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[Pamela looks quite different on this warp band broadcast. Her eyes are much lighter, she's lost the glasses, and her skin's quite pale - it's almost white with a slight greenish hue. Her hair even grew a few inches. In fact, someone who didn't know her well probably wouldn't recognize her until she starts speaking.]

'Tis the season to evolve, it seems. I'm going to need a mostly new wardrobe - at least for the things I can't just have altered. I'd welcome some company.

[Her Roselia nudges her shoulder insistently and pipes up. Those who understand Pokemon will hear him saying "The party, Pamela! You promised!" Pamela sighs a bit but smiles shortly afterward.]

Yes, Basil, I won't forget. My family is insisting that I have a big party for my birthday this year. It's a month from now and I'm extending a formal invitation to everyone. Please RSVP with at least five days' notice if you'll be coming for dinner. Otherwise, there will be a buffet.

[Basil nods approvingly and Pamela disconnects the video feed.]

[Action - Out in a clearing in the Verdant Forest near Union's walls]

[She'd thought about asking, but in the end decided to see what she could do on her own with the Leaf element enhanced sword she'd been given for her part in aiding Caldera.

It's quite apparent that she's a beginner. She's got a basic grasp of "aim the pointy end at the opponent" and her footwork isn't awful solely because she knows how to dance. There's some grace to her movements. Just not much skill. Anyone who knows what they're doing could disarm her very quickly.

Her Gloom, a baby Oddish, her Roselia, a baby Scyther and her Venusaur are sitting back and watching her with some mild amusement. Sage the Venusaur lets out a little warning growl when he hears someone approaching. Pamela stops what she's doing and glances in the direction Sage is indicating.

Oh, hello.

(ooc note: With Pamela's 1st evolution comes pheromone powers. They aren't very powerful yet and have a short range of approximately 3 feet or so. She's currently unaware that she has them. If you want to embarrass your character a little, please feel free to have an awkward moment. Otherwise, please feel free to comment on that perfume that suits her so well)
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[ Ib and Mary are having a little practice battle now that they have a little more verity in their bonds. If anyone wants to watch, give advice, take sides or just hassle 9-year olds go ahead. ]

The terms: each is allowed three Pokemon around level 10. The matches will be 1 v. 1 and go until forfeit. No knockouts (those aren't friendly.)

At an open space in town, Ib stands on one side with a Spinarak on her back, a Budew in her arms and a Girafarig standing next to her. There's also a shiny Bellsprout by her feet but she only recently bonded with Goldie. It's not ready for a battle like this but Ib thought it might benefit from watching.

"Ready, Mary?"


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[Observe the interior of Garry's classroom as it's obvious he's twisting his wrist this way and that to get a good look at the Warp Band.] So this is what all the fuss is about...? [Yes, that was a defeated sigh. Good ol' Garry.]

I'm not sure going out is the best idea .. besides, we still have class. So don't think you're going to get out of doing homework! [Right? Right. He's not that scatterbrained.] But maybe a little venture out on the weekends would be okay. During the day. [No thanks for night time.]

I guess it's customary to ask for tips or something like that. [He's really only ever focused on things that had nothing to do with leaving Union so pokemon training has never been his forte. The cute little blue Floette on the edge of his desk sits patiently, looking on.] Instead of tips.. why don't you tell me your favorite thing about training? ...and exploring? [He asks like he's talking to one person instead of a network at whole. Because that's easier and opens communication more. And also might help him a little better. Maybe.]
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Hey, Mr. Banzu? I got the egg you wanted. Did you want to meet outside the Breeding Center to get it?


[Outside the Breeding Center, Guertena seems none the worse for wear for his brief paternity leave, back to painting thankfully water-soluable murals all over the place. Hiroshi sits, holding the egg in his lap and marveling over it. Strange how there's still no real indication of how or why Pokemon get eggs...[

Careful, Guertena. You know how the guards get if you're too ostentatious about that.

[Guertena snorts. He got 99 problems and guards ain't one. He does paint one on the wall however.]

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