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Who: Hawke ([personal profile] hawkethat) and Fenris ([personal profile] trulyfree)
What: Ice Cream!
Where: Out and about in Union
When: Right after the end of the Heart Swap
Warnings: None!
Ice cream fixes everything! )
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[Warp Band Video]

[Exhibit A is a somewhat disheveled and distressed-looking man (this blond one, right here). He's just got a short request.]

If anyone runs into someone calling themselves Bethany Hawke, will you let me know? She's my sister.

Or, Bethany, if you can see this, it's Garrett.

And Anders, if you see this, get in touch with me, okay? Thanks.

[Transmission ends]
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Well hello everyone out there!

[There's a pretty girl on the screen all of a sudden.

Wait. It's hard to tell, but that's actually a dude in drag. Hopefully you have good perception-- if not? Kuranosuke's not going to correct anyone who mistakes him for a girl. He's got on make up, a lusciously full blonde wig, and pink from head to toe apart from his black miniskirt.

It looks like he's making this broadcast from the business district, and he's speaking with a girly lilt to his voice-- what, gotta act the part if you're dressed up, right?]

It's a pleasure to meet you all, I'm sure. Let's get down to business, shall we?

I'm looking for anyone who's interested in entering contests. You see, Pearls and I here-- Prrriii! -- aaare looking to offer our services as Pokémon Stylists.

If you need a consultation, or maybe just need a refresher course of your own, please feel free to contact me and we'll see if I can help you. I'm looking for a special kind of client... so don't think you'll get away with it on the first meeting!

Anyway, just look into contacting Kuranosuke Koibuchi, alright?

[Koibuchi, as in Son-of-the-politician Koibuchi. He has no shame.]



[With a sigh, Kuranosuke ends the transmission and looks over at his Togepi. Dropping the feminine voice, he shrugs.]

Well, let's hope we don't get anyone boring.

Kura-po, you think everyone's boring nowadays.

I'm not wrong! There's never anyone with the right style. Everyone's always talking and talking- but it's like no one cares about what they do! I need something new.

[Pearls just lets out her own exasperated sigh. What is she going to do with this boy?]
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[The little Poochyena comes out after sundown, when the city's shadows mute the bright gold of his fur some. He sniffs the air, growls thoughtfully, and then sets off to explore his old haunts with a quiet Zubat flapping after him. They stop at several buildings in the Business and Entertainment Districts, but only stay long enough to circle the storefronts a couple times, taking in the new scents and sounds.

It's in Ninetails Vale that the Poochyena finally slows and sits on his haunches. The Zubat squeaks a question in Pokemon speech as he scratches his ear with his hind paw.]

Nah. Just thinking.

[He settles in to watch the street, looking for all the world like a puppy waiting for his best friend to come home.]



[It's a gruff greeting, and while the young man on the feed has a rosy-cheeked, childlike face, his expression is more frowny than friendly.]

I noticed a lot of newcomers been trickling in to stay since all that shit with Gigas and the Citadel this summer.

[That is definitely not the kind of language that should be coming out of a face that cute.]

If you need help settling in--place to stay, something to do--get in touch. Name's Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu. I'm around.

((OOC: And here's a permissions post for anyone who needs it!))
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It's another lovely summer day! It's later in summer now and as the excitement from the previous weeks die down, another sign goes up in the local park...

Pokémingle!! Back by popular demand!

It's an open event for Pokémon of any kind! Play games, walk together, and relax in the sun! Trainers, let your Pokémon take the day off! Let's make Pokéfriends!! (^_^)

((Pokémingle returns! While the base premise is that it's a relaxing day at a park, feel free to respond with other top-level comments with what else your Pokémon might be doing around Union. No real rules about top-level threads, so if you want to include all of your Pokémon in one thread or do separate ones for a few Pokémon, go ahead. (Try not to make top-levels for 15 different Pokémon though if possible.) No trainers allowed!! Or at least, minimal trainer interference!

Let's make PokéCR!! ^_^ ))
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An adorable Lillipup and a ferocious shiny Zorua are walking along the side of the road in Union. To those nearby, they seem to be having some sort of conversation, but after a certain point, the Zorua stops and the Lillipup trots off.

Sitting down, the Zorua waits patiently for...something. Whether it is the Lillipup or someone else, it is unclear, but the Zorua seems rather lost in thought and doesn't seem to be paying much attention to anything around him.

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