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Shizuru stands outside what used to be her workplace, staring in dismay at the lack of progress rebuilding in the aftermath of the earthquake. It was a hair salon. She's not sure what it is now.

She ducks inside the doorway to see how bad the damage is, noting as she does multiple presences nearby. Purrloins. Some strays have found a new home, it seems. Shizuru makes a face.

Passersby may notice shouts issuing from the once and future hair salon as she fruitlessly threatens the pack of Purrloins. She knows she can't take all of them at once in a fight, but that doesn't mean Shizuru won't try to convince them otherwise.

"Get out now, or you're in for serious pain!"



[Someone is checking out the new video feature. Shizuru has a cigarette in her hand and a small rueful smile on her face when she starts talking.]

Hey, everybody. The building where I work took damage in the earthquake, and not only are the repairs going slower than expected, I startled a pack of Purrloins in the process of purloining anything they found.

I could use some business. If anyone wants a haircut, come see me at home and I'll take care of you here rather than at the salon.

Otherwise I might get bored.

[She's clearly not the only one bored, as an Eevee jumps into her lap and nudges her while she's talking.]

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Jan. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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