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Who: Yukiko Amagi and Fuuka Yamagishi
What: Yukiko and Fuuka go to Glacier
When: After the operation
Where: Glacier
Warnings: None

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The City of Gigas is unlike anything the people of Union have ever seen before. The city is immense, a sprawling metropolis that covers the land as far as the eye can see. Built up primarily around enormous centralized towers, unlike Union these towers are dark concrete buildings, covered in glass windows. The buildings seem to serve any number of functions, and have a startling variety in construction, style, and even size, creating a unique skyline that is breathtaking to behold. The city is connected with roads of asphalt, upon which whiz smoke-belching steel carriages at frightful speeds, the engines (and piercing, constant horns) creating an ever-present din that engulfs the city in loud, chaotic sound.

“Downtown,” as the Gigans know it, is a huge collection of stores, apartments, and businesses. Apparently, the larger homes are built in Calderan-style but tend to be further from the main commotion of the downtown areas, of which Gigas citizens assure Union citizens that there are several, each with their own district name and culture. The technology is quite advanced as well, full color televisions are standard in every home and built in devices so slim and with such sharp images that they seem decades ahead of Union’s own technology. Pokemon are still quite present in Gigas, many people riding flying types and the buildings having huge perches to accommodate them. As with the vehicles below, however, Gigas seems to regulate air traffic to individual lanes and the birds seem well-trained as they convey their trainers to and fro.

Humans are just that, here, Human. No unusual shapes and sizes like the Enlightened and Earthkin of the Union Alliance, and those displaying unusual traits receive odd looks. Like many civilizations to the east, Battling is a common sport though in this place it’s more like the combat arenas of old. Several stadiums dot the cityscape, the sounds of Pokemon Battles and cheering crowds echoing for blocks all around, and it’s a stadium where humans are not welcome. Unless, of course, they want to make a show and spar against a Pokemon, of course.

This is Gigas, the City of Reclamation. Union civilians have free rein to explore this grand city as councillors are invited into the massive capitol building to negotiate with the Gigan leaders. Gigas civilians, for their part, are polite, friendly even. While many of them are caught in the bustle of their daily lives they regard Union citizens with interest and curiosity, willing to talk about their city, extolling its virtues while complaining about the noise, the crowds, the lines, and the expense all the while. One thing is clear though, the people of Gigas are proud of their city and their accomplishments. This is their home, and they are eager to show it off to the world.
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[Today over the Warp Band, it's not just Yukiko that appears, it's Fuuka and they're both standing outside of a small stone building on the bottom floor of one of the newly reconstructed towers. Dressed nicely, they both bow at the camera and smile broad, happy smiles.]

Good afternoon, everyone. Today we wanted to announce that Yamagi-ya is officially reopened. The flower shop, engineering shop, and my move tutoring services are all completely ready and at your service.

We'll handle whatever it is you need, though all custom orders are still going to need a few days to complete, so please keep that in mind when you're ordering. I hope you'll consider us for whatever you might need, and we both look forward to serving y-

[She cuts off as a Snorlax paw slides over the camera.]

Peter. Don't. You. Dare.

[The paw slowly retracts.]

As I was saying. We both look forward to serving you. Our hours are 10 to 9, but we can schedule appointments whenever you might need.

[and the feed shuts down.]


[Throughout the day, Yukiko and Fuuka can both be found at their shop, working away. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and a sullen Snorlax is doing penance by sweeping the gym.]

((ooc: This is a joint post with Fuuka and Yukiko. You may get one or both of them, unless you specify!

To make Item requests from Fuuka please reply here, and to request Move Tutoring from Yukiko please go here.))
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The battle is joined. The gods of Union, while mighty, seem to pale in comparison to the singular dragon of ice. Although they strive mightily to avoid damaging the city, already the mysterious blue dragon has been flung directly into a tower, earning itself a nasty gash over its eye, much to the dismay of the red dragon. While it has rejoined the fight, it is clear that the gods alone are not enough - the people of Union will have to step forward if they are to save their beloved city. The cries of the wounded and terrified citizens echo through the streets as the flames of battle rage. Now is the time - they must be stopped!
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Who: Yosuke Hanamura, Mami Tomoe, Waver Velvet, Ahri, Yukiko Amagi, Fuuka Yamagishi
What: Hinterlands exploration
When: Week 99
Where: The Hinterlands
Summary: Yosuke gathers up some of his friends to go on an expedition to find exactly where the city of Gigas is and takes the wrong way. Also to open up the area for bonding.

