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[Unlike most of Squid Girl's videos, this one has a far more serious bent to it.  This is perhaps immediately obvious when the feed clicks on to show her with ripped up clothing, missing half of a few tentacles, and bleeding from a few places.  She's clearly on the beach near the south of Union as she stumbles along, and anyone who looks closely will notice that her wounds appear to be from a few well-placed shark bites.  Anyone who looks really closely will be able to see a Sharpedo fin moving ominously back and forth in the water in the background.]

U-um... what do you do when one of your Pokemon tries to eat you?


Nov. 19th, 2014 10:49 am
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[ Voice \ Video ]

[ At some point in the day Helios' face will come up on the feed. Well actually it's his Goomy's face that's on the screen first and it'll look very excited and happy to know that it's the center of attention for a few seconds. In the background there's a myriad of books, papers, and maps haphazardly littering the desk and walls around the man and his two pokemon. Guess who is back from his travels? This guy is! Glaucus will let out a characteristic cry before Helios' hands wrap around it and move it out of the way only to have it placed in what appears to be a small kiddie pool filled with water. There you go buddy, he can't have you drying out, that'd be dreadful! He's all smiles as he addresses Union as a whole. ] Ah! It's certainly good to be back home for a little while! But a researchers work is never finished as I like to say. I was wondering if someone could catch me up on the ongoings around here? I've been rather busy out in the field after all.

[ He smiles as his Oddish (Patecatl) makes an appearance as well, it lets out a happy little "oddish!" as if in reply to Helios' words. ] Also I was wondering if anyone would like to go on an expedition in the near future? I haven't nearly covered all of the Verdant Forest that I would have liked to, so there's always room for more exploring you know? I was also thinking of paying a visit to the hot springs and the shrine too while we're out there so it's going to be a long expedition. I hear the springs are quite good for rest and relaxation though and the shrine has lots of interesting pokemon to collect information on. [ It makes him excited just to think about! Maybe he'll actually encounter one of the rarer ones this time around! And with all the moving around he's done Helios could use a nice soak. ]

It's always more entertaining when there's a solid group of us. So if you want to sign up for this little expedition of ours just stop by my office at the university or you can even tell me over the network. I don't mind either way!
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[the night. It was so crisp, so dark, so full of evil.

(there’s not really any evil. Union is as safe as a cradle)

Evil that needed to be vanquished. Evil that had to meet its maker!!

And there is only one pokémon in the city of Union that could do the dirty work, that could clean up this town.

A shadow on the moon, a dark avenger…

a… bright mint green noibat.

Wearing a black face mask and a cape, emblazoned with a stylized spear

I am the shadow of the night! I am the defender of the weak!! I strike terror into the hearts of criminals! No evil-doer will escape the piercing justice of… THE SPEAR!

[the would-be caped crusader is ON PATROL tonight! If you even look like you’re doing anything suspicious (like, you know, walking), you may be dive-bombed by a very small, very green noibat named Spearmint.

Lea will apologize personally in the morning. He’s usually better at keeping “The Spear” inside at night

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