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[Teresa had been away on a mission outside of Union, but got called back as soon as the earthquakes struck. She now walked through the ruined areas of Union, having little interest in working with groups to go into those mines or the Old City. Honestly, she didn't know what the government was thinking asking civilians to help out with such troubles]

[Well, she could think of a few reasons, but they were much too cynical to gain much by voicing. Orders were orders.]

[And so if you're in the areas of Union hit by the Earthquake, you might catch sight of a tall woman with near white hair and glowing silver eyes walking calmly. She has a Ranger uniform on, and a large claymore strapped to her back. While other rangers and guards are taking their tasks seriously and with somber airs, she seems to have an unfazed air about her. Every once and awhile, she'll pause and observe a person before offering gems of friendly advice or aid- such as this:]

You should get some rest and those cuts treated. All that blood and sweat only makes you more appetizing to hungry Pokémon.

[...There might be a reason most of her missions are outside of Union.]

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