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Ninth Dream: When you fall down... [Action]


[It's been a few days now, since the conflict ended and Yuuna returned home. She'd kept the dojo closed and taken a brief leave from her Ranger duties to recooperate. Mentally, she wasn't sure that was going to be enough time, but she had responsibilities and duties. It didn't help that she was hesitant to broach anything with Merrill that didn't involve cuddling, but more than once she'd woken up in a cold sweat. Not that she didn't think her lover wouldn't understand, she just refused to burden anyone else with her problems. Not even Merrill, especially not with how the Dalish woman had reacted to the incident. She'd be there to help, to talk if needed, but she wasn't going to push. She'd be there, Yuuna'd be there, and life would go on. Life had to go on at home, time would help heal the trauma, and that was all there was to it.

That not wanting to burden anyone didn't entirely extend to her Pokemon though, as the ones that couldn't read her thoughts? Knew something was off. Yuuna wasn't taking them on runs, or pushing them to train, and eventually she's forced out of the house at Poison Point. And she has to admit, her partners are right, but that doesn't mean she has to want to go out and be social.

Which prompts a very, very odd sight: Yuuna being dragged through the streets of Union by a gaggle of Pokemon. A Bagon, Gible, and Jigglypuff all riding on a Rhyhorn's back pushing her alone while a Hitmonchan is literally dragging her down towards her dojo. And while all this is going on? A Spoink is merrily bouncing on her head...]

Yashio's Dojo:

[Once she finally does get in the door and gets into a rhythm, things become a lot simpler. There's her fists, all wrapped up with thick strips of cloth, and there's a bag. That's it. Just the bag. Her focus narrows, her fists fly hard. One two. One two. One two...wham...and with a particularly weighty punch her knuckle manages to puncture the lining. With a growl, she steps back and just starts kicking it, vicious and precise strikes that drain the rice grains out of it onto the floor.]

Drop! You stupid thing! Just...go down!

The Park:

[And finally, she ends up that evening in the park where she'd first had that meal with Merrill. Her Pokemon have realized that training is not going to help, and they've basically shoved her down and several are quite literally sitting on her. A Sylveon is just flopped over on her chest, while a Spiritomb hovers protectively around her head (ready to snatch up any nasty thoughts), and that same Spoink is bouncing up and down on her stomach, squeaking in delight. The rest of the assembled Pokepals are all close at hand, doing things like playing with sticks or all the fighting types putting on a breakdance show, trying to get trainer to laugh.

She's doing that, of course, but to an outsider? This might look a little absurd.]

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