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Hiccup Haddock here everyone, and for those of you who don't know me, yes I have heard every joke there is about my name, so if we could refrain from making them for the duration of this, that would be great.

It occurs to me that we don't really have any sort of structure set up for learning how to fly, either on a fully-grown Flying-Type, as Flying-type Enlightened, or as a Shifter. With that in mind, I'm thinking about starting up some sort of Flight Club. Y'know, to share tips, tricks, help members practice, and to have people on hand just in case some sort of accident happens.

So... anyone interested in the idea. If I get enough takers, we can hash out when and where to meet here.
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Log Deputy: Sheepy ([ profile] sheepyton) & Void ([ profile] beholdthevoid
Participating Characters: Lux, Ezreal, Hiccup, Yuuna, Banzu & Eren
Plot Description: An excavation team takes to the Old City looking for supplies to recreate older technology, a Pokédex.
Warnings/Notes: This is the first of many logs that will be taking place over the next few months.

I wanna be the very best )
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So I'm wondering if there's anybody around who is skilled at crafting items. I've been looking around for a certain item, a "Razor Claw", specifically. I have the ability to teach Pokemon special attacks that they might not otherwise know, I'd be happy to tutor a Pokemon in exchange for the item.
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[The camera wobbled in and out of focus for anyone who happened to tune in that morning, and close observers would catch a glimpse of movement-- of trees, and of a very curious pair of eyes, glimmering in excitement, peering into the feed.]

--Tama-san, [A voice, a young man, said in an almost chiding tone.] I know you're excited, but you don't need to hang. all. over. me.

[He swung his arms, trying to free himself from from Tama's grip, but the momentum of the movement threatened to throw the both of them off balance.

Defeated, Rei stopped and sighed wearily.]

Alright, we can stop for a snack, although you'll lose your appetite at this--

[He broke off mid-complaint, eye widening when he noticed that the camera feed was live.

The moment of surprise, however, was short lived. Rei fussed with his glasses, suddenly adopting a cool, composed demeanor now that he realized that he had been noticed.]

Don't worry-- nothing's going on. We know exactly what we're doing.

[--The composed aura didn't last for long. A Mantyke, still young, fully appeared on screen and tackled the young man.

...Clearly, it didn't want lunch. It wanted to play.]

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