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Aug. 24th, 2014 11:19 pm
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[Chris appears on the feed, thinking to himself inwardly with no words said out loud. The only Pokémon seen is a lazy Skiddo named Mai. The others are curiously absent.]

Hello everyone. I have a few questions to ask about you and other Trainers old experiences a few things. First off, does anyone know of a way to cure or aty least decrease the laziness bug in Pokémon? The Pokémon in question is my Skiddo Mai, and how she tends to skip training and do nothing but lounge around the apartment. The other thing is... I would like to fish up a water type eventually but I'm no Engineer and I would like someone to make a Good Rod for me. I'm willing to pay or do a favor for the person if they can help.

Thank you all for your time.
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[When Pamela appears on the warp band, there’s a baby Dratini sitting on her lap. With a gentle touch to her new Pokemon’s face, she guides her to look toward the warp band.]

There we go. This is Morning Glory and she just hatched earlier today. Although that’s actually not what I’m here to announce.

[But like a proud trainer/Poke-mom, she made that announcement first.]

I have two projects that the council has recently approved that I’ll need help with. One project will involve going to Caldera and fortifying the agriculture within the city walls. We’ll be turning the upper floors of one building the Calderan authorities have approved for this purpose into something like our agricultural tower here, and transporting fertile soil from the Verdant Forest for growing crops indoors. We’ll also be digging to check for untapped groundwater, so we’ll need Engineers, Delvers, and people to help with general labour.

[She pauses briefly, giving everyone a moment to digest that information before she continues.]

The second will be a project right here in Union to clean up the city. It will be a two-stage project, first cleaning up trash and graffiti and taking care of any minor repairs to public equipment that have fallen by the wayside. The second stage will involve setting up flowerboxes and planters throughout the city and beautifying Union. The Isley family will be supplying all the flowers for this initiative.

[And anyone who was at Pamela’s birthday party in July has seen how impressive the Isley gardens are. How could someone who loves plants as much as she does allow for anything else than a perfect display of nature’s beauty?]

Your help with either of these projects would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello everyone. Now that things have settled down I have been able to take some stock of my pokemon. It would seem a few of them have finally evolved after a great deal of hard work.

[A Pikachu pops up on her shoulder and waves, clearly this is one of the examples. Before Setsuna can continue, however, there is the sound of a loud CRUNCH. It's as though someone is chopping into a muffled tree. Setsuna looks surprised at the sound and looks over her shoulder. Her eyes go wide at what she sees.]

Hon? What did you do?


[The few of the video shifts as Setsuna rises to go confront Hon. The first thing you might notice is a giant fuzzy beast of a Darmanitan. The second thing you might notice is that it is currently chewing on what appears to be half of a sofa. It is blissfully unaware of the commotion it seems to be causing. A Sawbuck is slowly backing away and out of the scene, as though he doesn't want to be associated with this at all.

Although Setsuna cannot be seen you can still hear her voice.

Hon! No! We've been over this. You cannot eat the furniture! What am I going to tel---

[Setsuna drifts off as she realizes the video is still broadcasting. She shuts it off right away to deal with her current problems.]



Later that day, Setsuna can be found walking down the Business district and making a beeline for a furniture store. Hecate and Hades are there to keep her company and the giant Darmanitan is nowhere to be found. She's a woman on a mission, but feel free to stop her and potentially ask over her pokemon. Or, if you're so inclined, run into her in the store where she's browsing couches and debating falling onto one for awhile.
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[Being a Seeker is serious business! Those that run into Lux, either working at the Seeker's headquarters in Union or Caldera--she has been doing a lot of commuting via warp lately--at or between the University or, interestingly enough, the Delver's guild, will find that she looks a bit run down. However, she still seems quite energized, shuttling between places with a bag full of books and papers.

When not working her butt off at work, at home she seems to be pulling long hours, the lights in her apartment on until very late. Going over her own notes during her travels, as well as those she has been given access to through the Seekers, she seems like a woman on a mission. Also a new caffeine addiction, with the hours she's keeping.]


Hello! Lux here, with a bit of news!

I have my first job with the Seekers, and am currently looking to assemble a team. I have a small stipend, so we'll be able to pay, of course. It will involve going into the Old City and looking for computer parts. We're hoping to be able to disassemble and reconstruct a few of them and place them in the habitat for safe keeping. While we aren't sure we'll have all the parts that we need to get the job done, we have to start somewhere, right?

Oh, right, I should probably tell you what we're working on, huh?

