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Who: Fili, Kili, Bilbo, Hayato

What: Going on an adventure! They're just taking some time to wander around outside of Union and de-stress.

When: backdated to Aug 3, probably back by the 7th at the latest

Where: The mountains/iron mines/deeper mine

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Who: Bilbo Baggins and Lux Crownguard
Where: Ruins
When: Week 77
What: Lux and Bilbo take a trip into some ruins for fun and ~knowledge~.

[ part of Bilbo - the most defiantly Baggins part - still can't quite believe that he is willingly standing outside the entrance to some (potentially very unsafe, his brain reminds him) ruins. nevermind that they're ruins that have already been reasonably well-documented.

the more reckless and much less sensible part of him tells that part to shush, and reminds him that a little under a month ago he had been battling a God of War alongside his fellow Enlightened inside a secret tunnel, of all things. what are a few old ruins after that?

in fact, he finds he's quite excited; about the prospect of discovering something new or deepening their understanding down there, or about the prospect of the exploration itself, he's not sure. and besides, he trusts the young woman who is his companion for this trip. ]

I just realised I never asked, but have you ever been this way before?


Jun. 25th, 2015 12:48 pm
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[The focus of the video looks like a small sculpture of a Honedge sitting on top of cloth. Looking closer shows that the sculpture is made of ice and…there's a slight tinge of frost around the picture as well.

The camera shifts as it's picked up and the sculpture too. Maka holds the Warp Band in one hand and sets down the miniature with another.]

Aria, I asked you not to put those on my projects.

[She's speaking to someone off-camera, but right after she does the camera is panned over to a Froslass that seems to be forming another sculpture with…her ice?

This time it's a Gengar, appearing to be leering right at the girl.]

She's been doing this since the solstice…I mean, I appreciate her trying to keep the house cool, but--[She doesn't like that Aria is set on creating creepy sculptures of Ghost types to tease her trainer.] It's freaking Hades out.

[To explain that, Maka pans the camera again over to a Houndoom that seems to be…freaking out just a little at all the ice and chill.]

…And it's getting my projects wet. [Not to mention the ice sculpture of the Gengar is creeping up on her as she's speaking. Once it's close enough, it begins to rub itself against her face.] --Ah! Cut it out, Aria!

[The feed ends there with a ghostly giggle.]
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Who: Merrill, Yuuna, Thorin Oakenshield, Bilbo Baggins
Where: Grassy Knoll
When: 3/15
What: Unlocking the last map area for bonding.
Warnings: New and exciting Pokemon.  Also, I requested the 'mod tags once every 24 hours rule' just to keep things moving.  We'll keep the thread order somewhat loose.

[After her first conversations with Bilbo and Thorin, Merrill had gotten it into her head to go out searching again for more clues to her peoples' past.  Unfortunately, she isn't exactly sure where to go, but eventually ended up figuring if she doesn't know what direction to travel, any direction is equally potentially good.  And since they were so kind and turned out to also know her girlfriend Yuuna, Merrill invited the two along for the journey.  It won't be ancient Dalish ruins they'll be finding today, though, but rather a new area with Pokemon they've never seen before.  Oh well.  Discovery is discovery, right?]

Oh, this is so exciting!  I haven't been on an expedition since before the snow fell.

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( i: action; all around union )

[ meet Teasel, everyone - the new addition to the Baggins household, and a right royal pest. first it was Bilbo's spoons. then anything else in the house that was shiny and not nailed down. by this point, she's built a nice little overly shiny nest for herself, and you'd think that would be a good place to stop, locked in an eternal tug-of-war with her Trainer of put those back right now and finding new and more out-of-reach places to construct her nest of bling.

except no, instead she's taken to places further afield for feeding her shiny addiction. "places further afield" being "anywhere and everywhere in Union, nevermind whether or not the shiny things are junk or if they actually belong to someone else."

she's trying to be stealthy about it, for the most part. she doesn't want her fussy Trainer catching on to what she's up to, after all. but some of those shiny things are just too good to resist even if it means thieving a little bit more... well, publicly.

Union, you may or may not find items of yours suddenly missing, or catch a Murkrow shamelessly fleeing the scene of the crime! what do. ]

( ii: video; forward dated a few days )

[ if Bilbo looks stressed in the warp band feed, that might be because he is. his face is in a deep-set frown, and he gives a deep sigh right before he starts speaking. ]

I think I owe quite a few people an apology for a certain somebody's antics over the past few days. [ he glares at something or someone off-screen before adjusting the warp band to reveal... well, a sizeable collection of shiny odds and ends piled on his kitchen table. ] Listen, I - I honestly have no idea who all of these things belong to, let alone how I'm supposed to return them, but if you do recognise anything, please, please let me know so I can get it back to its rightful owner. Again, I'm dreadfully sorry about all this. Won't happen again if I can help it.

[ at that, there's a sullen and only very slightly repentant cawing from off-screen... followed by the sound of breaking pottery, and the continued sound of squawking as Bilbo whirls around in its direction that almost sounds... melodic????. ]

--Teasel! That was my mother's best china, it was over a hundred years ol-- [ abruptly, he seems to remember that he's still recording, and with an effort of will breathes in through his nose before saying in clipped tones: ] Excuse me.

(( ooc: feel free to say that your character has lost a shiny thing and had it stolen by Teasel, or we can also action-thread it if you like! thefts will have been happening from ~9th march onwards. ))
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--Oh! There we are - good, it would seem this thing is working. Seems it's my turn to get patched into the network after all.

[ there's a happy chirping from off-screen; those who understand pokéspeak might hear it as "see, i told you it would work!" ]

Yes, Minty. Come along, you might as well get on this side of the Warp Band, seeing as how this was your idea in the first place.

[ and with that, the network is graced with the addition of a curious flabébé peeking shyly into view on the left-hand side. Bilbo smiles fondly, rolling his eyes slightly. ]

Really, you are ridiculous - after all that fuss earlier, you choose now to get shy about it all.

[ Minty's response to this allegation? to squeak "bébé!" in a highly indignant manner, before swooping over Bilbo's head and down the back of his jacket. teach him to say things like that on camera. Bilbo, at least, starts slightly, but the fact that he quickly looks resigned to this suggests that this is a fairly regular occurrence. ]

Oh, dear me-- ah. [ he coughs slightly, and adopts a somewhat more 'official' tone. ] In any case, I don't want to take up too much of everyone's time, so for those among you that I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Bilbo Baggins, and I'm one of the librarians here in Union. Since we seem to be getting more and more newcomers lately in between all these, um - [ what is even the right word to use for this ] - upheavals? - that have been going on, I thought it might be useful to maybe make myself and the library known. You can find us in the same tower as the labs and the university, so if you ever find yourself in need of some research materials, or even just a good book to lose yourself in for a few hours, do feel free to come seek us out - we ought to have something to suit most everyone's needs. If you happen to get lost, ask around for the Roar of Time Library, and someone should be able to point you in the right direction.

[ that out of the way, he relaxes, some of that 'official' stiffness leaving him, before he suddenly seems to remember something else. ]

… and, despite what you may have heard recently on this network, I would like to reassure people that no, we do not ban people from the library in whole or in part except for, theoretically, in the most extreme cases of vandalism. [ the most awkward of beats, in which Bilbo gives a small nod, and amused pokémon sounds can be heard from the inside of his jacket. ] Right, erm, I think that covers everything. Do let me know if I can be of assistance in any way.

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