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[For Raine, since the return from the unexpected journey to Glacier, it has been a few weeks spent studying, catching up, learning some of the quicker ways to get around Union and... settling in. Something which had been easy enough for her and her brother; less so when it came to her Pokemon bondmates.

In particular, her Oddish had become somewhat difficult to handle since her return, not adjusting to the changes all that well and the fact that Raine had been away for a while. It had developed a tendency of shaking some form of sleep powder or stun spores at any humans who got too close before retreating somewhere to hide.

While she was used to dealing with it, it would be unfortunate if someone else had unknowingly agitated the Pokemon while it was having one of its fits, though she doesn't feel comfortable broadcasting the situation. Still, she's looking a little harried, after the Pokemon scampers off after being re-summoned, yet again, and she's finally forced to consult the network-

... and yes, that is a Pikachu fussing with her hair in the frame.]

My apologies for bothering you with something like this, but if anyone has happened to notice an Oddish that is behaving -- well, oddly -- can you let me know where you've noticed it and keep your distance from it? We were in the business district, so she probably hasn't gotten very far. Thank you.

[Short and to the point. As it is, she'll get back to searching, herself, even though the Pikachu accompanying her also seems a little fussy, since here they are in the business district but no actual shopping seems to be taking place. Priorities...]
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Who: Yukiko Amagi and Fuuka Yamagishi
What: An actual first date, with no dragon gods
When: Sometime after returning from Glacier
Where: The Flower Grove, and elsewhere.
Warnings: PG for fluff, maybe a kiss?

[It’s been a couple of days now since the excitement in the frozen north died down and rather than getting bogged down in the goings on of repairing and rebuilding a shattered city Yukiko and Fuuka had beat a retreat back to warmer climates. Mostly at Yukiko’s insistence, for the health of her new…girlfriend? (because that was still weird to think about!) but also because she needed to check up on the rest of her Pokemon. And once all that was taken care of and she’d slept for a whole day…it was time.

Time to get back together with the apple of her eye. After arranging the meeting, Yukiko hopped in the saddle and rode Bereth on out to the Flower Grove to get things ready. With Fuuka now having her own flying companion, and a steadfast and reliable one like the Aerodactyl at that, she figured getting there early and setting up a place would be nice.

So…whenever Fuuka arrives? There’s a full picnic laid out for the two of them, and a warm sun fighting off the winter chill in this particular clearing. And just Yukiko, alone, hands clasped behind her back. Her feet rock too and fro a little nervously, but she’s smiling as she greets the other.]

Hey. No trouble getting here, I hope?”
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[The battle was over and the god Reshiram defeated, driven away by the aid of Union and its allies. The city was safe, by and large, and as the news spread throughout the peoples of the tundra, they began streaming back into the settlement in droves. Dirty, ash-coated faces were filled with relief and gratitude when they saw that it wasn't just a rumor and that their home had indeed been spared. Not everyone was so lucky, but they'd weathered worse, of course. The people of Glacier endured, as they would always endure, and they were also a people that repaid their debts. And they most certainly all agreed that they owed their rescuers a debt.

So, as night fell after the battle, a great celebration was prepared in the center of Glacier. A wide square was cleared away in a matter of hours, and the people gathered what they could in a show of thanks. Tables of food, bonfires towering into the night sky to keep out the autumn chill, and throngs of cheering wellwishers lined the area. Warriors of glacier, men carrying swords and women all bearing axes offered enthusiastic handshakes and claps on the back. Music of all kinds was played, though tribal tunes full of horn and percussion, chanting and yodeling, and even some brass groups dominated the soundscape.

A platform for various elders was set up, and they offered speeches, of course...but those were somehow dwarfed by the presence of the divine beings that were waiting silently for the proceedings to end. Some of the gods that had come to the aid of the war parties had apparently decided to stay, though their reasons were as mysterious as they themselves. The humans would have their time, and the Servants would mingle freely throughout the evening.

Food, of course, is set out in piles. Meat, fish, arctic berries, and various pastries and the like line table after table. A smorgasbord of Glacier specialties, each with a new and unique flavor all their own, and some (such as the stew) possessing a smell that only a native could probably endure. Akutaq in particular seems to stand out among the worst offenders, but the Glacier natives seem rather fond of it, and offer it to their rescuers with great gusto.

