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Tenth Dream: In Review [Action/Video]


[Today's broadcast blinks on to show Yuuna out at the gate, standing there in a different outfit than usual. No Ranger's jacket, but a beat up looking traveler's outfit of good, sturdy make. She's got an oddly reflective look about her.]

Anyone ever stopped to think about how life was before all the recent upheaval? I don't mean all the fighting and the strange things the gods have been throwing at us, though. I mean before Union really opened up to the outside. Back when we thought that we were the only humans left alive. So much has changed, and hell...it's like the world we grew up in changed overnight.

[Beside her, something shimmers, and a near exact copy of Yuuna seemingly flows into view. It's eyes are just a bit off though, lighter than hers, and it waggles a finger.]

I don't mean all the new Pokemon we've discovered, or the new people we've encountered. But that's definitely a big shift if this guy is any indication. I mean, it's been a whole year as of today since I left Union for the first time...and I was one of the later trainers to really go out on my own.

[She huffs a laugh at the Ditto-Yuuna and shakes her head.]

I never thought I'd fight a god, or in a war. I definitely never thought I'd spend a week in the body of a man, or that I'd find a whole new species of Pokemon that die if they stop bouncing. And heh...I'm not even going to start trying to describe meeting the Savior. But it's been a hell of a year.

[The Ditto makes a face, wiggling it's tongue.]

Anyway. I've been uselessly nostalgic long enough. But indulge me, folks. What are some things you thought you'd do that got turned on their heads this last year?

Action, Verdant Forest

[And just like she'd done a year ago, Yuuna takes a trip through the Verdant Forest, walking down those old familiar paths. This time, though, she's got a trio of very different Pokemon. A Magnezone, Politoed, and Hitmonchan. They'd evolved, all three of her oldest friends, and the wilds all around them didn't seem quite so mysterious anymore. She's got an arm hooked around the Hitmonchan's shoulders, walking casually, the two of them pointing to various things and sharing a quiet joke here and there.

If they happen to meet someone, they'll get a friendly wave.]

Heya, out for a walk too? Care for company?

Action, The Coastal Ruins (For Merrill)

[Yuuna'd decided to go down that way with Merrill later on, a little bit of an outing to give the place another once over, see if there was much of interest there. She had some of her stronger types on the warp band, but the only one she had out? Was the newbie. A little Zorua who'd yet to prove herself, simply named Shinko, trotted along ahead of the two explorers, snuffling the ground while they talk quietly.]

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