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Who: Yakumo and Harima
What: A conversation that needs to happen
When: Early December
Where: Somewhere around the Tsukamoto residence.
Summary: Yakumo finally fesses up to Harima, Shenanigans happen
Rating: S for School Rumble Antics

Just spit it out already! )
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[The sound of a young man's excited screaming against the backdrop of one of Union's many streets greets anyone tuning in to the Warp Band's feed late that afternoon. The image, featuring one Harima running circles around a very bewildered looking beast of a boar, wobbled as the recorder adjusted focus. Varying cries of 'Napoleon? What in the Savior's name happened? and an low (and incredibly confused) 'swiiiiiiiiiiine~' can be heard at varying points.

Harima expected Napoleon to evolve at some point soon. He just didn't expect his little friend to become bigger than his bedroom!

The rough looking young man shot a glance directly at the feed, not seeming to realize that the whole scene was being recorded.]

Alexander, stop goofing off! Get Channa, or Yakumo-- or anyone but Itoko!

[The feed cut off abruptly as it was dropped into the streets, closing out with a short and pointed 'Poli!' before it went out.]


[Unionites: beware! Hurtling down any and every street around the city is a newly minted and incredibly confused Mamoswine. Napoleon's hungry, and a few curry puffs isn't going to fix that problem this time....

Fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants in town that throw perfectly good food away!]

Napoleon-- don't eat that! It's gross!

[Harima, who had been riding atop the pokemon all afternoon in search of a reasonable place for his friend to stay, pulled at the pokemon's ears, tusks, tail-- anything to try to get Napoleon to not raid the dumpsters. Unfortunately, Mamoswines are a lot harder to budge than a Swinub...]
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[The video feed opens up to a scene of a teenage girl out in the Rolling Plains, standing there looking extremely confused as she stares at something off the screen with wide eyes. Small feline hands adjust the camera to get it to zoom out a bit, and the source of Yakumo's befuddlement becomes quite apparent. And she's not the only one. A Pikachu and a Breloom are gaping right beside her, and a baby Riolu seems to actually be hiding behind one of her pant legs.

All this because her Drilbur, Ishihara? Has evolved! And unlike the cuddly, cute, super friendly little Pokemon she'd met before...Excadrill is decidedly rougher looking. Shiny, sharp, newly pointy bits stick out all over and the Pokemon looks extremely proud of itself. The change is jarring, and apparently Iori has decided to broadcast it to everyone with a Warp Band.

The girl takes a tentative step closer...and the Excadrill seems to sense her unease and tries smiling. It's awkward, given it's fearsome appearance though, but it seems to help. And it's about then that Yakumo notices what the Meowstic is up to and practically jumps out of her skin!]

Oh! Oh! Iori, you...

[A pleased purr follows, and Yakumo reaches out and picks up the Warp Band. Since she's got an audience, she figures she may as well go ahead and ask the question that's on her mind.]

Um...does...anyone know how to take care of Pokemon like this? I...haven't got a lot of experience with anything like an...Excadrill. And I'm not really sure how to keep him happy. He seems...[She swallows, offering the Pokemon an awkward smile...] a lot different.'s personalities change much, after an evolution?

[Because this is a pretty intense looking Pokemon...]
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Dream I - you and I were resting close in peace )

Dream II - was it just a dreaming of my heart? )

Dream III - now I’m crying, don’t know why -- ** )

[ ooc: herp derp I should have mentioned this before, but dream III is meant for anyone who has history dating before the savior, so, feel free to have your characters (or past versions of them) go who the eff is this chick crying in the middle of a razed town. Other wise, dream I and dream II are ripe for the hilarious and friendly picking!

also content warning with dream III: violence and death of both human and pokemon alike.
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[Over the bands today, there's...well, a little bit of noise. Like someone's desperately trying to figure out how to work something and kind of failing at it.

After a few moments, the video blips on - to reveal a large brown eye, the pupil slit vertically.]

C'mon, is this thing working now...?

[There's a hint of frustration in his voice as he speaks, but soon enough the owner of the eye seems to realize that he's actually working it properly. With a light 'oh', the point of view zooms out from the eye, showing that a scowling teenager was in possession of it all along.