And the rewards do not stop at simple meals. either. As the speeches begin to wind down, a woman some might find familiar walks up onto the stage carrying a singularly massive trunk and dropping it down onto the wood with a heavy thud.]

Southerners! You have done a great deed this day! We, the people of Glacier, would like to thank you and honor your sacrifice! Few would do as you have done, coming to the aide of strangers against the might of that dragon...and you have accomplished something we did not think possible. To that end, we would like to present you with the first of many gifts, a token of our gratitude and a promise that should you need it, we will come to your defense in a time of need!

[And then with a sharp kick, she cracks open the trunk and reveals a veritable treasure trove of three different stones to be distributed by her subordinates.]

Rest well, and enjoy the festivities! You are welcome here, for as long as you like! Eat, drink, and be merry within our halls!
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[It's a lengthy journey even by air, that our intrepid heroes find themselves on. The veteran fliers set a quick, but not grueling pace at the suggestion of the Valkyries. Arriving to a battleground when a god had taken the field tired was not wise, they'd said, and who could really blame them? The prospect alone of facing down one of the beasts of legend would be enough to send most men fleeing in the opposite direction, but one who was working with a human? That was all the more reason to make sure that proper care was taken on the trek. And so for a day the party traveled, a caravan of birds, dragons, reptiles and the odd flying robot making steady time across the Rolling Plains before setting down at the north-eastern edge.

The curious would find that not far from where the tents were pitched, the green hills turned jagged, the land going from verdant to a sea of dark glass. Obsidian shards spiked upwards, spires gleaming in the moonlight like razor sharp teeth, setting an ominous tone for the evening's respite. Tents were pitched, fires were lit, and the more warlike companions even began a drum circle and dance. Valkyries and shirtless Calderan volunteers, a small number of visiting mages, and other more mysterious folks all curious to see the god and to help with the relief efforts. The camp, despite the circumstances, was at least a lively one.

And then came the final day.

Over the Obsidian Flats they went, the massive shapes of Boldore and Tyranitar visible even from up in the sky. And...further perhaps even more stunningly, a gigantic lake almost large enough to call an inland sea, sprawled out below. Rivers snaked out of it all around, and the water itself was a pure crystal blue. But perhaps the most awe inspiring sight of the whole journey came once they cleared the Flats and the area around Glacier came into view. An expanse of white, thick snow covering the ground this early in the year. Arctic forests cropped up here and there, snowcapped trees and a frigid looking river marring the perfect canvas beneath. And more Pokemon , of course. Gigantic Avalugg shook the ground below, and a new species plodded along, chewing amiably on the trees, largely unconcerned by the humans overhead, and the occurrences in the distance.

Along the coast a city was in flames, people streaming out of its ruined gates, desperately fleeing along the rivers before whatever it was came back. Smoke curled up along the skyline, burned hamlets and outlying settlements that'd already been destroyed.

It seems like they weren't too late, and it in the moment of respite there was a chance for our heroes to at least get their bearings and prepare for the Dragon God's return...]

[OOC: We will be opening some of these areas for bonding within the next few days for everyone who is taking part in the expedition.]
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[Yukiko appears on the video today looking a little bit haggard and run around. Her apartment is clearly in shambles, and she's holding her head and nursing a bruise. Her voice is irritated, a little angry, even.]

Hey. Has anyone seen a group of Pokemon roaming around? A Linoone, a Sudowoodo, and a Snorlax? They...took off in a rush this morning after Rocket made a mess of my apartment and I can't find them anywhere. They'll answer to Rocket, Wroot, and Peter. Or...uh...Snor-Lord.

[Groan at that stupid nickname he'd given himself.]

Seriously, let me know so I can keep them out of trouble.

Action, Around Shopping District/Junes:

[Well would you look at that? The aforementioned trio are just taking a stroll through the shopping district, poking their heads into the various shops and such, checking out the goods. Rocket's generally riding around on Wroot's head, but sometimes he'll scuttle off and paw through piles of something. Generally fragile things, like glass vases and the like. And accidentally knock them over. He just can't seem to help himself, having to touch everything!

