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[The feed turns on to a young woman standing in the commercial district, hand resting on some kind of rocky spine, a grin on her face.]

So I didn't realize that Union had this kind of thing. I heard that there was a racing scene here, so I thought that we would check it out.

Golem, say hello to everyone!

[Moving to give the world a better look at her new companion, the camera focuses on a young Rhyhorn. He looks just as excited as his partner, jumping up on his back legs and looking straight at the band. He then shakes his head a bit when he lands.

Someone's a show off.

Rydia kneels down next to Golem, so both are on the screen.]

I was curious if I could get some advice from anyone interested in Rhyhorn racing. From what I understand, preliminaries start pretty soon, so any suggestions would be a big help. Not that we'll have any trouble, right, Golem?


Mar. 2nd, 2014 09:31 pm
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Yo! Union, I got a question for you.

Okay, so, the thought just came to me [No inspiration or anything..] I got these two little guys here. [He holds his Nidorans up in his arms, either Doug is a really small guy or the Nidorans are oversized...

So for years I've wondered this, maybe some of you Enlightened guy can help me out. Why do they both say "Nidoran"?

[The male Nidoran goes "Nido" at that and the female goes "Ran" both seeming rather happy in their masters arms.] Is one of them shiny? I don't think so, I mean, that's just a color thing.. right?? This one is a legitimate different shape and size, they can't both be the same pokemon.

They both know different attacks too.. one's a boy and the others a girl just so you know. This is Nigel [He lifts the male Nidoran, facing him--] and this is Nina [--then he lifts the female.]
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[Eren's egg has hatched. Usually this would be a time for excitement! But no. Eren is just… baffled. The warp band video turns on to show something weird and fat sitting in a pile of eggshell on a table. Eren isn't visible, just the weird pokémon. It looks a little something like this (except black and white, you know);]

[Eren sounds very… confused] Uh. So… does anyone know what this is? Is it… a bird? Or a pot… or what.

[then the thing's neck splits open to reveal it's mouth]

[the sound it makes is a higher pitched version of this.]

SAVIOR! Why do you keep making that sound?! What does it want?!
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[The camera is resting against a rock on the forest at an angle since Toph threw it to the side in a hurry. It's pretty clear that the video is an accident, as Toph is too busy waving her arms around over her head to pay any attention to it, though a Tympole is aware of the video and is bouncing for the camera.

Toph, meanwhile, is the most unamused. This may be because her hair is in a poof]

Y'know, Shi, the reason I bonded with you was so you would stop taking my headband, you sorry excuse for a Murkrow! We're not going back to the city until those weirdos leave, so just come down from wherever you are and gimme back my headband!

[Said Murkrow happens to be three feet to Toph's left and not even that far out of reach, headband in her talons as she flaps. Shi would very much like to see the city like Toph promised and the headband is her hostage until Toph keeps that promise.

Thankfully, Toph manages to brush against the band with her flailing and grabs it, pulling it loose from Shi's talons and sitting down on the floor of the forest to get her hair back into submission. Shi squawks in displeasure but the Tympole, still bouncing, just chirps back at her to be nice or Lin will drench her feathers.]

I'm getting you a bell, Shi, so I can find you next time you go flying off. Get the band from wherever I threw it, will you? And where's Lin?

[Lin the Tympole heads over to Toph with a soft noise as the camera is momentarily obscured by the Murkrow's talons. It's dropped on the ground by Toph's left. The girl reaches for it, groaning when she realizes something.]

It's been on the whole time?!

[If someone wishes to see this in person, they're in a quieter part of the Verdant Forest, by a lot of rocks]


Feb. 23rd, 2014 09:45 pm
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[ Jean's normally spiky/fluffy haircut is even spikier today, if that's possible. The culprit? His baby mareep, which has decided to perch itself on his fluffy head. Babies are tiny, ok. And also full of static. ]

So the egg hatched the other day. You wouldn't believe what a pain it is to keep an electric-type from friggin' waking you up all the time when you've got feathers. This dumb mareep won't stop messing with my wings! But ma' likes her a lot, I guess, so we've been keeping her at home. Personally, I think she just wants free wool. (Don't let her know I said that.)

Anyway I guess I'll add my two cents in saying this tournament stuff is bullshit. But it beats getting attacked by weird machines so whatever, y'know? As long as they don't pull that shit again, who cares?

[ Pause............ ]

Oh, and I joined the Rangers, I guess. You can blame friggin' Eren and his dumb face. I know this shit ain't my journal or whatever but I've been kinda busy so I figured I owed some of you guys an update.

Still sucks that I couldn't get into the Swords, though.