While going through some of the technology that has already been recovered from the Old City, some of the scholars at the Calderan branch managed to find something interesting, which coincided with some of the literature that they've managed to find. Apparently, the old civilization had a way to be able to store information about various species of Pokémon from different areas and pull it up at will, through a device they called a Pokédex.

And as my first job, I've been asked to get a team together to search the Old City for components to start constructing something similar! It's really exciting! So, I'm looking for a few people to bring down there with me--experienced delvers, although I already have one on board, engineers, and a few extra hands. Right now, our funding pool is quite small, but we're hoping that as this project progresses, we'll be able to pay better.

So, do I have any takers? I'm hoping to get a team assembled as soon as possible!

[[OOC Note: Given the complexity of this plot, there will be other opportunities to get involved if it caps out too quickly. Currently we are capped with the following people: Hiccup, Ezreal, Yuuna, Banzu and Eren]]
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[Well, this little device was an odd little thing. Kyoko didn't get why they seemed so important, but whatever. She'd give it a try. If what she'd heard was right all she had to do was...tada, she got the voice function activated. She doesn't waste any time in speaking once she realizes this.]

So, this is the Union, huh? I expected something a little...I dunno, more.

[Well, something considerably more exciting, anyway.]

There anything good to eat around here? I'm starving.
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[Eren appears on camera for the first time in what seems like forever. Fig the Sigilyph, now a small adult, is perched on his shoulder, turning his one big blue eye to look at the object in Eren's arms.

It's an egg. Probably? It's more round than oval shaped, and it seems to be made of wax. Wax that's melting, just a bit. Infrequently, a light pulses from inside

So uh... this egg. I got it as a bonus for all the work during that stuff with the tree people, but the breeder didn't tell me anything about it melting. Is it supposed to be doing that?

[Fig chirps, then speaks in a psychic voice -- in common human tongue, no less -- for all to hear] Mommy, mommy!! I don't hear anything coming from inside it, no! So I don't think it's hatching... but it's still alive! ... I think. It's hard to tell...

[Which is why Eren is concerned. He makes no mention of being called "Mommy" by his other egg baby there]

The breeder did say it was a ghost type, so maybe that's why it doesn't feel... uh... alive? Does anyone know about this? I'm not sure what to do to make it stop dripping.
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So, a question for you all, good people of Union, Caldera, and most recently the Citadel. I've been noticing the trend of Enlightened and even normal trainers hold a certain typing affinity. In Enlightened, of course, it is their own typing but trainers who might otherwise be considered ordinary have their own specializations as well. So, when crafting a team, what is the strategy? Do you create a team solely of the typing you specialize in? Do you branch out to cover the types you do not possess? I am quite interested in hearing your opinions!
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[There's the sound of moderately heavy breathing and if you listen closely, you may hear some sounds relating to what an Eevee makes. The unseen speaker makes an annoyed look at the Eevee before even talking.]

Carmen, I'm fine. The doctors and healers gave me and you a clean bill of health.

*Speaks towards the other Trainers* Hello every one. For those who don't know me, my name is Chris Ramirez. I'm a Delver. Myself and my Pokémon partner Carmen (she's an Eevee) were a part of a somewhat large expedition into the mountains and I was wondering if it was successful. It happened somewhere about seven months ago. The pair of us got attacked by a herd of Aron, which took us by surprise. Afterwards, we apparently were recovering in the Forest Shrine for quite some time.

One last thing, if anyone needs the services of myself and Carmen please do not hesitate to ask. We are... I guess anxious to begin again. I'm in Union at the moment.


Jan. 11th, 2014 12:49 am
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Greetings everyone. Can I have your attention if you don't mind? My name is Chris Ramirez, former Ranger-in-training now Delver and I have a few questions to pose to you. First off, if you are a Ranger or even a Guard you may or may not have heard my surname in relation to any doctors or physicians. Not to mention the fact that I am from a long line of Rangers so... needless to say that I am breaking the tradition is kind of stating the obvious to put it mildly.

On to business now, while I'm concerned about running out of supplies there is a limited amount of Delvers in Union so that in itself poses a problem. While we aren't at that point we still should be cautious.

[Text message ends.]

[Action: Against Chris' own better judgement the young man had made the trip to somewhere on the outskirts of the Scorched Forest. He also planned to venture to the Lake Shrine later on as well to see if he could find any sign of something that could help the city of Union. So with his Eevee Carmen trailing along Chris had arrived without backup.]

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