Eventually the group makes it to Junes, where they plunk down in the food court and seem to be holding a meeting of sorts. They've actually managed to acquire some money from somewhere, and have bought sodas. And a pair of dolls. For some reason. And they're chatting away rather loudly. Because Snor-Lord doesn't do anything quiet. At all. Ever.

Please for the love of god stop them before something bad happens...]

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[It's been about three and a half months since he arrived in Union to help his dad set up this branch of Junes, but now came the one thing he was dreading about it. Business was fine, but his dad wanted to advertise a little more, and what better than to have his son do an advertisement for the store on the Warp Band? Yosuke groaned and protested, but eventually agreed. He didn't want to do this, but here he is-]

Ahem. Uh... [He reads nervously now from a paper that's heard as he uncrinkles it, with a cheerful demeanor and an apprehensive customer service voice over the feed. He really doesn't want to do this.]

This week only, Junes is offering a store-wide discount! Most items are ten to twenty-five percent off! Don't miss this great opportunity for all your shopping needs!

Every day's great at your Junes...! Heheh...! [He laughs half-heatedly, embarrassed.]


[There is a scream sounding in your direction. It's distressed. As if someone is trying to escape a deadly situation.]


[The boy runs, looking for help. Shadows seem to be following behind him, closely. He needs a hand, because whatever it is that's following him, is something he can't take on by himself.]
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[While he had been training more extensively with Martin and expanding his own horizons outside of Union, Matthias was still undoubtedly a member of the Swords, and that meant that while he had time away from other things, he had those responsibilities to tend to. To that end, he found himself out this early evening on a patrol with Basil, walking through the winding city to make sure that things stayed as calm as they felt at the moment. The sun hadn't quite come down from the sky yet and bathed the streets in a gentle orange light, but the chill of night had started to set in; thankfully the heat of the day made any breeze that happened to pass by pleasantly warm.

An hour into his patrol left Matthias with not much in the way to do however; nothing broke the calm, everyone seemed perfectly content to move about their day without incident, and everything seemed rather quiet, quiet enough to let the young man slip into thought about things. His time with Martin had been more productive than he could have ever imagined, first off; every lesson he stepped out of was one with less bruises, more confidence, and a better grasp of his skills, it was more than enough to make him feel better about himself than he had in a long time. He also thought of Yuuna, and her offers to train him in hand to hand combat...it was an exciting prospect to say the least, but one he would have to work up towards. Swords and staffs he was used to...his own hands however had only ever been used for cooking and tending to gardens and Pokemon.

Speaking of cooking, he'd recently taken up the task of learning how to bake. He'd wanted to learn ever since he'd gotten the idea to make small cakes for the people he'd worked with during their raid on Sanctuary; he'd never had a thought to learn until then, but now was the perfect excuse to try. His first few attempts...had been less than stellar, and he'd had Martin come over a few times to make sure he wasn't burning the spare house down. He'd wised up after the third failed attempt and sought out help from a local baker nearby Martin's house, a kindly older woman who'd been delighted to teach Matthias the ins and outs of the noble art! As he pulled a few snack cakes from his pouch and handed one off to Basil, he mused that he'd been making good strides.

What do you say, Basil? A short break before we get back to things?

[Basil nodded and hopped over to a nearby bench so he could begin eating his cake with gusto with Matthias arriving shortly after. He might as well take advantage of his lull, things usually livened up around the time the Taverns started opening their doors anyways. And for once? He was actually hoping he might fall in to a conversation or two; he'd been so busy with things lately that he'd enjoy some extra company]
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[A: Text, to everyone]

I hope that everyone is recovering from the recent ordeal. It was worrisome, to say the very least. Nonetheless, it seems that some benefit may have been derived from it, at least.

Has anyone successfully done one of these new evolutions?

[B: Text, private to Kyouko]

[Yeah... here's why she did text. She doesn't trust herself to not get emotional talking to Kyouko about this.]

I saw it in my memories. Inside of that cave that the others went inside of. Not the real thing.

[C: Action, later, at Junes!]

[Mami promised that she would stop by Junes. She wants to go see it, besides; she could stand to buy a few things, especially a few things from home. But her friend boyfriend it's complicated really there's not a good word for him special cute buddy Yosuke works here. And that is more than enough reason to get her here.]

