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[This is a Nidorina. This is a Nidorina with a thin chain around her neck, a Razor Claw hanging from it like a pendant. But that's not the point.

The point is that anyone familiar with a certain Shifter may notice that the look on this Nidorina's face is very similar to the look on a certain Nidoran♀'s face. A look of utter exasperation but restrained fondness for whomever is holding the Warp Band. Oh Blue Rose, you and your utterly strange relationship with Nero. She just evolved and she's still giving him those looks.]

So, guess who's... Don't look at me like that, Blue. Remember who's going to make you freaking queen soon.

Promises. If you were, you'd have done it by now.

[That makes Nero snort.] Okay, so you don't appreciate being adored. I'll just show them something better.

[Nero props his Warp Band on something, making the feed jump for a bit, and when he comes into the picture, it's fairly obvious what that "something" is. His right arm had changed. Before, it was blue (a dark shade of grey in the feed), roughly textured, with claws instead of nails, but now it had an addition-- small triangular fin attached to the fore-arm. Or rather, the fin had grown out of the arm. Not to mention the claws at the end of his fingers have gotten just a bit larger and sharper.

Clearly Blue Rose isn't the only one to have evolved.

With an inordinately pleased look on his face, Nero flexes his improved arm and punches the air with it. Anyone expecting the fin to flap around with the exercise will be disappointed, because it's extremely stiff.]

There's got to be something about the Caldera air if Blue and I evolved at the same time. Not that I'm complaining. [He smiles wide, a huge grin that shows off a bunch of sharp teeth.] Arm's gotten heavier, and is awful on clothes, but a guy can definitely get used to this. I'm gonna have a whole lot of fun with this arm.

Just don't cut yourself shaving.

And don't wear yourself out trying to be a buzzkill, Blue.
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[Now that all the confusion with Gigas was dealt with, Wukong had time to do what was ACTUALLY important. He went out into the wilderness around Caldera and got in fights with the local pokemon. He wasn't looking to capture, or to bond, or anything like that. He was just testing his strength against the locals. In a very good natured sort of way, of course.

A day or two later, he returned, with a black eye and covered in minor bruises and scrapes and made a video post.]

I have tested the mettle of the pokemon around Caldera, and they are indeed mighty fighters! Not as mighty as ME, of course, but they shall be worthy allies none the less.

So...I'ma just go back to Union and give them a chance to rest before I challenge them again.

[Action, Union Divine Theater]

There were some STRONG Pokemon around Caldera. Stronger than him, though he hadn't admitted it. He had actually lost most of the fights out there. So Wukong was taking a day or two off from doing much of anything at all. At this exact moment, Wukong was lying on top of the prop cage in the theater, backstage, napping.

New leaf

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The latest chapter of Wukong's crime spree is a bookstore?

Yes, one of Union's greatest pests as you watch, goes into the bookstore, looks at a bunch of books, picks one with some fancy cover art (Some kind of pulp action story with a picture of a man with a sword fighting a gyarados while a blond lady in a torn dress clings to his leg as she cowers behind him on the cover.), then goes up to the counter and pays for it with money. He almost looks embarrassed to do it.

Agreeing to do things by the rules doesn't mean agreeing to do things the way humans do. Once he's done, he grips the bag with his purchase with his tail and scrambles up the side of the building. Wukong can be found scrabbling along the side of towers or jumping between rooftops as he makes his way across the city of Union. Ground level is so boring, but up here he can almost pretend like this is the jungle he left behind!
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[It has been a long journey from her mountainous home in the far north, but Absol has finally reached the front gates of her destination: Union, home of the illusive "humans".

She was actually quite lucky: noticing the odd behaviour of a swarm of Beedrill, she had stalked their route until they had emerged into the clearing where Union was based. The Beedrill seemed to be drawn to the voluminous blossoms that coated the city in unnatural amounts: was this even normal, or some product of human foolishness? Her answers would lay inside, she decided.

Seeing no reason for caution or cowardice, she approached the front gates with a fearless stride. Of course, her lack of Warp Band was more than enough reason for the guards to take notice, and move to stop her. Ahh, she recognised this: the alphas looking to defend their pack from outsiders. In that case, it was time to be diplomatic by asserting herself.

With one movement she drew the jagged naginata from her back into a battle-ready position, and declared in her most powerful and dominant voice:]

My name is Absol! I seek entry into your nest, humans!

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[Wukong's rampage of petty theft continues unabated. The only difference is that since a certain someone explained what money was, he's now also looking at money for his targets. Good job there, Michiru.]


-it lets me talk, but if I press it here-


- then I can also see everyone! I'm not sure what this las-


skdalabl.cxv.,wahmnfbg,mb n. ldelo35p;g

[Audio again.]

-owerful magic indeed.
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[People who arrive to the Habitat Center today might see something very odd: What has to be the largest Vulpix anybody has ever seen, doing all sorts of things. Here it might be training various Pokemon to move in surprisingly graceful ways; there it might be prancing along and singing a sort of Pokemon-ish song; in yet another way, it might just be laying down, a lot of other Pokemon lying near it. A curious sight, is it not?

If you keep watching said Pokemon, it eventually gets up and, making sure the others are asleep, wanders over to a small closet. It enters... and shortly thereafter emerges Ran, straightening out her clothing.]

Ahhh. It is so nice to go back to nature every so often...
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It's Friday night and Ezreal decided to take the esteemed Luxanna Crownguard to a bar generally frequented by Delvers, Guardsmen, Rangers, and all sorts of other rough-and-tumble men and women who make up Union's thriving blue-collar community. The bar, of course, is quite a dive, with loud, boisterous people having just finished a day's work coming to take a load off and get frightfully hammered.

[This is an open mingle post for anybody who might, for whatever reason, find themselves in a dirty, grimy bar full of loud sweaty people on a Friday night. There will be mingling and, of course, the inevitable bar fight. Enlightened are encouraged to use their powers interestingly but remember - no lethal damage! It's all in good fun. Overenthusiastic enlightened may find themselves responsible for large chunks of the repair bill for the bar, be warned.

Also of note: legal drinking age is 18 years old but this bar is likely reasonably easy to get into if you're a bit underage.]


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[The last few days have seen a rash of petty theft across the city. Not money very often, but lots of food and brightly colored or shiny things. They're sometimes matched up with sightings of some kind of monkey-like pokemon with a burning tail. Probably not a MAJOR problem in the grand scheme of things, but it's certainly annoying. Especially to someone who just had their lunch stolen while they were getting napkins.

There's also occasional encounters of direct contact that don't have anything to do with theft. They go something like this:

You were walking down the street when the pokemon (Which looks oddly human at the moment.) drops down upside down in front of you, hanging upside down on to a rafter or something by it's tail.]

Hey whatcha doin'?

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