Feb. 11th, 2016

disasterrific: (Eheheheh)
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[The image is kind of wonky, but it's audible and there is clearly a very oddly dressed young girl on the feed! The base of her clothing is decidedly Sanctuary, but she's got some Calderan accent bits. The feed picks up mid-"conversation" with her Murkrow]

--not my fault I can't make this work! I don't know anything about Union Warp Ba--oh, it's on!

[Finally! She smiles a bit at the feed]

Sorry about that, I was trying to figure out how this worked. I figured it out!

[And feed nearly cuts out before she remembers she should probably introduce herself]

Oh, right! I'm Rikku, I came with the Calderan guys, and if anyone needs anything fixed or something, just let me know, okay?

[It shuts off. She'll be around the city with her Murkrow and Golett if anyone wants to run into her]

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