[You might find her browsing the aisles, looking over the various goods. Especially some of the clothing. Winter is coming, after all, and she means to be ready for it. But she's also looking for Yosuke, peering about all parts of the store.]

[And later, she's sitting down at a table in the cafe portion, sipping tea. Because of course she is!]
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[Today’s warp band feed features two individuals, and one massive gigantic grey blob. Friends might recognize Yosuke Hanamura and Yukiko Amagi. And some might even guess that blob is the infamous “Snor-Lord” but then they might also easily not, because really he’s just kind of a dweeb. There’s a serious look in the teenager’s eyes, like they have something incredibly serious to say. And even the infamous outlaw Snorlax seems quieter than usual.]

Hey. So, Yukiko and I sorta had an encounter the other day. Like, one of the divine kind.

[He takes a deep breath.] One of the gods contacted us. And it had some pretty important things to say.

[Yukiko’s head dips as she greets the viewers, and she pushes up her glasses before speaking in an equally solemn voice.]

It was a god named Suicune. It said it was the North Wind. The...Gale that brings the frost. One of the winter gods, I’d guess. It had kinda a lot to say, but it was really...um...weird, mostly because it wanted us to ask questions and not the other way around.

[He nods, looking at her and then back to the feed.]

And the answers we got weren’t exactly good. [She breaks in with a nod.] No, they really weren’t.

[He takes another breath, trying to recall everything to the best of his ability.]

We asked about Gigas, and Sanctuary. Turns out the gods have an opinion on them, too.

[She takes a breath as well, and Snor-Lord’s hands drop down onto both of their shoulders. The big brute leans in between them and grunts.]

It also said a few things about the gods too, and how they think. Like...they definitely are testing us. And they have a reason. But it didn’t say what, and it seemed like it was working for another god. Which I guess points to a kind of hierarchy?

[Snor-Lord nods again and speaks in a serious series of Snors/Laxes/Snorlaxs.]

Yeah, it was also kind of a jerk. Talkin’ about manners like a big lamer.

[Yosuke rolls his shoulder in irritation, not wanting the big pokemon’s hand there.]

Get your paws offa me! Anyway, it was seriously freaky. Especially with what it had to say. But we couldn’t sit here and keep this to ourselves. We’ll be here if anyone’s got any questions.

((ooc: Replies will come from either Yosuke and Yukiko and Snor-Lord, and if you prefer action they’re in one of the residential district parks. If you want a joint thread or one of them specifically, let us know in your header!

Also, order doesn't matter- feel free to boomerang either one of them if the other isn't around! It will help make things go faster :D ))
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Who: Yukiko and Yosuke
Where: Forest Shrine
When: Week 79
What: Yukiko and Yosuke have some stuff to talk about, so she brings him out to the Forest Shrine

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Action: Moss Rock:

[It's not very often that Yukiko Amagi finds herself at a crossroads like this. But today? Today is such a day. It's a bright and sunny afternoon even without her presence, with a gentle breeze rustling through the trees. The last time she can really say she'd been so torn on something was when she'd been trying to make the choice about leaving her parents or staying to help. And if the yelling was any indication, this might be another of those completely life-altering decisions.

So she's gone out to her favorite place, the Moss Rock, to sit and think. Leaning up against the tree on Jiraiya's back, she's got her eyes closed and her fingers gently stroke the Venusaur's head. Pavarti and Orthrus hop around the big stone slab that is the afforementioned rock, while Peter snoozes off to one side with Teddie flopped over on the Snorlax's belly doing the same thing.

It's hard to say, really, why she is so conflicted. She'd done something important recently, she'd solved the mystery of herself by evolving a second time after months of trying. That change had come with a certain sense of clarity. The feeling that she needed to be more involved and focus more on helping others change. But how to go about that? How did you just reach out like that? What could she even do? She had a thought, but the Swords of the Savior didn't seem right. And she wasn't a Medic so much as a talented Healer. She didn't know why she could cure the way she did...she just could. And she had no real interest in the Old City, ghosts or talent for tracking. Which left one other option...and she was thinking hard on that one now.]


[And by dusk, she'd made her choice. She'd signed the paperwork, and all was done. Which meant it was time to share the news.]

Um...hi. It's me, Yukiko. And I did something today. I made a choice, and it feels like something I should share with anyone who cares. [A pause.] I joined the Seekers. Because I know what I want to do. I want to help people, and uncover answers that got lost in the Cataclysm. And...yeah. That's...my news. Thanks for listening.