The first thing someone would notice is the hair - bright orange and shaggy, with a high ponytail that trails from behind him to over a shoulder. It doesn't seem too strange...except that every now and then, the ponytail hair seems to move as one mass...and right when the camera jiggles, too. Weird.

It's also possible to see that the clothes he's wearing would look slightly familiar to anyone who's used to how the members of the Kurain school dress.]

Alright, listen. I just got here, so...I've got some questions.

One: What's with all the decorations? Is the city normally like this, or is something going on?

Two: The guy who I met before mentioned that I'd have to find someplace to stay, but...How do I do that? I mean...I can just go back to the forest. It's not a big deal.

Three: Are there any other pokemon that suddenly became human like me? ...I'm gonna need pointers on how this 'human' thing works.

[There's a pause after he says that, shifting his gaze away from the band. ...He doesn't turn his head (in fact, he's been remarkably stiff the entire time, not moving his head one inch), but he looks away all the same. After a moment, he breaks the silence - although in a much softer, less matter-of-fact tone than what he used before.]

...And, uh...Is it normal to remember that you died once? I...

[He trails off, then closes his eyes - a complicated expression flitting across his face.]

...Never mind. Forget it.

[And off goes the feed.]


[People in the city might find that odd looking teen from before wandering around, without any rhyme or reason. His movement is incredibly stiff - his knees don't bend once as he walks around, and his arms stay locked in place where they're hidden by the folds of his clothing.

He's wearing a male Kimono, the undershirt and Hakama a dark brown-with a peculiar kind of haori on top. Two circles on the shoulders, the inside of them cut so that the undershirt shows. On the back of the haori, another circle lies between his shoulder blades, right in the center of his back. There's an intricate, cream colored design on it, looping around and coming up to the collar of the undershirt. All in all, it resembles something rather familiar...

There's also his hair - which, if someone noticed...they'd see that his warp band is tied around his ponytail, near the end of it. You'd think it'd slide off, but it seems to stay on without any problems. Is it because the hair moves all at once, instead of individual strands like normal hair?

At any rate, Ichigo is firmly checking around the city - getting to know his new surroundings, like he had when he'd woken up in the forest a little over two weeks ago. Things are...different from the outside, and he roams around nearly everywhere, not staying very long in one place.

It's possible you might run into him, but...well, actually running into him would be slightly unpleasant. It's like running into a wall. Then again...he's really not paying attention to where he's going.

At all.]
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That was Harima's first thought when he left the school that afternoon and found no one waiting for him. After a certain incident several weeks ago, a certain Swinub who was no longer allowed in the building had taken to waiting for him just outside of the front door, using the long afternoons to nap in the warm sun. He had to admit that he was jealous of the little Pokemon sometimes....

How he wished he could lead such a carefree life.

Snorting in irritation, he slung his bag over his shoulder and looked around the school yard for the hairy little troublemaker.]


[He called-- then swore under his breath. That little shit...]


[It was getting close to evening when the video feed clicked on, revealing a scowling young man in dark sunglasses and an elegant looking young woman next to him.]

Hey, if anyone's seen a Swinub and an Espurr wandering around the city, let us know. They go by the names Napoleon and Iori, and they're probably together.

[He looked away from the camera, briefly tipping up his shades to rub the bridge of his nose in frustration.] Let's hope they're not making any problems for us... [he grumbled. At this point the girl chimed in:]

We really are worried, so if you've seen them please tell us.

[Action--Elsewhere in Union]

[You. Yeah, you right there, the one who has that lovely plate of food sitting on the table in front of you. There is a rather stealthy Swinub spying on you....

Or, namely, your dinner.

Anyone and everyone who happens to be have some food on them will have a little Swinub shaped shadow following them, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Sometimes he will look up at you with sad eyes begging for a taste of your delicious meal; other times he will try to steal a few bites the moment you look away.

The Espurr hanging around nearby has nothing to do with any of this. Stop looking at him like that.]

((OOC: This is a joint entry with Yakumo Tsukamoto [personal profile] psychicsister. If you haven't yet, go reply to her Permissions Page regarding her telepathic abilities, so we can know whether you've opted-in or not.))

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