a lot simpler. There's her fists, all wrapped up with thick strips of cloth, and there's a bag. That's it. Just the bag. Her focus narrows, her fists fly hard. One two. One two. One two...wham...and with a particularly weighty punch her knuckle manages to puncture the lining. With a growl, she steps back and just starts kicking it, vicious and precise strikes that drain the rice grains out of it onto the floor.]

Drop! You stupid thing! Just...go down!

The Park:

[And finally, she ends up that evening in the park where she'd first had that meal with Merrill. Her Pokemon have realized that training is not going to help, and they've basically shoved her down and several are quite literally sitting on her. A Sylveon is just flopped over on her chest, while a Spiritomb hovers protectively around her head (ready to snatch up any nasty thoughts), and that same Spoink is bouncing up and down on her stomach, squeaking in delight. The rest of the assembled Pokepals are all close at hand, doing things like playing with sticks or all the fighting types putting on a breakdance show, trying to get trainer to laugh.

She's doing that, of course, but to an outsider? This might look a little absurd.]
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[The residents of Union may find a new face walking the streets upon everyone's returned from the battlefield that was Sanctuary. A slim young man, short of stature, with a notebook in hand traversed the city corridors with wide, curious, and somewhat apprehensive eyes-- it was as if he had never seen anything quite like this before.

A few people may even suspect that the notion is completely true.

Peeking out the top of the heavy looking bag slung across his shoulders is a tiny Foongus, unawares that the markings on his red and white cap are providing excellent camoflage for the few pokeballs that are hidden within. Occassionally it may chitter and squeak in excitement, but it largely stays quiet.

After all, the young academic is on a mission.

Waver flits in and out of various shops, eyes sharp as he seemed to look for something very particular. Several somethings, to be exact-- or someones. Though he had only spoken to a few people in Sanctuary, he wanted to give the few he had interacted with a proper thank you somehow. He wasn't certain how to go about doing that, but the lack of certainty had never stopped him before.

Besides keeping in line with proper politeness, there were further things that he needed. The bag he carried was the only thing he brought with him on his travels, and he's well aware that he needs more than what was currently packed. Clothes, for the heat of summer that was slowly blanketing the streets. Books, food, and tea were also on the list.

And a place to sleep. And a job.

He may not look like much, but he was more than able and willing to prove to everyone that it was horrifically unwise to judge the contents of a book by the condition of its cover.]
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Who: Merrill, Yuuna, Isabela, Maka, Sinbad
Where: Ruins East of Caldera
When: Early May
What: Exploring some of the ruins.
Warnings: None that I'm aware of!

[A new month, a new adventure. This really was the sort of thing Yuuna lived for. She wasn't a Seeker, true, and she wasn't a treasure hunter, it was just the thrill of the unknown. New places, new Pokemon, new...everything, really. That was what always kept her coming back, and why she'd never fit in with the others at school. She had a disease, she figured. Wanderlust.

And that's why she's pausing outside the entrance to these ruins, looking at the Magnezone with it's magnetic lamp, hand on her hip, just sort of spacing out. After a moment though, she turns to the group.]

Right. New ruins. Stay close, don't wander off, and for the love of the Savior don't pull any levers or switches without discussion. Got it?

[That seemed sensible. Though, the two young Enlightened seemed smart enough to know better anyway...]
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[Action, The Habitat]

[Sinbad had made his way to the habitat - not only with the familiar shape of Badr wrapped around his shoulders and Vepar in a fish bowl, but two more pokemon following after him like newly hatched Duckletts - a Growlithe and an Eevee. Once inside, he lowers the bowl into a pond, letting the Magikarp swim out]

All right, Furfur, Valefor - this is the Habitat, while you'll live with me - this is a place you can head to if you want to play with other Pokemon or relax.

So many smells! Oh! I bet there's some good fighters here!

You don't need to prove yourself to anyone, I know you're a tough girl. Feel free to run around and play, but be nice. No fighting.

And no tricks, Valefor.


[Video, locked to Seekers]

Hello! Some of you might know me already, but if you didn't. My name is Sinbad, and I just joined the Seekers a few days ago. I look forward to helping out.
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Cut for martial arts stuff )

Sorry everyone. Apparently Shinji and Geshiko decided it'd be a good idea to make you watch some of our practices. Which...I guess makes as good an advertisement as anything. Get over here...

[At a gesture, the Roserade and Gallade scuttle over to join their trainer, and a sullen looking Primeape and Toxicroak slink in as well.]

Okay. For those that don't know me, my name is Yuuna Sugasawa from the Rangers. I teach martial arts and self defense classes at Yashio's Dojo, and I've been doing joint work with Fei Fong Wong's school as well.

Our school's always taking on new students, and with as weird as things have been lately, I can honestly say there's no better time to start taking lessons. We primarily work with non-Enlightened, but we do have a few students with supernatural abilities as well. What we do runs the gamut of the very basics to some pretty advanced classes meant to help defend against people and Pokemon who are stronger than a normal human. The same applies for swordplay, and the owner, Master Yashio? Is as fine an archer as I've ever met.

[She smiles as warmly as she can, letting out a huff of breath.]

If I'm not here because of Ranger work, he is, and he'll train you even better than me. Our prices are pretty reasonable, so if you have the time and the inkling, come by. The first three lessons are free, and I don't want to sound like a salesman, but I do recommend taking up some sort of self defense. It's been an eventful year, after all.

[A pause.]

Oh, Martin? I was right about Roselia.

[And with that, she closes down the video.]

Action at the Dojo and Business District

[For the remainder of the day, Yuuna's at the school, practicing and helping take care of interested parties after her impromptu ad. After that it's off to shop, because she has some ideas and thoughts. She can be found in flower shops, wineries, and a couple of fine dining places getting stuff to go. Fancy stuff.]

Action at Home, Closed to Merrill

[With all that stuff gathered up, Yuuna heads straight home and enters without fanfaire. Looking around, she calls out.]

Merrill dear, are you home? I brought dinner!

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