[And with that done, she closes off the feed, preparing for inevitable angry messages from her parents...]

Action: Habitat

[Oh they were not happy. At all. And anyone interested in finding her can, sitting on the ground with a golden Exeggcute in her lap, back to a sleeping Snorlax. And despite the fact that she looks like she's been crying there's an oddly serene look to her too. Because sometimes it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission.]
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Who: Yosuke and Yukiko
Where: Kricketune Theaters
When: Week 74
What: Yosuke unknowingly takes the Amagi Challenge. It'll be great.

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It’s just after midnight when the column arrives outside of Sanctuary, shrouded in darkness under the pitch black of a new moon. Bordered by mountains to the north, the city has two primary gates to the West and the East, both of which are shut tight with massive oaken doors, centuries old and further secured with an antique portcullis. The city itself is surrounded by walls of stone, easily one-fourth the height of those found in Union and about twice the height of many of the homes, sturdy stone buildings with triangular roofs, about the same size as Calderan homes. Like Union, there are many towers within the city, but unlike Union, the towers are cold, aloof structures that stand alone with no connection to the other towers. The city itself is stone, cold, gray, and unfeeling, with small drops of light from streetlamps which line the streets, emitting an eerie blue-white glow. This is Sanctuary. Home of the Magi, conquered by Gigas for forty years. This is the city that must be reclaimed.

[OOC: If you did not choose to take the Pokeballs (you don’t have to have affirmed in an NPC thread, it’s entirely up to the character), they may have either 1 large Pokemon or 2 small Pokemon. A large Pokemon is classified as any Pokemon that is 4’ tall or long per the official Pokedex guidelines, anything smaller is considered a small Pokemon. Without the aid of Pokeballs the Pokemon will be required to be out and active throughout the log, and will not be able to be recalled or sent away if they are injured and must be carried if knocked out. As always, please limit yourself to 2 major actions in the log, and declare all Pokemon accompanying you in your first tag to a log. As always, to keep the logs moving, we will be responding every 24 hours.]
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[The boy on the other end of the feed looks cheerful despite the atmosphere of the city, as they prepare for their assault to reclaim Sanctuary. His voice, however, is a little more somber.]

Yo, I'm Yosuke, Yosuke Hanamura. I just got here a few days ago from Citadel, with my dad. I don't know my way around Union very well yet, and I was looking for a place where I could pick up a pair of kunai or something. I lost mine on the trip here, and I need them for helping Sanctuary get rid of those Gigas creeps.

[Which, sadly, he's really not all that great with. But going in with just his fists doesn't sound like a good idea either. As does him going at all.]

I totally owe you guys one if you can help me out. Peace!


[Have (1) Yosuke Hanamura exploring Union to get a feel for the new town he's going to be living in for a while. A Bidoof trails behind him, looking hungry. It keeps piping up, asking for a snack. Yosuke can't understand it but he does understand that it's asking for food. He turns as he walks, to talk to it-]

Dude, we just ate like twenty minutes ago, how the hell are you still hungry-

[When he stumbles right into a collection of garbage cans and goes face first in one. He seems a little stuck.]
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1: action

[So. In the vicinity of the Tatsumi Gallery, today? A rather serious-looking man in Calderan clothing is standing outside, talking to the old lady of the place. Kanji’s on his way back from a hard training session, a wide smile on his face - when the two call him inside with a wave.

A while later, he emerges - to sit down on a nearby bench, staring at a piece of paper in his hands as if it’s going to jump up and eat him. His Sylveon’s bouncing around his feet, and his Roselia bops him on the shoulder with a blossom. He’s … not really paying much attention to either.]

M-me? You guys, do you really think I... damn...

2: video

[Some time later, it’s a rather stressed looking Kanji who appears on the video feed. He’s rubbing his head, his ears drooping, trying to get his words out straight. It's not working. It's not happening.]

So. Hey. Uh. I … could use a bit of advice.
There’s … I’ve … I’ve been given an offer. it’s … the chance’f a lifetime. But, if I do … it’s like I’m givin’ up on…

[He pauses, looks away from the screen.]

Givin’ up on somethin’ else important to me. I just … I dunno. Not sure what’s for the best...

If anyone's got any thoughts... thanks.

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