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[With the troubles in and outside of Union subsiding, peace returned to the city. The ports were bustling and busy as ever with sailors and traders making their rounds. Just when normality seemed to have returned, here's a rather odd sight: a small girl, dressed in black, though regal garbs, climbed up one of the ladders of the Palisade. She dragged herself up back to the surface, drenched in sea water, and... a little bloodied to boot.

Her skin is bone pale as if all life had been drained from it. And yes, that was indeed the case. The girl, from any distance, looked dead. She was missing an eye if anyone bothered to look closely, not to mention.

She lied on her back, taking her time to regain energy. Or that's what she believed she felt, anyway. And the girl laughed.]

... H-how... fortunate! We are finally on land once more... Princess.

[Back beneath the palisade, a mantyke was looking up, waiting to see or hear for something.]


[A piercing red eye appears on the visuals. Mikotsu withdraws her head, seeing that yes, this Warp Band.. It's working quite well!

At this point, she recovered enough and found a means of wrapping bandages around her missing left eye. The girl looked very much like she was from a ghost story, smiling as eerily as she did. She speaks, but her tone, her voice, it's like she's doing an impression than speaking properly. Mikotsu taps at the fishbone charm decorating her hair as she does so.]

Greetings, citizens of Union! It is my pleasure to introduce to you the rightful leader of the Blue Sea Clan, the great Princess Mikotsu!

We, that is, she and I, are deeply moved and grateful for your hospitality... hoho. These are troubling times for all of us. As a visitor, the Princess will make an effort toward the enrichment of your bustling city. She humbly asks that you pardon her for the intrusion.

If you'll allow this, she hopes to become quick friends with all of you soon. Quite soon!

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Jan. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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