Mar. 13th, 2016

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Part One - On the Job - OPEN

Ryuko's time in Union had already been pretty busy, what with all that time spent with cleaning up the place and then her trip out to Glacier to find a giant evil egg. That had been a little disappointing, not just because she'd ended up doing pretty little but she hadn't even run into any of those Elite Four guys everyone was talking up. Oh well, at least she'd gotten one of those Mega Stones out of the deal... not that she had a Pinsir to give it to but, hey, it's something.

Now that she's back in town though, it's time to start to get down to business with her new job. One of the few, the brave, the thin line between order and anarchy: Union's newest Sword of the Savior is on the job!

... Sort of. Turns out, patrolling a city with such a puny crime rate meant a lot of walking around and watching people go about their days. So that newest protector of peace and order is currently sitting on a step outside an empty building, looking bored right out of her mind.

"Jeez." She yawns loudly, stretching her arms out over her head before slouching down again with a heavy sigh. "I thought signing up to be a cop'd mean I'd get to see a little more action."

The rest of the day, she'll be out on her route in search of anything eventful that might be going down. There has to be a purse snatcher, or a kitten in a tree, or something going on, right?

... Right?!

Part Two - Babysitting Duty - Closed to Kanade

So, somehow she'd been roped into this. Not long after showing up in town, Ryuko's paths had crossed with Kanade's for the first time and had led to some time spent catching up. Turns out, the other girl had wanted to get the chance to explore the world outside of Union, but her parents had been hesitant to let her head out there. ... On her own at least.

Luckily, Ryuko's past several weeks training in the wilderness and building her own power had apparently made her suited to count as an escort. Which meant she'd ended up volunteered to make sure Kanade made it out there and then back home safe. After a little convincing a promising of plenty of the restaurant's famous baked goods.

And now the day had finally come and Ryuko's leaning against the wall of the Lucky Spoon, packed light as always with only a few days of supplies and her trusty sword on her back and waiting for her charge to get her stuff together for the trip.

"Hey, you ready yet? What's takin' so long?"
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[Today over the Warp Band, it's not just Yukiko that appears, it's Fuuka and they're both standing outside of a small stone building on the bottom floor of one of the newly reconstructed towers. Dressed nicely, they both bow at the camera and smile broad, happy smiles.]

Good afternoon, everyone. Today we wanted to announce that Yamagi-ya is officially reopened. The flower shop, engineering shop, and my move tutoring services are all completely ready and at your service.

We'll handle whatever it is you need, though all custom orders are still going to need a few days to complete, so please keep that in mind when you're ordering. I hope you'll consider us for whatever you might need, and we both look forward to serving y-

[She cuts off as a Snorlax paw slides over the camera.]

Peter. Don't. You. Dare.

[The paw slowly retracts.]

As I was saying. We both look forward to serving you. Our hours are 10 to 9, but we can schedule appointments whenever you might need.

[and the feed shuts down.]


[Throughout the day, Yukiko and Fuuka can both be found at their shop, working away. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and a sullen Snorlax is doing penance by sweeping the gym.]

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