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[So someone's still a little upset about not going on that expedition Jade was in charge of. However, Dist isn't posting to the network about that today. Instead, his voice comes over the network for another purpose.]

Good afternoon, citizens of Union!

[And as usual, his voice is over-the-top and it sounds like he's smirking.]

I'm searching for several Enlightened, particularly with Ghost- or Psychic-typing! It's very important and I can pay you for your time, of course! Thank you for your time!

[The voice feed ends there.]


[Dist can be found around Union City today. He's actually out shopping as opposed to working as a Sword of the Savior. He has only one Pokémon with him, a pretty little Budew sporting a bow around the bulb on her head. She's perched in Dist's arms, though he'll let her down whenever he pauses to look at something. His shopping trip is taking him all over town, so he can be found just about anywhere with the Budew following him or being carried.

Everything seems relatively normal until...]

You expect me to pay this much!? Just who do you take me for!? I am Dist the Rose of the Swords of the Savior! I will not be overcharged!

[...well, of course it was only a matter of time for Dist to start shrieking.]
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Greetings, everyone. I'm Jade Curtiss, Ranger, part of the Survey Corps. As I'm sure we've all heard, the Union is in need of an iron mine. That is why the Rangers are putting together an expedition to the Caverns in search of one, to be led by me.

[He's less than enthused at the prospect of leading so many people, but it doesn't show as he continues to elaborate on the details of the expedition, brisk and informative:]

Unfortunately, there's not much information about the Caverns, or the Pokemon in them. This is why we'll need people with the ability to locate iron deposits, people able to communicate with Pokemon, and people who are able to fight, although we'll do our utmost to avoid battles in the interest of saving time.

[Did he just sound faintly sarcastic then? Who knows.]

The expedition will likely last for two days, perhaps more. It'll take at least half a day to reach the Caverns, and possibly much longer before we locate a mine - if we can. Therefore, I'd suggest that everyone pack wisely. If you're feeling lost, the staff at the Outpost should be of assistance. Funding will be provided upon request.

If you're interested in participating, or would like to field any inquiries, please respond now. If all goes well, we'll be departing from the city gates tomorrow at six in the morning.

[ooc; Hello, everyone! This is the network post that will kickstart the expedition to the Caverns, which is a player plot that has now been mod-approved! A log post will go up tomorrow for the expedition itself.

Due to my wonky timezone I'd appreciate having someone to help with writing out NPC encounters/events in order to keep things moving! Please PM me if you're interested.]

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