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--this button here!

[ All of a sudden, there's audio that blips onto the network, but this time it's a little bit different. ]

I know what I'm doing! I mean, duh, I've had this warp band for a while, Pinky. I've totally figured this thing out. [ Even though there's nothing being said, it's just so obvious that there's something giving an incredulous look to human voice that's talking. ] ... Don't look at me like that! Gosh!

Fa fa cleffa. (You should have listened when your parents gave you the warp band.)

I totally paid attention when they explained it to me. I mean, I could turn this thing on and talk to people whenever I feel like it! I just didn't want to!

Faaaa. (Riiiight.)

It's true!

9 ♪

Apr. 11th, 2014 09:23 pm
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Hey, uh--

[Rise pauses briefly as her Chikorita clambers over her head to try and get to the nearest set of overhanging vines. She suffers it with a grimace, as she'd only taken Nadeshiko out of the Habitat to give the poor workers there a small break.]

--ow. Anyway, did anyone else notice all the people and Pokémon acting weird have something in common? I was looking around and YEESH that tickles, girl, leave my foot alone!

Anyway, uh, I was looking around and most of the weirdness seems to be coming from Bug, Grass, and Fairy types, aside from those Castform guys. I--

[Rise suddenly blinks out of the camera and the Warp Band goes on filming the wall behind her. Himiko decided to play with Teleport again, despite a long series of lectures on why she shouldn't. The message is just going to go on until Rise's Chansey waddles by, waves into the camera, and thoughtfully turns it off.]

[Rise will respond to replies in a half hour or so when she makes it back to her room at the Theater.]


Apr. 11th, 2014 06:46 pm
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At around 8 in the morning, a shooting star landed outside of Union's front gates. It left no crater, and didn't even make a lot of noise, but still attracted a fair amount of attention.

Anyone coming to investigate would find a young girl with red hair and a simple dress lying on the ground as if asleep, along with a set of shattered shackles. At the sound of another person approaching, she sat up and blinked a few times, looking around curiously.

[Later, video. The strange girl bows formally before the camera.]

For taking me in when I had nothing, I offer my sincerest thanks. As repayment, I wish to make myself useful, and so I also offer my services in whatever manner you would find useful.

My name is Morgiana.
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For those who fear the encroaching flowers herald events of a slightly more urgent nature, perhaps it isn't really paranoia so much as sensibility.

Two days after they first appear, every single flower in Union blooms overnight. The sight is incredible - the entire city is blanketed in rainbow waves of color, and the scent of the flowers themselves is quite fragrant. The strange pink blossoms are particularly attractive.

For many of the residents of Union, however, the flowers may not be the first thing on their minds as things go a bit chaotic.

1. Enlightened with a Bug, Fairy, or Grass typing will become subject to extreme emotion swings. Primarily, the emotions will be positive, like overwhelming ecstasy, a sensation of giddiness, and a desire to spread cheer amongst their friends. These Enlightened may also suffer from confusion, an excessive amount of energy, and general loopiness. When not in sunlight, they'll swing towards the negative end of the emotional spectrum.

2. Bug, Grass, and Fairy type Pokémon have taken it upon themselves to settle into this new paradise, with the Bug types descending in swarms from above, and the Grass and Fairy types wandering in through the gates whenever the guards aren't looking. Though not violent, they'll be generally insensitive to the trouble they cause for the humans and will react negatively to anyone or anything harming the flowers.

3. Other strange Pokémon have also wandered into Union and while most appreciate the gentle sunlight, a few of the more mischievous have decided that the city could use some more variety. Each individual Castform may alter the weather between sun, rain, and hail within a certain area of the city ranging about two blocks. If Castform is creating Rain or Hail, Fairy, Bug, and Grass Enlightened will respond in a negative manner.

4. Allergies will be more fun to deal with than ever.

5. Finally, the following event Pokémon will be temporarily available to be bonded with as an extra bonus for this week. Please respond in the Map and Wild Pokemon post as per the usual to claim these. The level range is 5-8.


This event will end on April 13th. You may use this post as an IC mingle or make your own entries as you wish. If your character is a Fairy/Bug/Grass Enlightened and you prefer not to play the effects, you may opt-out.
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Hello, everyone! My name is Mana Aida, and I thought now that I've decided to become a trainer, it was time I introduced myself! Some of you may already know my good friend, Alice!

Let's see, I suppose I should tell everyone about myself... Well, I'm student council president at the school I go to, and my family owns the Grumpig's Tail in the entertainment district! We'd love it if any of you could stop by!

My partners are an Eevee named Cheryl and a Purrloin named Joker! They're both my precious friends... though Joker likes to play tricks sometimes... Heh heh heh...

Oh! Interesting about all these flowers and vines, huh? I guess you could say they're symbolic of the changing of the season... new beginnings, right? That makes this a really meaningful time to be a trainer and start an adventure, right? I'm so excited!

I'm really excited for the chance to get to know you all!

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Jan. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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