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Hellooooooo Union City! This is Radio Rebel with a slightly different show than normal.

So I do have a full line-up of some of the newest and coolest music for you, but you gotta know I've got to say a few things on what's going on. And I will be taking calls in on the matter of the vote. Sanctuary's little project cannot be supported. We're people, and Pokemon, and we're alive and we feel things and we all have the right to seek out our own place and purpose. Whatever that may be.

Gigas does not have the right to take those things from anyone, and Sanctuary doesn't either. And I know, I know, Gigas did it first, but that isn't a reason to keep doing it now that they have had their collective butts kicked to the curb. Which leaves us with what we should do with Sanctuary?

We can't just go back in there and replace Gigas. That'll just add to yet another settlement doing the wrong thing. But we can't support Sanctuary doing something so vile. I would love to extend a hand of friendship with them... but I don't think we can until we're sure.

So Union City, what do you think?

You're on the air!
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Citizens of Union!

So now that everyone has gotten all settled in after the whole Sanctuary thing, I've been hearing rumors that things with Sanctuary weren't exactly as advertised. I can't exactly get your opinions without asking, and I can't give my opinions without a little bit more to go on.

So what exactly went on?
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Near the Signal Tower

You probably didn't notice her the first time you glanced around. Or the second. You might never actually spot her the way she just sorta... exudes an aura of 'don't notice me.' Her Eevee, however, doesn't. The two seem to be enjoying a quiet lunch. Alone, which isn't a surprise since she doesn't look up, and if anyone gets too close she... flinches.

Clearly if you notice her you should go say hi, she obviously needs a friend.

Engineering shops

Tara wandered around grabbing a few parts she needed. She had some ideas to increase the quality of audio signal. The Warp Bands had pretty good speakers, and some engineers made dedicated radios that were even better. But they only worked if the signal quality was consistent. Which needed a little love, and she was the best engineer she trusted with it.

She moved around trying to stay out of the way, and when she went to buy she barely mumbeled out three words to the teller. Hardly looked up too. Such a shy thing.

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