Feb. 22nd, 2014 05:08 pm
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[Perhaps a few hours away from Union, there's a stream which leads to a small spring. And there's trees. And there's distant mountains and grass and woodland and--

And the smell of cooking.

- and a campsite. Yes, firewood's burning, signalling the sun beginning to hang low in the sky. Yes, there's certainly signs of recent life.

A rather young looking teenager, quite short, and quite thin, sits just shy of the fire upon a folded, long strip of fabric. There's a bowl in his hand, but it appears he's feeding an eevee and a purrloin. He appears to be speaking to them as well.

That is, until the eevee hears your footsteps. She struggles from the youth's lap and bounds over, the whites of her (small) teeth not all that much of a threatening sight.

...Argent?! Please hold!

[Soon enough, the youth moves to her side, a gloved hand on the hilt of some longsword at his side. But looking to his face should inform any visitor that he shows little chance of actually attacking. His eyes are curious, tone gentle.]

Argent, please calm down. Forgive us, friend - for we are not used to visitors. We wish you no harm, unless you wish it upon us.

[The eevee continues to snarl. The purrloin soon saunters to her side as well, looking at this visitor almost hungrily.]
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[A face comes on the feed. She looks genuinely amused.]

I wake up, and suddenly there are messages that people have eggs hatching, and I can't help but notice a lot more baby Pokemon around the city. It's so cute!

But, I want to make sure you people actually know what you're doing here. Baby Pokemon can be a handful! There's a lot of things you might not think about in the first few weeks that are important to making sure that they grow up strong.

So! If anyone needs help at all, I'm the girl to go to. I actually have a lot of experience with babies and would be more than willing to help. No charge, I know that money can be tight. Besides, I really like children.
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[Amidst the snow and cold of Union, a strange woman walks the streets in minimal, what looked to be handmade winter gear, not nearly as affected by it as she has any right to be. She is tall, striking green eyes and even more unusual green hair thrown partially over on shoulder, looking more wild than anything else. Gliding above her is a Pidgey, a band of brightly-colored beads wrapped around its right ankle; and rested on her shoulder is a Goomy, likewise adorned with a necklace of differently-colored beads, part of which seem to have been enveloped within its gooey body. She walks without purpose, simply watching, seemingly mystified by what she saw.

Scouting the outer wall did not prepare her for what was inside. These people lived piled atop one another, and there were so many of them! They dressed strangely, too (what were these things called petticoats, and why did some women insist upon wearing them?), almost completely covered from head to toe, and in such drab colors. This Union, it was a strange place, so very different from what she was used to.]


Feb. 6th, 2014 06:23 pm
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[There's an odd sight at one of the gates into the city today.

The woman herself is odd enough. The prongs on her hat twitch every so often, as if there are ears underneath. And if there were any doubt at all she was a Shifter, that would go away the moment someone registered the Vulpix tails she sported. So yes, that's an odd sight.

The equally odd sight, however, is the small army of children she enters with. Some of them appear to be Shifters themselves, others regular humans. There's even a few Pokemon here and there. It's like watching a school come back from a field trip, except there doesn't seem to be an average age among the kids. They seem to range the gamut from very young to teenaged. Huh.]

All right, children, we're finally here! Gather round, please, and let me do a head count. Remember, we need to be on our best behavior right now. For the time being, we are only guests to this city. With any luck, they will be kind enough to admit us, so let's all hope for the best! Now come, come, let's make sure everybody's here.

...Ohhhhh, bother. Has anybody seen Elder Yakumo? [Some murmuring.] Not me, of course. Lady Yukari. When DID she wander off? *sigh* Orange, did you notice?

[The small Espurr next to her shakes her head.]

That figures. I'm sure she'll show up when she wants to. She's always been like that.


Feb. 6th, 2014 01:27 pm
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[action, against the walls of Union]
[Today, anyone venturing outside the walls of Union may come across an interesting sight - a woman with long, green-tinted hair slumped up against the walls.

Surely she's hurt! Injured! Exhausted or starving, having barely made it back to civilization only to collapse right against its front gates. Perhaps if care is swiftly brought, she may still be able to rec -- ]


[A light snoring can be heard.]

[public video, much later on]
Well met, everyone.

[The woman appearing on the Warp Band has a mild, pleasant smile as she dips her head slightly. There is a brief flicker of the eyes to her wrist as if she's not entirely sure what she's doing.]

I have been told it would be to my advantage to introduce myself through this device. ...My name is Tiki. It's a pleasure to find myself in such a lively place, though... I see this city, too, has seen better days. Tragedy has been recently averted, I hear.

If there is aught I might be of aid with, I should be glad to lend my help. I am what you would call a Shifter.

[She dips her head again, and it might be noticed now that her hair is a bit too green and her ears too sharply pointed to be normal.]

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