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[ The majority of her morning had been spent exploring the university once she had been accepted in. After spending an hour or so looking about she discovered the library. Needless to say she wasn't seen for several hours after words with her Murkrow sitting on the back of a chair next to where she would be seated.

It wasn't until later on, with one hand was the staff that never left her side while tucked away under the other was a book she had borrowed for reading, would she be seen out of it. The library in the university was, without a doubt, a treasure trove of knowledge just waiting for her to go through.

And perched on her left shoulder was her Murkrow, eyes closed as he appeared to be napping while Yamuraiha walked.


[ Once she was certain she had understood the layout of the university and was comfortable with it, Yamuraiha thought it was probably about time to introduce herself.

The blue-haired woman turned on the video function and offered a polite smile in greeting, though it seems just a tad nervous.

Hello everyone, my name is Yamuraiha and starting today I will be working at the university. I've only moved here just yesterday but I look forward to meeting everyone here. And to those who helped me find my way around the university you have my thanks.

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Jan. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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