Jan. 1st, 2016

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[A new year, and a whole mixed bag of revelations and resolutions are weighing on Yuuna. It's been a while since she made any formal broadcasts, and seated in Ranger HQ, she idly flips on the Warp Band and just starts talking.]

Hey everyone. Got a little bit new news, personal stuff. Figured I'd just announce it all at once. First of all, I got a promotion. I'm the 3rd Division leader now. My old one retired, and I got some recognition for past service. So, I'll probably be around Union a little bit more than usual. Heh. Paperwork.

Moreover, I've been named the Ranger Liason to the Seekers. Most of you can imagine why.

[She smiles wryly, knowing certain parties are going to like that.]

Second, given my new job, I'm supposed to officially announce that my division is officially recruiting. We pay alright, and you'd be working directly for me. If you're interested, or have further questions about the Rangers in general, feel free to stop by HQ. I'll be around late.

Ranger HQ:

[And true to her word? She is. If you have questions that won't work over the Warp Band, Yuuna will be there until dusk.]

Action, Apartment:

[And after hearing this particular announcement, a certain Pokemon of hers is up to no good. Turnip, the Monferno, is so excited by hearing about the promotion that he decides to bake a cake or something.

Something is right, because he's completely incapable of cooking, and it's not long before a billowing cloud of smoke pours out of Yuuna and Merrill's apartment and the Pokemon are forced out into the street. Alarms go off, and the Monferno bolts for it on principle. The fire is dealt with pretty quickly by Uzushio, but the smoke seems to linger somehow...creating quite the scene outside as a panicked Monferno runs back and forth in confusion, grabbing random passersby and gesticulating wildly, jabbering away. Help! Help! The boss is going to kill himmmmm!]

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