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[ Garen pops up on the Warp Band one day. He's finally back home. ]

Good evening, friends. I'm not sure if my name is still remembered, but Garen Crownguard is back. I suppose a small explanation is required for my absence.

I left on a mission, the details of which shall remain confidential, but suffice to say I ended up at Glacier sometime before the white dragon arrived. I defended the people there, but was gravely injured and only just recovered enough to make the trip back to Union.

I will be resuming my duties as a Sword of the Savior immediately.
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1, Narrative to inform Option 2

["Private", i.e. open to anybody in the game who might be interested in attending]

[A discreet letter is delivered to you by certified courier. Either you know Ezreal and Lux personally, you have had business dealings with them, you have gone drinking with them, you're a friend of a friend, whatever. Point being, for whatever reason you made The List. The letter reads as follows:

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Ezreal Fos and Luxanna Crownguard. The wedding will be held on the 28th of December within the Citadel, your discretion in this matter is an absolute must as the party is something of a surprise. You have been invited not only because the bride and groom feel your presence is important to them on the day of their nuptials, but also because they feel you can keep a secret. Please arrive at 5:00 PM for the ceremony, which will be followed by a banquet reception immediately thereafter. We look forward to your attendance! Please return your response with the courier who has delivered this letter.]

2, Action

[Ezreal has been working hard and making frequent trips out to Citadel so he's been scarce recently. For now, though, he's back in Union, business is hopping so he's been run pretty much ragged. Those who are looking for him, however, might find him hanging out at Teeters - hey he's legal now - for a drink after a long day of work. And with the general volume and his nice corner seat, he's available to discuss any matters that might require... secrecy.

Beyond that, he's usually at his shop. Things are pretty hectic, but sometimes he can spare a moment. Usually around closing time.]

3, Voice, locked to Garen

Look I know you're not crazy about me and the feeling's mutual but we need to talk. This is very important to Lux.


Nov. 9th, 2014 09:58 pm
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[It has been a while, hasn't it, Union? Garen is well-dressed as always, his uniform neatly pressed, but well darn if he doesn't have a luster to him. His hair has a brass twinge to it, and his armor even looks as if it's adjusted itself so it doesn't hang off his body so much as attaching seamlessly to it. Don't worry though, Garen is not one to turn on the video for idle vanity.]

Swords of The Savior, as well as Union citizens, and our fellows in the Rangers, Delvers, and City Guard. I would like to extend my own thanks for everyone's participation Miss Tycoon's charity event, and I would take volunteers if any will step forward to help distribute the donations she's collected to those that need them, offering material is only one part of helping, after all, and to strengthen the bonds of friendship and camaraderie we've begun forging we need to strike while he have the chance.

Will any volunteer?


May. 14th, 2014 01:47 pm
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It has come to my attention.

[The feed is of Garen, in his office, wearing his uniform and looking like a million dollars; everything that needs polished is, not a hair out of place, crisply pressed--the works.

However off setting this is his expression. It is flat. It is neutral. It is...clearly hiding emotions underneath. As always, his first Pokémon--now a Doublade hovers over his right shoulder, and flanking his left is his Magneton.

That perhaps I need to reintroduce myself. I am not one for public speaking but I also feel that I need to apologize, and inform.

My name is Garen Crownguard, Sword of the Savior. My family name if not familiar to you need not have any weight, nor should my rank within the Swords need to be expressly stated; for we are all citizens of Union.

[He folds his hands together on his desk, and glances down at them a moment before looking up again.]

That being said, I need all of the current members of the Swords to message me privately--I wish to review some recent activity, and talk about our plans going forward for the sake of Union's well-being. As for apologizing, as we do represent Union itself each time we are in public, let me apologize on behalf of the entire Swords of the Savior for our conduct recently. We will make swift amends.

I would also like to discourage the alarming number of hints I see that we are harboring vigilantes. While I can admit our laws may not always seem to serve your interests, and I will receive a formal complaint if you wish to submit them, our laws exist for a reason. I can not condone seeking your own version of justice because if you are not operating by a set of rules then you are capable of anything--including corruption.

[Private for the fon fuckups Fabres~]

The previous message is for you two especially. We need to talk about your public conduct.

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