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[The warp band opens to a scene of complete chaos. The house is a wreck and the noise of screeching Pokemon and a yelling Fili is unbelievable. He's wrestling apart two Pokemon in particular, a crying Tyrunt and a haughty Rufflet, who is attacking the Tyrunt and screeching wildly, wings beating the air.]

Andor! Andor, that's enough! [Liv the Sandslash and Dagny the Luxray come to the rescue, both wrestling the wild Rufflet away from the bawling Tyrunt. Fili sighs, rubbing at his face as Magnus comes to hide behind his legs and cling to him, still crying.]

You guys are going to kill me, you know that? [His voice is weary and only half joking, but his face changes to sternness as he spots something in the corner.] Egil! For goodness sake, you can't eat my pillow!
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Oh hell no! [The video starts with a highly frustrated and freshly evolved Fili. There's not much physical change, except for the handful of sharp silver quills that have sprouted from his back and utterly ruined his shirt.] I was doing a Gengar costume, and now I look like a Sandshrew.

[He sighs, and relaxes slightly. As he does so, the quills do too, starting to retreat and lay flat.] Anyone have any ideas? I don't want to ruin another shirt.


[Should you come across Fili in the wild, he's not looking so great. Quills sticking straight out and crackling slightly with electricity, face pale and walking stiffly like he's in pain, the young man will stop often to rub at joints and sit down to catch his breath. After all, it's not every day your skeletal structure turns to steel.]


Oct. 26th, 2015 08:51 pm
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Who: Kili, his team, and anyone else who wants to stop them!
What: Kili's birthday just happened and he's kind of bummed.
Where: Union. The whole city.
When: October 26th

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What: Kili's having a hard time with his upcoming birthday
Who: Fili and Kili
When: forward dated to the 16th

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Oct. 12th, 2015 05:01 pm
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[A lot has happened since Fili last came on the Warp Bands, and it shows. He looks tired, dark shadows under his eyes, but he smiles warmly at the video all the same.]

Thorin has left Union for the time being. I'll be taking over his forge for now, and while I'm not as good as he is, I can promise to do my best. With everything that's happened lately, I would appreciate it if you could let me know if Thorin was doing any work for you, and I'll see that it's finished. Let's just say my uncle organizes differently than I do.

[He chuckles softly at that, obviously a private joke.] Anyway. I know we all sacrificed to help the refugees, so if you need anything, talk to me in the next week or so and I'll do it for you for free, or for a very, very minimal fee. Just ask around for Fili. I'm not hard to find.
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Who: Fili, Kili, Bilbo, Hayato

What: Going on an adventure! They're just taking some time to wander around outside of Union and de-stress.

When: backdated to Aug 3, probably back by the 7th at the latest

Where: The mountains/iron mines/deeper mine

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Who: Fili and Kili
What: Going into the caves was a massive mistake and now Fili's an emotional mess
When: July 24

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As the characters arrive, they will find what appears to be a rather deep cavern. Upon entering, the caverns are quite narrow, with twists and turns everywhere and different tunnels that all seem to be interconnected. As characters travel deeper within the caverns, reality around them will start to warp, they will start to see and hear things that aren’t necessarily there - images of old enemies, past failures, voices of condemnation, visions that strike at the soul and core of the characters. Once this begins, it will only increase in power and volume, demanding it be confronted, lest they be trapped within these caves forever.

[OOC: This event will run for a week. All characters who enter the caves will be subject to some of their deepest fears, darkest demons, and most abject failures. To overcome them, characters must help each other out, finding their purpose through strength of character and resolve to move forward. In general, these visions should require characters to come to grips with themselves. Illusory images and voices can and will appear and can take any number of forms, depending on what is most appropriate to a character. Additionally, characters may thread with each other and are encouraged to help each other out to overcome these personal demons. For those who wish to take part, they are able and encouraged to narrate their own personal demons, which will be on display for everyone who enters their thread. IC threads may be made in this post.]


Jul. 14th, 2015 11:42 am
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Kili is missing.

[There's no prelude, no nice words today, just straight to business. Kili's Weepinbell is attempting to climb into Fili's lap and he pushes him aside, irritated and worried.]

He left a note, but didn't say where he was going. He could be anywhere. Please, if you've seen him, let me or Thorin know.

[Murdel drools all over Fili's head and he loses his patience, shoving the Weepinbell off.] That's enough, Murdel! I'm not in the mood!

[The Pokemon finally slinks off and Fili takes a deep breath.] Sorry. Where was I? Oh right. Anything you might know about Kili, if you've seen any of his Pokemon... He left Murdel but the others are all with him. Just um...please let me know.
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Who: Thorin and the Idiot Two
Where: Hospital
When: Post-event
What: Thorin was an idiot and got hurt. Fili and Kili are worried.

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003 Video

Jun. 8th, 2015 11:51 am
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It’s me again. [Fili looks a little sheepish, rubbing at the back of his neck. There’s a small Teddiursa snuggled in his lap, sucking happily on her paw.] I wanted to let everyone know that for the time being, I will be taking over Thorin’s commissions, so until all of that is finished, we will not be accepting commissions. In the interest of getting jobs done in a timely manner, I don’t feel comfortable accepting any new ones at the moment, at least not until Thorin is home again.

[The Teddiursa gets up to amble off, and Fili gives her a passing glance before his attention goes back to the broadcast.]

I know I ran into a few medics before… Ami, I think? I would appreciate it if someone could take a look at my uncle. I know he’s in the hospital, but an extra pair of eyes won’t hurt.

[There’s a noise behind him, and Fili glances over his shoulder.]Kili! Be careful with Fleur, she’s--

[Kili isn’t listening as he reaches down to pet the Teddiursa.]

She’s what? Adorable and cuddly--ow!

[Kili yanks his hand away from Fleur with a muffled swear while the Teddiursa just goes back to sucking her paw. His hand is bright red and a little bloody]

Holy--what the hell, Fee?!

[Fili just sighs, shaking his head.] I was trying to tell you!

Tell me what, that you’ve got a psycho Teddiursa?! I thought they were supposed to be cute! And cuddly!

[Belbul meanwhile is just facepalming with Magnith’s hand]

You scared her, that’s all. [Fleur wanders back over to Fili, taking her paw out of her mouth to reach for him with both paws. He picks her up like a rather furry toddler. Kili grumbles and goes off to find the first aid kit.]

Hey, Fee, I need help with the bandages and since it was your psycho Teddi you get to help.
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Hey, Union. This is a bit of an odd request, but there anyone that needs help with something? Anything, really. I'm used to working in the mine so hard labor isn't a problem. Craftsmanship is doable too. This offer is going to stay open for as long as I'm here.


[Fili is so. Bored. He's going to die of boredom. He paces back and forth, trying to occupy himself with anything he can. His hands are shaking; he needs to put them to use or he's going to go mad.

You can find him wandering and pacing the city aimlessly, trying to find something to do or someone to help.]
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[There's a new face on the warp bands, a tired looking young man with blond hair and soot on his cheeks.]

I'm a bit lost... Could someone please point me towards where I can find Thorin and Kili? Dark haired, absurdly tall? Kili has a Carbink with him.

[He rubs the back of his head.] I came here looking for them, but no luck so far. Seems I inherited Thorin's sense of direction.

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