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[When the video starts, Mei looks a little unimpressed. She's here on a mission, though.]

I was wondering if anyone has seen a Klefki roaming about. He's...likely still in Ninetales Vale somewhere. It's also very probable that some of you may be missing keys.

[She certainly is.]

In that case, I apologize. If anyone happens to find him, please contact me so I can retrieve him.


[Sure enough, there is indeed a mischievous little Klefki floating around Ninetales Vale and...appropriating any keys that happen to be unattended. Some may be on his key ring, the others...the world may never know. He is the only one worthy of being the keymaster.

There can be only one.

He could be in your house, hanging around in a shop, watching and waiting for someone to set their keys down, or simply looking for a suitable place to dump keys that are unworthy of being displayed on his ring.]
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[He'd heard they had video on the Warp Bands but his old one hadn't had that feature. Maybe it's a good thing this one does.

Martin is in a room in the medical center when he starts it. Which is the problem. He died. He's not supposed to be back in the medical center two months later decidedly not dead and an Enlightened!

But he's back and now he has to adjust to these sharp little claw-nail-things on his fingers on top of everything else. What is his life?

Before Martin gets a chance to say anything, a Budew grabs the band and starts poking at it.]

No, Laterose, not right now.

[The Budew goes out of sight and Martin focuses it back on him with a sigh]

Um. I...I'm not quite sure what to say right now. I'm back? Is that what you say when you die and wake up two months later in the Forest? Is this normal for Enlightened?

[He clearly has more questions but cuts himself off]

Anyway. Could someone catch me up on the last two months?

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[Mei's had her Warp Band for a while. Mostly so her mother could keep track of her easily. She's never been fond of the device because of that. However, it does have its uses. She timed this little broadcast when she knew her mother was busy working. When she appears on the feed, she's not alone. There's a Litwick peering somewhat curiously from its perch on a shelf behind her. There's also a couple dolls in the background that may or may not just look like silhouettes of bodies or something.]


I was wondering if anyone might be able to accompany me to the Mausoleum. There's a Pokémon there I'm interested in trying to bond with, and I'd...rather not travel alone.

[While she has her own Pokémon, she's not too keen on fighting, and should anything happen to her, she could only imagine the punishment she might receive.]

If not...I suppose I'll just have to wait.

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